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Writing product: Report

Writing rubric

1 2 3
Content The content does not The text contains some of The text contains
correspond to the task that the information requested. the information
was requested and/or The topic is developed with requested in the
none of the appropriate some of the appropriate task description.
functions and vocabulary functions and vocabulary The topic is
for the topic were used. for its kind. developed with the
functions and
Accuracy The text contains a Language is mostly used Language is used
significant number of correctly including correctly including
errors in language usage, grammar, spelling, word grammar, spelling,
which makes it hard to order and punctuation. word order and
comprehend the message. punctuation.
Organizatio The text lacks logical order Although the text follows a The text follows a
and organization. logical sequence and an logical sequence
n adequate structure, and an adequate
discourse markers are not structure
used. depending on its
type. Discourse
markers are used
appropriately to
connect ideas.
Promptness The assignment was not The assignment shows the The assignment
delivered on time and it students’ effort in fulfilling shows the students’
does not fulfill the the task requested. effort in fulfilling the
requirements. task requested.
The assignment
was delivered on