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A Co- Educational English Medium School
Fostering Innovations in Education for Excellence Since 1999

To Be The Leaders of Tomorrow

An old adage says 'From a little Acorn grows a
mighty Oak'. Reflecting on it, one perceives
that the children of today are the leaders of a
strong nation tomorrow. Founded firmly on
this principle, the motto of Foster Academy
is worded, "Education For Excellence".
Children are tender shoots to be nurtured
with love and care and handled delicately.
Foster Academy aims at enabling its
children take their first few steps into the
outer world confidently. We lay a strong
foundation to help students become assertive
and capable of facing the challenges ahead.
Activities are the perfect way to help pupils to
master key concepts, enhance their skills and showcase
their talents. Both co-curricular and extra-curricular
activities can pique their curiosity and spark their creativity.
Let's have a glimpse of all such activities and facilities provided by our school.

We are not just Teachers, We are the Managers of the

greatest resource : The Children !
My School Provides

Safe and Secure


Adequately structured curriculum,

appropriate for the age group of
children attending

Multimedia, Computers and latest I.T.

Educational facilities available with
interactive class rooms
(Smart Class)

Cool & Filtered drinking water,

Hygienically Clean washroom for SMS. Service to inform
Boys and Girls separately. the parents about their
child's activities and
school programmes
Foster Academy Celebrated its Biennial
Function-Expressions, which Mesmerized the spectators.

Iqra Fatima Dharmendra Kumar Mohd. Afzal Nida Kausar Sanskar Verma
Class LKG Class UKG Class UKG Class I A Class II B

Kush Belwal Nimrit Awasthi Vaibhav Soni Luv Belwal Shivam Verma
Class III A Class III A Class III A Class III B Class IV

Aastha Pandey Faiza Kausar Amit Diwedi Priyanshi Sharma Himanshi Sharma
Class IV Class IV Class IV Class IV Class IV

Aditya Prajapati Aakriti Awasthi Saloni Verma Prince Sharma Isha Kumari
Class V Class V Class V Class V Class VI

Anchal Diwedi Ashaab Vidit

Class VI Class VII Class VII

Vaishnavi Singh Mohd. Ebaad Mariya Iffat Shiza Khan Pragya Purvi Rajput
Class Nursery (100%) Class Nursery (100%) Class LKG (99.94%) Class UKG (99.5%) Class II B (99.25%) Class I A (99%)

Rahi Rajput Shazmeen Siddiqui Abhijeet K Gond Ankrita Jaiswal Faiza Kausar Kush Belwal
Class V (98.83%) Class VII (98%) Class Vi (97.83%) Class VIII (97.54%) Class IV (96.56%) Class III A (93.37%)


Mohd Aaarish Shreyansh Gupta Nashrah Siddiqui Pragya Singh Insha Rashid Areeba Siddiqui
Class I A IB Class II A Class II B Class III A Class IV

School Council

Rahi Rajput Mahak Siddiqui

Class V Class VI

Saurabh Singh Archna Singh

Class VII Class III B
A carefully though out strategy to prepare the children for
future endeavours through a diversified calender of events
Excursion and Educational Trips

Activities by Outside Agencies

Celebrating Festivals And Days

Arranging Health Celebration of Labour Day Co Curricular and

Check-up Camps Extra-Curricular Activities
I am Proud To Be A Fosterian

I am Proud to be a Fosterian

D-14, Foster Street, Abrar Nagar, Kalyanpur, Lucknow-226022, Mobile : 9005518966
E-mail ID : fosteracademy@yahoo.co.in, fosteracademylko@gmail.com
website : www.fosteracademy-lko.blogspot.com