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Flowers for Algernon

Response Questions
Progress Reports 1-9, pages 1-59

Group Members and Email Addresses:

1.​ Dj Lewis ​12dlewis@gmail.com
2. Brenna Gannon ​MoonFeather13@gmail.com
3. Ashley Weinfeld ​ashleyweinfeld@gmail.com
4. Maria Podolyan ​mpodolyan93@gmail.com
5. Chris Biehl ​biehlchris@gmail.com


Progress Reports 1-6

1. Why can’t Charlie find the pictures in the inkblot? Ms. McCloskey
He can't find them because he only understands literal meanings.

2. Why does Charlie think he fails the test? DJ

3. Why does Charlie want to be smart so badly? DJ

4. What kind of person is Gimpy? How do you know?

5. What is Charlie’s relationship with his family now? How about in the past? DJ

6. What does Charlie think of Algernon?

He thinks Algernon is really smart.

7. How is the operation a “2nd chanse” for Charlie? Brenna

8. What are the risks? Brenna

9. What kind of person is Miss Kinnian? Explain.Chris

Miss Kinnian is a kind person who cares about the mentally challenged and wants to do
anything she can to help them.

Progress Report 7
10. What has changed about Charlie’s writing?Chris
In Progress Report 7 Charlie starts to spell words correctly that he used to spell wrong.

11. Why did Charlie get a new nurse?Chris

Because his old nurse talked to much and did not agree that Dr. Strauss should have done the
surgery on Charlie.

Progress Report 8
12. How does Charlie feel about Algernon at the beginning of Progress Report 8?Chris
Charlie hates Algernon at the beginning of this Progress Report because he cannot beat him in
the test.

13. What is Charlie’s attitude about people who laugh at him?Chris

He thinks that all those people are his friends and does not realize many of them are making fun
of him.

14. What does it mean to “pull a Charlie Gordon”?

to mess up and do something dumb

15. How did the guys treat Charlie when they went to the bar?
they're mean to him and they make fun of him; they make him dance then abandon him

16. How did Charlie feel when he beat Algernon? maria

he feels compassion towards the mouse

17. What does Charlie’s wish for Robinson Crusoe reveal about himself?
Progress Report 9
18. Explain Charlie’s April 1​st​ report. What happened?

19. What important question has Charlie started asking?

20. What does Miss Kinnian get in her eye?

21. What does Charlie realize about his friends?

they treat him in a bad manner and do it for fun

22. Who says, “The more intelligent you become the more problems you’ll have, Charlie.”?
What does this mean?

23. What happened at P.S. 13?

24. How does Charlie react at taking the second inkblot and hearing his voice? maria
he thinks he sounds childish and doesnt believe he acted that way

25. Why does Charlie refer to himself in the third person when discussing himself before the