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Steps to Create a New Document


|---- Click on ‘+’ sign

|---Select Documents Tabs

|--Create new document

Step 1: Enter Document Name: Logo

Step 2: Enter Document Unique Name: Logo

Step 3: Indicate the document as internal

If you enable this option only internal users can access the content of the file

Step 4: Indicate the document as External

If we enable this option all the internal users and external users can access this file

Step 5: Choose the Folder in which you want to save the Document

Step 6: Specify description if needed

Step 7: Enter the keyword: This keyword help to search for the document easily

Step 8: Choose the field /document that need to be loaded

Step 9: Save

What all the limitations for documents

1. If we are uploading a image then maximum size of the log should be 20KB
2. If you are uploading the document like text file maximum file size is 5 MB
3. Security the document is provided on the folder in which we have saved the document .
Application : Application is collection of tabs

There are two types of applications

1.Standard Application

2.Custom Application

Standard Application :

Any application created by the salesforce and provided as pre defined app is called standard







Custom Application:

Applications created by the user to meet the users business requirement are called custom

Steps to create custom application :





|--New App

Step 1: Select Type of Application

Select Custom App radio button

Step 2: Enter App Details

App Label : Application is displayed to the end users with this name

App Name : if we want to refer to the application programmatically then we use

Application name

Description : If we want to provide any description regarding the application we can provide

Step 3: Choose the logo for the application

Note : Logo what we want to assign to the application should be saved as document under
document tab

Note : Size of the logo should be more than 3KB and less than 20 KB

Note: Width and height of the logo should be 300 PX and 55 PX optimally
Step 4:

Choose the list of tabs which need to displayed in the application

Select the default landing tab:

When we open the application whose tab data need to displayed on the first page of the
application that tab we call as default landing tab

Step 5:

Select list of profiles for whom the application should be visable

I:Q:: What is the difference between visible and default

If we give application as visible to a profile all the users with profile can access application and

whenever we want we can hide the application from the profile

IF we give application as visible and default to a profile all the users in the organization can

access this application and we can’t hide this application from this profile in future

I:Q:: How many custom application we can create in the salesforce org:

ANS: It depends on the edition what we have purchased

Unlimited Edition : Unlimited Apps

Enterprise Edition : 10 Apps

Developer Edition : 10 Apps

Professional Edition : 5 Apps

Group Edition : 1 App

Contact manager : 1 App