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Environmental Protection Jeanette Nuñez

Lt. Governor

Bob Martinez Center Noah Valenstein

2600 Blair Stone Road Secretary
Tallahassee, FL 32399-2400

August 16, 2019 Via Electronic Transmittal

Madeira Condominiums of Marco Island

c/o Fred Bonner Jr., CEO
RR Restoration LLC
1856 Tyler Road
Mettler, Georgia 30349

Dear Mr. Bonner:

Request for Additional Information

File Number: CO-1093
Applicant Name: Madeira Condominiums of Marco Island
Location: 350 South Collier Boulevard, Marco Island

Please be advised that your permit application is considered to be incomplete as provided for by
Section 120.60, Florida Statutes, and Rule 62B-33.008(1), Florida Administrative Code (FAC).
Receipt of information listed below is required. The items of information listed below are
numbered to correspond with the item numbers on the application form.

Please submit the requested information (in bold) within sixty (60) days from the date of this letter.
If a response is not received within sixty (60) days of this letter, the Department’s permit manager
will contact you regarding the status of your permit application.

Pursuant to Rule 62B-33.008(5), Florida Administrative Code, the Department shall deny your
application for failure to provide the requested information within 180 days from the date the
Department mails a timely request for additional information.

3. Signature, printed name, title and name of company, corporation or firm of each property
owner if the applicant is an agent and not the property owner. If the applicant is not the
property owner, or if the property is owned by a trust, corporation or association, the
applicant shall submit a certificate on the form provided by the Department as part of the
permit application, authorizing the applicant to act as the owner's representative for the
purpose of applying for a permit, and to act on behalf of the owner in other matters
pertaining to the permit. A copy of this form is enclosed.

The application lists Rick Yacano, property manager for the Madeira Condominium,
as the owner. Please provide information that indicates that Mr. Yacano is authorized
to act as the representative for the Madeira Condominium, for the proposed project.

Fred Bonner Jr., CEO
RR Restoration LLC
August 16, 2019
Page 2

6. Sufficient evidence of ownership including the legal description of the property for which
the permit is requested. Examples of evidence of ownership may include a copy of an
executed warranty deed bearing evidence of appropriate recordation; a copy of a long term
lease-purchase agreement, or contract for deed; a copy of a property tax receipt bearing the
name and address of the current owner; articles of condominium bearing evidence of
appropriate recordation (for condominiums); or, the cooperative documents defined in
Section 719.103(13)(a), F.S. (for residential cooperatives). Other documents submitted as
evidence of ownership shall be reviewed by the staff and shall be rejected if found not to
be sufficient. A copy of a quitclaim deed, a purchase contract, an affidavit from the owner,
or a tax record obtained from an Internet website (unless obtained from an authenticated
official county record) is not sufficient evidence of ownership. Ownership information
shall include a copy of the recorded property deed, using business or person’s name, the
year that it was recorded, document number, and the official record book, page and parcel

Please provide the articles of condominium bearing evidence of appropriate

recordation as described above.

7. Written evidence provided by the appropriate local governmental entity having jurisdiction
over the activity that the proposed activity as submitted to the Department does not
contravene local setback requirements or zoning codes.

Please provide written evidence from the City of Marco Island that the proposed
activity, including the removal of dune material from the project area and restoration
of the dune following the project activity, does not contravene local setback
requirements or zoning codes.

10. A dimensioned site plan. The drawings shall be signed and sealed by a registered
professional. The site plan shall include:

A. The locations and exterior dimensions of all proposed structures, including

foundations and other activities, and the bearings and distances from the CCCL or
50-foot setback to the seaward corners of the foundations of any major structures
or the seaward limit of any coastal or shore-protection structure.

Please provide a revised site plan that includes the most seaward distances
from the control line, and the greatest lengths and widths of the project
activities, including the crane path and support trailer area, the access road
path to the crane path, and the silt fence with the metal fencing reinforcement
for the project’s work limit. Please also indicate the areas where the dune and
vegetation restoration activities are proposed, including their greatest lengths
and widths, and their most seaward distances from the control line.

11. A dimensioned grading plan. The drawings shall be signed and sealed by a registered
professional. The grading plan shall include:

A. Existing and proposed elevations, and contours and spot elevations.

Fred Bonner Jr., CEO
RR Restoration LLC
August 16, 2019
Page 3

B. Proposed excavation and fill volumes seaward of the CCCL, including site grading.

C. Certification from a registered professional that the fill material meets the
specifications/criteria of subsection 62B-33.005(7), F.A.C.

D. For multifamily habitable and commercial structures only, the following

information is required:

(2) Samples of proposed fill material (either imported or excavated) shall be

submitted to the Department if the fill material will be placed on the beach, within
the dune system or coastal strand vegetation, or seaward of armoring; or if the fill
material volume will be greater than 700 cubic yards and will be placed within 50
feet of a frontal dune, dune bluff or primary dune, whichever is more seaward;

(3) The storage locations and description of handling methods for all temporary
excavation and fill material; and

(4) Geotechnical data sufficient to determine the fill material meets the standards
of subsection 62B-33.005(7), F.A.C.

Please provide the following geotechnical information for both the fill source and
native beach sand material so that a sufficient comparison of the native and
placement material can be made:

A. Provide physical sand samples of the native and placement material

as follows:

• One sample of native beach material collected from the beach

berm between the mean-high water line and the vegetation line
per the following procedure. The beach berm soil surface is to
be swept off and a physical sample collected from six to twelve
inches below the surface.

• One sample of fill sand material from the sand mine or other
excavation site. The fill sand sample shall be representative of
the mine or excavation site. Alternatively, the permittee may
provide a mine assay or soil analysis of the sand quality from a
mine operation.

• Samples shall be provided as follows. The sand sample shall be slightly

damp with an approximate 10% moisture content. The sample bag should
fill approximately ½ of a standard "Ziploc sandwich" bag, and weigh
approximately 200 grams, or ¾ pound. The sample bag should be labeled
with: permit number; date; name of person collecting sample; location
(County, R-monument, beach name, street address, etc.); comments.
Fred Bonner Jr., CEO
RR Restoration LLC
August 16, 2019
Page 4

Please provide a dimensioned grading plan that includes the

information described above in 11A., 11B. and paragraph (3), samples
of the proposed fill source as described in paragraphs (2) and (4)A., a
geotechnical analysis of the proposed fill source as described in
paragraph (4) and a Beach Quality Sediment Quality
Assurance/Quality Control Plan. See below under Issues/Concerns.

15. A detailed planting plan drawn to an appropriate scale. The planting plan shall include:

A. The location, typical sizes, and approximate spacing of proposed plants;

B. The proposed temporary or permanent irrigation systems;
C. Existing native vegetation and plants to be removed; and
D. A plant list with both scientific and common names.

Planting and maintenance plans drawn to an appropriate scale shall be submitted if planting
or removal of native vegetation is proposed as part of a proposed dune restoration or
enhancement project, Such plans shall include specifications and schedules for the
establishment of native plantings and the locations of:

A. The MHWL;
B. The seasonal high water line;
C. The seaward most vegetation line and existing stands of vegetation;
D. The dune crest(s);
E. The foundations of structures on the property;
F. Any proposed planting areas, including dimensions; and
G. Any dune protection elements such as construction fences, sand fences or signs.

Please provide a detailed planting plan that includes the information described above,
the greatest length and width of the proposed planting area and its most seaward
distance from the control line. See below under Issues/Concerns.

Issues/Concerns: [Rule 62B-33.005, F.A.C]

The dune restoration plan at the minimum should depict the site restored to preconstruction
conditions with elevations and configuration with no net excavation or removal of sand. The
planting plan should include native dune stabilizing vegetation only and a minimum of 3 native
dune vegetation species.

The application was forwarded to FWC for comments. They may have additional comments.
Fred Bonner Jr., CEO
RR Restoration LLC
August 16, 2019
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If you have any questions, please contact me by mail at the letterhead address (add Mail Station
3522), by telephone at (850) 245-7671, or by e-mail at john.glunn@floridadep.gov.


John Glunn, Permit Manager

Coastal Construction Control Line Program
Division of Water Resource Management

cc: Rick Yacano, Property Owner

Jim Martinello, Compliance Officer