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RODRIGUEZ, Marion Patricia L.

SALUD, Ge-An Kathleena


Reseach Topic:
Charter Change: for the power-hungry officials? Or for our benefit?

Charter Change has been conceived as a corrupt political agenda because of
what happened during the Marcos’ regime.

Tentative Outline:

Ramos Administration
 First attempt to amend the 1987 Constitution
 People’s Initiative for Reform conducted a signature campaign
 Parliamentary system of government
 Term limits of Public Officials

Estrada Administration
 Constitutional Correction for Development (CONCORD)
 Amendment of the “restrictive” economic provisions of the constitution

Arroyo Administration
 “Cha-cha” is one of her platform during the 2004 campaign
 Consultative Commission
 Unicameral Parliamentary
 Economic Liberation
 Decentralization of National Government

Sigaw ng Bayan’s Initiative

 Campaigned the proposed amendments recommended by the Consultative
 Headed by Atty. Raul Lambino, former member of the Consultative
 Aim is to gather signatures in order to call for a plebiscite
 One Voice Party opposed

Constituent Assembly under De Venecia

 In Dec. 2006, Jose de Venecia, Speaker of the House, convened the House of
Representatives and the Senate for a Constituent Assembly to push the
Charter Change
 Anti-terrorists change forces threatened to conduct a massive protest on the
political process
 House Speaker, JDV retreated on the Constitutional Assembly few days before
the massive protest

Constituent Assembly under Nograles-Pimentel

 Convened the Congress for a Constitutional Assembly to establish a Federal
system of government

Aquino Administration
 No concrete plans regarding Constitutional Reform
 Members of the Congress have a number of proposals such as Federal-
Republic system of government, Economic Liberation, and Federal-
Parliamentary system of government