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Breckinridge Metropolitan High School 1128 East Broadway Louisville, KY 40208-1712 “Main Office Phone (502) 85-6678 Fax (02) 313-3423 ‘Mr, Moss — Pineal 485.678 (Ms. Lawson - Assistant Principal 485.6678 Mi. White - Assistant Principal 485-6678 485-6682 IMs. Williams ~ Counselor Ms. Luly “ECE Orientation Coordinator 485-6678 Ms. Routes Attendance Clerk 485-6682 Attendance School Hours =2:00 PM 1 Anystudenarivng er 8:00 AM must be signed in by aparet/guardan and bring a valid written Ifyou ae absent from schoo, your parent/guardian should all the school by 9:00 AM the day of your absence Lpon your retum fo schoo}, bring a note of explanation from your pareo/guardian andor decor lease submit this document to school staff. It wil thea become a mater of record withthe Attendance Oifice. ‘= The JCPS polieyon tracy will be followed for students who have excessive unexcused hsenoes, In order fo run toa comprehensive schoo, you must attend school regulary ‘All visitors rust signi athe security desk and be escorted to thet destination. Proved ‘Tobelp ensure safety at Breckiidee ll students ae requted to submit to a metal detector scan as they’ Cntr the school Adtionalystdentsmay’be required fo submit to search when reasonable suspicion uit that they may possess itens/substaes prohibited at school, Students wil be reqited to anference with an administrator i + They refuse tobe seared “They fail the clectronie search “They are disruptive eit physically or verbally prior to or during the eletronie search “They eave schoo! grounds without permission “They do not comply wih the uniform policy ‘Uniform Poliey ‘dents ao allowed to wart follwing: Plain blac of white long sleeve or shor sleeve polo or button-up shi that fits and buttons appropeately lain black or white long sleveor short sleeve tshirt may be worn under polo sits ‘Khalduniforn/dess pants witha maxim of to font pockets and two back pockets (UNIFORM PANTS ARE, NOT DENIMAIEAN OR CORDUROY MATERIAL) Pants ae nt tobe rolled up oreffed unless they ae factory made that way and they may not be tueked in shoes “Khaki uniformiess shorts o skits that each ke wit a maxim of two front pockets and two back pockets Shirts must be tucked ina al tnes. PLAIN black, white, Brown or ray belt MUST be wom if the pants have bet loops lt must be appropriately fastened to prevent sageing. One pat of pin black, white, rovm or gray eolr socks that match Black hit, brown, of gray shaes end shoelaces-They must match remain laced tied and straps mus be fastened Tindergarment that doesnot show trough te shit. Pease avoid bras with metal underwite if posible ‘Students are NOT allowed to bring/ waco the following [NO cargo pts cago shares, or ns Wi pe pockets ‘NO gyn shorts loins, lg di, swou pas extra pnts underneath Hon slacks No legingskinny syle ak puts NO obr, ogo design oping of any kind on any nfo si, undershirt or pans NNO lange boc, metal oles, stds, printed embleas or wring bls Osi, sng orehain syle tl. NO“saggng”| [NO boot stds ees, open te shoes, hose shoes slippers [NO hing a sequin covered hes ‘NO il poh silt points, o excessive allt NO evel, lls oro on il pwelsaroceesares TNO make-tp or yee (conseevToundation only) [NO lipgloss or lip rodts werner are cluding CameChapstcs) [NO pen or pen won cid [NO designs ea nba reyerovs [NO unnuturaght iclerlye that may be dptve or conectod to caret gag fashion as determined by BMS sta, No color ack bow, ay, hie onl) hs lsbonstaibowspony tal holders or headbands (only in wide or ess) No bens ‘NO met hair tips (Net: ALL hair aeesores mast Be wor neal ot cared or paced on wrists) NO piecing, sas or gauges of ay kind "NO fall esp, backpacks, bok bus, purses, choo supe or elsronics [NO compute elated devies oO cellphones NO key ins tnt or anya On ing only "NO mor than 310 NO fod dri Iuding and gum NO glass [NO ares TNO comb rare pik [NO taco protuts and lights [NO decorative or trl colorel contac lenses [NO plicing of ead nde alor ams inside o hi ‘Note: All home inca devices (HIP) are tobe worn with long pants only no [chavior Expectations ‘Stadens are expected to respect all peers and school personne! and to handle themselves ina cvil manner ‘oughout the schol building iexamples:auditriun, ll, classroom, lunchroom and bus) "Students are expected to keep bands, fet, ALL. body pari to themselves, NO physical contact should occur ‘among students "'Stndents are expected to refiin ftom rapping, singing and/or using hand gestares while on school property. The Bullying Law will be enforced a regulate. Ia student represents threatto himselierself or others, the student wil ntl be given every “opportunity to de-escalte and acale-lown period wl be lized inside the school nadition, ‘counseling services may be offred wien appropri allowed Physical Restraint Procedures: Unter XRS 161-180 school sta may use reasonable physical force to contol student whenever iis rnvesary to protect peopl o property, orto Keep oder inthe school. De-esaltion, counseling, andlor trenmeat are allways prefered interventions, bt reasonable physical free will be used when nesessary Is important thot parents nd aden unestand this as, and Row tha it wil be use fncessar: ing School Grounds witheut Permission: [Breckinidge staff will not de physical fore to keep a student inside the building, Stodents leaving the bnilding without proper authoraton wil fce disciplinary action when the student returns. Attempts 0 contact parent/guardian wil be made in order to communicate the issue, We wil atlempt to coordinate a Conference upon return fo school A parent, guardian, social worker or court worker may accompany the Student to the eanrence upon his/her return. ‘Tardy Policy ‘Any student hat sady mor than five days in any’ semester will be placed onthe school’s tardy ist, The ‘Students parea/guardian wil have to sign thm in they ao tadylarciving after 7:20 AM. Confiscation Procedures ‘Any item(s) deemed inapprotiate fr schoo, wl be confiscated and held for a minimum of 2¢ hours. “The sccond time the stent found with an item or items deemed inappropriate for sctoo, te item(s) ca be beld upto thirty days, nly a paren guardian i permitted pick-up confiscated item(s) betwoen 2:15 PM and 3:00 PM, ‘Transportation ‘All stents mist declare the means of tasspotation of the fst dy they attend school Ia students rnesns of transportation nessa be changed, helshe should submit a note of explanation prior tothe Uisnsoal date n question. The note needs o include pren/guardian's signature and contac telephone ‘ube, 3 tall wil cll to veity tis change. "Riding sehiool bus ea privilege, no aright That privilege can bo taken sway from any student who chooses to misbehave on the schoo! bu, IF students removed from a school bus for any length of time {he student wil be responsible fr providing transportation to and from schoo. Permission 40 Access Techn ‘Your signaregrans permission for your student o view movies, videos, ad flms, which may be rated. GPG, and PG 13, an incentive, reward orn elation t clasroom instruction, In addition, it grants coos tothe Intemet, The stale signature serves higher agreement to use the Intemet appropriately. ‘Accesso the Internet is. priv leg, not right, and may’ be permanently denied ifa student violates this policy. Phot/Videotape Release ‘Your signature gives Jefferson County Publi Schools permission to wse your student's name, photograph, andor videotaped image Ia publications, vido productions, andr ICPS Intemet Website. ‘Text Notification System [BMAS staf wll communteateimportan information with pareas/guardian vis this JCPS system. is imperative thet your contat information stay cumen. Please submit changes othe oie as they cur MHS 3 Kevs to Success 1. Attendance 2. Behavior 3. Grades “These components ure essential to the suscess of any stwent. BMS administration and JCPS Student “elatons will examine thes teria when evaluating student success and determining hisher opportunity to rurn {0 & comprehensive hih shoo “The minimum enrollment period willbe 18 wooks and release will not occur unt the Following wimester andlor semester of he rseiving school, Length of erollment wil be based upon the nature ofthe student Offense and student must have et eit tera to be reviewed for reese, Transition to comprehensive high school will our when mest beneficial othe student. School calendar, eet, ct. will be carefully considered. (Revised 718) Breckinridge Metropolitan High School 2018-2019 ‘We understand the above policies and acknowledge the terms as written: ‘Student Signature Date ParentiGuardian Signature — Breckinridge Metropolitar High School (BMS) expects adherence tal policies and regulations listed in the Cale af Acceptable Behavior and Discipline and the Student Bill of Righs. “Any student not complying with the attendance and behavior expectations may forfeit their right to attend BMS forthe remainder ofthat semester. Re-enrollment may not be possible tuutil the following semester Parent has been given a copy ofthe Code of Acceptable Behavior and Discipline ‘and the Student Bil of Rights (tevised 7/18)