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How does the

The internet is a  design philosophy built off a set
of protocols, well known set of rule and standards
used to communicate between machines.

Vint Cerf  and Bob

Kahn invented the
internet while
investigating whether
or not communication
systems could survive a
nuclear attack.

The internet is physical!

We send information
It can be said to be owned through the internet using:
by both by everyone and no
one, but the real answer is
Ethernet wire - electricity
that it is owned by internet Fiber optic cable - light
service providers (ISPs). Radio signals - radio
We use routers to route
information in the most
efficient way!

The internet protocol, or

IP, is an internet address.
The internet uses binary It is numbers (IP Address)
information which is made ordered in a specific
up of bits, ones and zeroes hierarchy. The current
that represent "on" or "off" system, IPv4, is 32 bits
data. Bandwidth, the long and provides more
maximum transmission than 4 billion addresses.
capacity of a device, is The new system will be
measured it bit rate, the called IPv6 and will use
number of bits that can be 128 bits. It will provide 340
sent per second. Latency is undecillion addresses. A
the time it takes for a bit to Domain Name System
travel from one place to (DNS) associates domain
another. names with addresses.
DNS Servers are
separated into distributed
hierarchy, like .com, .edu,
.gov, .net.
Data is moved through the
internet in packets of
information. Transmission
Control Protocol manages Websites use cookies to
the sending and receiving remember who you are. Secure
of all packets. A Uniform Sockets Layer & Transport
Resource Locator (URL) is
Layer Security are a layer of
a web address. Hyptertext
security around your
Transfer Protocol (HTTP)
communication. A padlock
is a language used to
symbol and the letter "s" show
communicate between
up next to the "http" in a URL if
web browsers and servers.
your connection is secure.
Hypertext Markup
Language (HTML) is a
Certificate Authorities verify the
language used to tell a identity of websites and give
web browser how to make them certificates, ensuring that
a page look. Your device they are the website they claim
makes two types of to be.
requests, "get" and "post."

A Local Area
Network (LAN) is a
The Dynamic Host group of devices,
Configuration Protocol usually in the same
(DHCP) is what links domain building. The
names to IP addresses. DNS connection is high
spoofing is when an speed and
incorrect IP address is inexpensive. A
linked to a domain name. Wide Area Network
The Internet Engineering (WAN) connects
Task Force (IETF) is an several LAN's. It is
organization that promotes high speed and
internet standards. inexpensive. The
Internet is a type of