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1- Personal bio and why I became an entrepreneur.

I, Nadine Maalum Daniel is a rising entrepreneur and a transformational thinker . Founder of SKAS CARE
ACADEMY, a nonprofit educational center for the less privilege and vulnerable children, offering
educational, social, entrepreneurship, leadership and mentoring support to them. I am also the founder
of SKAS FRENCH INTERNATIONAL, a French study center, offering French lessons, translation and
interpretation services. I am a writer, speaker and mentor. I have facilitated international seminars in
different parts of Nigeria and Cameroon. I have also served as interpreter in different international
seminars in Cameroon and in Nigeria. A Mandela Washington fellow with the United States IREX
department and a YouWin awardees. Becoming an entrepreneur was a way for me to implement the
innovative ideas i have and pursuing my passion of empowering the younger generation not only
educationally but in skill acquisition and sustainable living. More so I am able to develp my leadership
abilities and correct some disfunctionalities in most work places. Nadine is passionate about self
development, mentoring and youth development.

2- Describe your personal leadership skills and experience

As a good vision caster, i have been able to come up with strategic and clear visions for a couple of
projects that i have handled, and have also been able to properly communicate the vision to my team of
well selected qualified members. i seek for advice and delegate responsibilities , thereby helping to also
develop the leadership skills in my team members. above all i lead by example and with great passion;
thet is why SKAS CARE ACADEMY is operational with high results.

3- What impressive thing have you built?

As a rising entrepreneur, i have built SKAS CARE ACADEMY, which carters for the educational needs of
the students, provides skill acquisition opportunities for them in the area of their passions, thereby
opening them to not be job seekers but job creators. I have also trained and graduated many youth from
SKAS FRENCH INTERNATIONAL, who now speak French, got promotions at their offices, got employed
and some gained admission in foreign universities where French was a major requirement.

I have a leadership mentoring and coaching network of men and women, tagged; IT BEGINS WITH YOU

4- In 50 words or less, describe your current business or idea

SKAS CARE ACADEMY is a multipurpose center, offering educational, entrepreneurship/skill
acquisition and mentoring and leadership services to the community. The administration of SKAS
care realizes that education is important, it is also very important to raise students in the field of
their passions for self sustenance.
5- In more detail, describe your product or service (200 words)
SKAS CARE entrepreneurship center is not only opened to the students at SKAS CARE
ACADEMY, but to the entire public. Different skills are taught at the center and youth have the
opportunity to learn a skill based on their passions. The students have entrepreneurship
sessions on the normal academic time table. During this time, the students are introduced to a
particular skill. The time may not be sufficient for them to learn everything about the skill so the
subsequent hours of the entrepreneurship class is used to continue learning more on the skill.
The different skills are thus far limited so SKAS wishes to open it up more with many other
skills, involving more experts to train, involving the public and providing more materials to the
public at affordable rates. This will provide income for the sustenance of the center and the staff
and possibly an extra for further expansion. SKAS skill acquisition center would be a training
center that empowers young aspiring entrepreneurs within communities in diverse crafts such
as embroidery, beads making, tailoring, manicure/pedicure, farming, catering, soap/bleach,
shoe making.
6- What is new, interesting or different about your product or service? (list 3 things)
The 3 main things that are unique about our services are;
1- It is innovative to the educational system whereby passion is tied to education.
2- It is inclusive; those living with a disability can be part of and benefit from our services.
3- Since we offer a variety of services, it will reduce unemployment by a huge margin.

7- What problem does your product or service solve? (50 words)

Education without practical knowledge in the area of passion. The combination
of entrepreneurship services and formal knowledge acquisition fills the gap of
not only unemployment and self sustainability, but also the gap between
acquired knowledge and functionality in the areas of passion and expertise.

8- Which most accurately describes your product or service development stage?


9- How big is the addressable market for your product or service? (50 words)
Many young people are jobless and out of school, recent statistics shows an uprise in
unemployment rate from about 14.2% to about 18.8% and still climbing. The population is a low
income uneducated and unemployed population willing to learn a skill that will be life
sustaining. That gives us a very large market for our goods and services.

10- Revenue Model - How do you intend to generate revenue? *

What are the sources of revenue for your business? What are your value offerings? What is the
price of these value offerings? And who will be paying for the value? (50 words)
Revenues will be generated from the followings;
1. Students will pay training Fees,
2. Outdoor contracted training services will attract fees.
3. Raw materials & products will be sold at the centre's galleria.
4. The end products of goods produced at the center will be opened for
sale to the public.
5.Exhibitions from time to time will attract registration funds
11-Marketing Strategy *
Explain how you intend to (or already do) market your products or services to your target market (50
words)? SKAS CARE students represent their families and a community and already serve as market
agents for the products like was the case with our first product. Organizing expositions of the products,
use of social media and also contacting other surrounding schools to supply some needed products at
affordable rates.
12-Who are your competitors/benchmark organizations? List your top 3.
1- Other major suppliers
2- Other skill acquisition individual outlets
3- Individual business people.
13- What differentiates you from other existing businesses in your field? (50 words)

Other existing businesses don’t attach attaché the education aspect to the skills they are training others
on; but we are interested in them not only acquiring academic knowledge but also the practical skills
attached to their area of passion. Passions of learners will be considered to promote maximum output.

14- What is your current milestone for business? (50 words)

Identify the major skills desired by the students and the community we want to engage according to
their passion and the demand for the products. Then we are already looking out for skilled persons in
the different skills we wantg to offer, so that they can serve as trainers.
15- What is your next milestone for this business and how long will it take you to reach it? (50

Our next milestone will be to provide accessories needed for the center, start our market publicity and
the begin training and production. As per time duration to achieve this milestone, it will vary as each
product takes different times to be completed. It will range between 6-12months.

16- What is the total amount of cash invested to date in this startup (in local currency)?

1655160 naira

(one million, six hundred and fifty five thousand, one hundred and sixty naira)

17- What are your current monthly cash expenses (in local currency)?

117500 naira (one hundred and seventeen thousand, five hundred naira)

18- How much revenue has your startup generated since inception (in local currency)?

215160 naira (two hundred and fifteen thousand, one hundred and sixty naira)

19- What number of units (products) will you have to produce and then sell to generate enough money
to cover for all fixed costs to the business? (Business expenses that are constant irrespective of
business activities)

When I have 90 customers per month patronizing any of our products and the amount from our
services, we will cover fixed costs….25 words

20- What amount (in local currency) must your business generate to cover all its fixed and operational

3095160 naira ( three million, ninety five thousand, one hundred and sixty naira)

21-Describe what impact your business will have within your community, country for job creation,
revenue generation or social development? (200 words)
First of all, the education center is already creating so much impact with the education scheme which is
taking many teens off the streets and drugs and giving hope to the less privilege and vulnerable who
have dreams but never thought that they could ever have the opportunity to study and pursue the
dream. The entrpreneurship arm of the center has also been equipping the students in knowledge on
other skills for self sustainance. Today with their handwork, some of them are able to buy their exercice
books by themselves and even pay the little lavy demanded by the center.

With the expansion of the skill acquisition center, many more teens and youth will be taken off the
streets and drugs, many from the low income families will be empowered and eventually employed.
This will be an income generating center not only for the academy but for the many families that will be
represented to learn the skills and to become self sustaining.

Socially, the entire community will benefit as crime rates will reduce drastically.

22-How do you intend to leverage the benefits of the Program to improve your business? (200 words)

A gathering of entrepreneurs is a great opportunity for any rising entrepreneurs to learn. The seasoned
and experienced speakers at the program possess a well of knowledge which I will leverage on. The
knowledge I will acquire on entrepreneurship, will add to the knowledge I currently possess and as I
implement what I learn, it will only strengthen and expand my organization.

The mentoring from experienced coaches will be very advantageous. One on one mentoring from
experienced entrepreneurs will help in different stages of the business and will enhance success. .

The exposure and peer to peer collaboration will be a great opportunity to connect with other
entrepreneurs and learn from them especially those who may be more experienced in my same field.

The financial support to bring about the needed expansion for the benefit of the community and the
state at large is an added advantage for being part of the program.

A market opportunity. Considering the nature of my business idea, having the opportunity will be an
avenue to advertise my business and make business contacts.

23-What are the top 3 challenges you face in operating or launching your business? (50 words)

The major challenge we are currently facing in launching is Space. Considering the expansion we
desire, space is a major challenge.

Cost. We are currently limited on resources to acquire the basics that we need and skilled persons who
will avail themselves to train at an affordable cost.

24-Explain briefly what you hope to achieve from participating in the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship
Program? (200 words)
I hope to achieve more practical knowledge on entrepreneurship. Most often one can have more
theoretical knowledge on a [article field but the practical knowledge is very vital for the launching of any

I also hope to learn more on market survey, publicity and market pricing to breakeven in a business.
This point is very vital to me because of the peculiarity of the location of the business.

I look forward to learning how to create and sustain business contacts out of my location. Business

One other major area I look forward to also learning is investment and business expansion. It is the
desire of every businesss person and young entrepreneur to grow, but I also know that growth is
depended on many factors , one of which is investment and expansion. There is a time to expand and
venture into investing into new sectors for the growth of the business. I look forward to learning more
on this topic with practicality.

25-What business skills do you most need to learn about?

 Market survey, advertisement and pricing.