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CMA Organization Structure

General Secretary
to the Board Board of Commissioners

HR Development Committee Advisory Committee

Audit Committee Executive Committee

Chairman / CEO Chairman’s Office Corporate Communications

Internal Audit
Internal Compliance Management Committee E-Transactions Committee Communication & Awareness

Internal Risk
Capital Market Academy
Risk Management
Market Risk

Corporate Listed Companies & Strategy & International Legal Affairs &
Market Institutions
Resources Investment Products Affairs Enforcement

Human Investment Market Regulatory Laws &

Resources Protocol Offering & M&A Products Authorization Institutions Policy Research Investigation Regulations
Issuance Compliance
Center of Investment Market
Finance Archives & Financial Products Inspection Surveillance & Int’l Rel. & Litigation Legal Advice
Statements Strategy Organization
Records Compliance Analysis
Premises Investment Investor
& Services Organizational Corporate Products AML & CFT PMO Enforcement Complaints
Mgmt. Excellence Governance & Mediation

Procurement & Information

Contracts Technology

Business BT Information
Applications Governance Technology Security

Board / CEO Deputy Division Department Committee