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Universidad Católica de la Santísima Concepción

English Pedagogy
Teaching Practice
Class: 8th grade Date of lesson: Time of lesson: Length of Student-Teacher’s
lesson: name: Laura Roa S.
School: G-716 14:00 - 14:45 45 min.

Main Aim:
At the end of the lesson students will be able to ask their classmates and give a short answer if they haver ever been to any
turistic place, orally.

Exponent(s): Assumed Knowledge:

Q: Have you ever been to Santiago? Some Chilean cities
(+) A: Yes, I have. Some foreign cities
(-) A: No, I haven’t. Some city places

Target Language: ( Linguistics items and their use, meaning, form)

Q: Have you ever been to Santiago?

(+) A: Yes, I have (I’ve)
(-) A: No, I haven’t (I haven’t)

Anticipated Problems …..and Solutions Aids

Ss don’t remember the turistic places in Chile Board game
and also in their city. T shows some pictures eliciting Ss Dices
knowledge Worksheets

Adapted from University of Sussex

Stages Procedure What I am going to say Skill Time Interaction
What I am going to do Instructions, CCQs, Feedback,etc (min) T-Ss;Ss-Ss;etc

Aim: Today we are going to learn how

to ask people if they have the
experience of being in any place.
•T shows Ss some pictures of •What is this place? Listening 3 min. T – Ss
LEAD-IN Speaking
some Chilean turistic places. Ss - T

PRESENTATION •T tells Ss a story about herself. •The following month I have to

travel to San Fernando in the
sixth region. Have you ever been
to “San Fernando”? Yes or no?.
Listening T – Ss
For example you Pedro, Have
you ever been to San Fernando?

•T explains the meaning of the •This question is used for asking Speaking
question. people if they have the T – Ss
experience of been to any place.

•T asks Ss a question. •Juan, Have you ever been to Listening

T – Ss
10 min.
•T writes the question on the
board. •Have you ever been to San Speaking T – Ss
•T asks Ss to repeat the question.
•Repeat after me: Reading T – Ss
Q: Have you ever been to San
A (+): Yes, I have. (I’ve)
A (-): No, I have not (haven’t) T – Ss
Listening Ss – T
•T shows Ss the acronyms.
•Q: H Y E B T ... ?
•A(+): Y, I H
•A(-): N, I H’T
•T asks some Ss to repeat the Speaking T – Ss
question and answer. •Q: H Y E B T ... ? Ss – T
•A(+): Y, I H
•A(-): N, I H’T
Speaking T – Ss
•T asks some Ss. Ss – T
•Juan, question?
•Ana, positive answer?
•Rosa, negative answer?
Speaking T – Ss
Ss – T
•T divides the Ss into groups of 3 Ss – Ss
or 4. •Get in groups of 3 or 4.
•T gives to each player a counter
and to each group a dice. •Here you have a counter for
each player and a dice.
•T tells Ss to place their counters
on START and throw the dice to • Place your counters on Start
decide who starts. and throw the dice to decide who
•T explains the game.
•Student A throws the dice and
moves forward that number of

•Student B asks Student A the

question on that square. If Listening T – Ss
Student A answers with the Speaking Ss – T
correct form, and the rest of the Reading 15 min. Ss - Ss
group agree that the answer is
correct, Student A's counter
remains where it is. If the answer
is incorrect, the counter returns
to its original square.

•Ss ask and answer questions •You have to use the question
using the present perfect in order and answers previously taught, in
to move along the board and reach order to move along the board
the end. and reach the end.
•Students take it in turns, and •You have to take turns for
move around the board until one moving around the board until
student reaches FINISH. This one of your group reach the
student is the winner! Finish square and wins.

•T walks around the classroom

monitoring while Ss play the game
asking and answering each other .

PRODUCTION •T gives Ss an information gap

activity called “Find someone

• T requests the Ss to stand up Stand up! You have to complete

and complete the chart with their this chart with your classmates’
classmates’ information using information. You have to walk
“have you been…?” around the class and ask your
classmates if they have been to
Lota, London, Santiago,
Talcahuano and Paris. Once you
have asked your partner, write your
classmates’ information in this
You have ten minutes to do it.
Speaking 15 min. T – Ss
OK. Francisca, what do we have to Writing Ss - Ss
do? Explain to your classmates.

Let’s do it! Remember, you have

ten minutes.

• T asks if Ss are ready with the


• T walks around the classroom

monitoring while Ss are asking
their classmates