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GE Oil & Gas

Subsea Wellhead
Advanced technologies with
industry-proven reliability,
performance, and safety for all
operating conditions
GE pushes the technology boundaries needed to increase reliability,
flexibility, speed and performance. With more than 40 years of in-
field experience and over 1,000 systems installed worldwide, our
heritage includes robust casing connectors dating back to the 1960s
and game changing wellhead designs back to the early 1990s. The

is a must
driving force behind our successful technology has always been
a design approach that draws from our customers’ actual in-
field experience, and their evolving need for higher efficiency and
dependability. Through collaboration and commitment, our people
have delivered such innovations as the patented MS metal-to-metal
Offshore operations are moving into deeper waters, sealing technology, robust wellheads and connectors now used
more remote locations, and more challenging around the world.
environments with increasing temperatures and Today, we continue to partner with operators, technology and
pressures. As they push past the boundaries of services providers to enable safe, sustainable, and reliable growth in
10,000 ft (3,000 m) depths and 30,000 ft (9,100 m) the offshore industry. Our products are designed, tested and proven
for industry-leading performance, safety and efficiency in a wide
wells, financial pressure and technological complexity range of operating conditions.
increase exponentially. In these scenarios, collaboration
We tap into the full breadth of experience across all GE’s different
among oil and gas players is fundamental to provide industrial sectors — from healthcare to aviation, power and water
the industry with production systems and expertise — and apply it to oil and gas. We call this synergetic approach the
to enable optimized, ultra-reliable performance GE Store. It unlocks the power of over 50,000 technology experts
around the globe who are continually inventing the new industrial
throughout life-of-field. age — helping us bring innovative solutions to the market faster
and more cost effectively.

for speed
To help projects overcome increasing capital costs, we develop
standardized configurable solutions that improve speed to market
and enhance operations. Our innovative FastWorks approach to
product development combines tools and behaviors that deliver
better outcomes for customers, faster. FastWorks is reshaping our
business culture and the way we collaborate with customers, bringing
all project teams together under a unified goal. It’s already helped
deliver more than 75 MS-700 subsea wellhead systems with industry-
leading delivery schedules well ahead of customer due dates.
Standard features of GE subsea wellheads
• Dual tapered socket load transfer (up to 7 million ft-lbs)
• Passive load shoulder (7 and 8 million lbs load capacity)
• High pressure housing lockdown load rating (4 million lbs)
• Full metal-to-metal, pressure-set seals tested to 350 °F
• Secondary metal seal areas
• Maximum system flow-by (16 sq. in.)
• Casing hanger flow-by particle size of 0.75"
• High-pressure to low-pressure housing hydrate seal
• Reliable running tools
• Proven time savings in deepwater with Trip Saving Tools
• Manufactured to the latest industry standards, API 17D and 6A

Superior preload
Effective transfer loading from the high-pressure housing into the low-pressure housing is critical to
reduce fatigue. GE Oil & Gas achieves this with a unique patented dual-tapered socket design. Our
passive preloaded style wellhead makes a rigid connection through radial preloading generated by
weight without the use of bootstrap or preload tooling typical of axial
preloaded wellhead designs.
The tapered socket interface uses a multiple-step latch design that
delivers high capacities in minimal space. The heavy-duty latch,
rated for 4 million lbs lockdown capacity, is standard for our latest
generation of MS-700, MS-800, and SFX wellhead systems. The design
has an ultimate capacity of over 6 million lbs to beat the demanding
requirements of deepwater drilling with dynamically positioned rigs. A
bulk rubber o-ring and Xylan coating ensure full-rated capacity is still
achieved after extended periods subsea.

Advanced Wellhead ring gaskets
connector profiles •

Seals the wellhead to H-4 interface
Achieves complete gas-tight sealing up to 20,000 psi
Available in VGX-2 high temperature, high-pressure version
The H-4 connector family is a GE patented design that has
been adopted industry wide for its leading reliability dating • Also available in VT-2 secondary seal surface version
back to 1964. Smartly engineered with simple operating
characteristics and advanced metal-to-metal sealing,
the modern hydraulically operated H-4 provides excellent VX-2 & VGX-2 Seal Taper

bending and tensile load capabilities, and a long, economical VT-2 Seal Taper (Secondary)

service life. It’s also highly versatile and field-proven

for BOP stack to wellhead, LMRP to BOP stack,
and completion tree to wellhead connections.

Cadmium plated, carbon steel rated for 10,000 psi or
stainless steel rated for 15,000 psi at 250 °F.

4 Secondary seal with independent seal surface — used when
VX profile is damaged. Rated for 15,000 psi at 250 °F.

1. Gasket
Adapter kit
DW-HD H4 high-capacity profile
4. Housing High-performance rated for 20,000 psi at 350 °F.

MS-700 subsea SFX — standardized solution
wellhead system for fatigue applications
Since launched in 1991, our MS-700 remains one of the most SFX takes our field-proven architectures to the next level with up to 16 times
widely used subsea wellhead systems in the world. Its versatility fatigue improvement. The optimized design is simpler, faster and stronger —
has been proven across TLP/spar tieback, exploration, subsea delivering ultra reliability in your worst fatigue conditions. SFX will also greatly
completion and deepwater drilling applications. Fundamental to simplify your entire procurement process, since the full range of optimized
its design is our proven Metal Sealing (MS) technology — superior wellheads and connectors can be easily obtained from a single source — all
to elastomer options because it prevents inevitable heat and adhering to the same high standards for design, testing and manufacturing.
corrosive fluids from damaging seal integrity, making it one of the
most reliable metal-to-metal seal offered in the industry.

Key features 1
• Allows additional casing string to be hung under the wellhead
2 • Harmonized specification across
• Includes a single trip running tool to test both the casing hanger global operations
and the annulus seal
• One supplier for wellhead
• High pressure and temperature capabilities (15 KSI @ 250 °F) and connectors
• Up to 7 million ft-lbs bending capacity 3 • Based on field-proven technology
• 7 million lbs load capacity allows for 3 casing strings
(up to 1 million lbs each)
4 • Quicker response and delivery time
• Global manufacturability
5 • Reduced number of welds and post
weld processes
MS-800 subsea Stronger
wellhead system 8
7 • Up to 16X the fatigue life
over existing products
Developed in 2007 and based on decades of proven technology, • Minimized stress concentrations
MS-800 is a cost-effective full bore system that can be utilized in • Improved materials for toughness
all applications including shallow water and deepwater wells. The and strength
MS-800 enables operators to run one extra casing string under
BOP control with a 21" drilling riser. The system also allows more
flexibility in designing casing programs by using larger drill bits, 1. VX/VT gasket profile
testing packoffs to higher pressures, and having the option to 2. H4 connector profile
run 18" and 16" casing strings below the mudline. MS-800 allows 3. DW-HD H4 high-capacity profile
potentially larger completion options, by reaching total depth with 4. Housing latch ring
a larger production string. 5. Metal-to-metal seal (MS)
6. Anti-rotation key
7. Load shoulder profile
Key features 8. Load-bearing tapers

• True metal-to-metal seals

• High pressure and temperature capabilities
• Up to 7 million ft-lbs of bending capacity
• 8 million lbs of total load capacity allowing additional casing
loads at the system’s working pressure of 15,000 psi

GE Manufacturing Subsea Systems
sites main service sites
Batam, Indonesia Aberdeen, UK
Houston, USA Baku, Azerbaijan
Jandira, Brazil Bristol, UK
Montrose, UK Dusavik, Norway
Pune, India Houston, USA
Jandakot, Australia
Luanda, Angola
Macaé, Brazil
Montrose, UK
Newcastle, UK
Port Harcourt, Nigeria

MS-700 DW-HC MS-800 SFX


Mandrel size 27" 27" 27"

Bending capacity (ft-lbs) 5.25 MM 5.25 MM 5.25 MM

Global capabilities
Casing program 36 x 26 x 20 x 16 x 13 /8 x 9 /8
3 5
36 x 28/26 x 22 x 18 x 16 x 13 /8 x 9 /8
5 5
36 x 28/26 x 22 x 18 x 16 x 135/8 x 95/8
Casing Load (lbs) 7 MM 8 MM 8 MM
Hanger position 3 3 3

Pressure, Temperature & Lockdown

Pressure rating 15 KSI above, 7.5 KSI below 15 KSI above, 7.5 KSI below 15 KSI above, 7.5 KSI below
Lockdown per seal (kips)
35 °F to 250 °F
35 °F to 250 °F
35 °F to 250 °F
Manufacturing & Services

Fatigue loading Normal Normal Extreme

Materials 8630 HP/4130 LP 8630 HP/4130 LP F22 HP/A707 LP
Weld DNV C Curve fatigue tested Expert lifecycle support
Conductor & casing connectors (36" & 22") GE Oil & Gas continually invests in its network of world-class repair and service facilities in over 30 countries
DNV C Curve fatigue tested
worldwide — with highly experienced and certified field-service personnel strategically located to provide timely
Design Quality localized support in each region.
Qualification API 17D/6A API 17D/6A API 17D/6A We cover all aspects of supply and support with advanced tools, skills and solutions whenever and wherever
they are needed. We understand that true reliability must extend beyond the quality of any single product to the
ASME Section VIII Div 2
GE Material Characterization
support provided throughout its service life.
Our approach is based on dynamic monitoring, analysis and planning — to ensure effective application of
Manufacturing Quality
technologies and efficient allocation of site-specific resources. Our people are knowledgeable, proactive and
Specification API Q1 API Q1 API Q1, API 17D, API 6A
responsive, and they know how to get the best performance from our products.
API 17D API 17D 3.2 Cert. per BS EN 10204:2004
GE Independent 3rd Party ITP – Forging, Installation & maintenance Production enhancements
Pipe, & Machining operations
Option for customer 3 party ITP – Joint
rd Expert field service and prescribed maintenance The innovative application of new technologies
Assembly plans specific to your operation, performed by focused on increasing flow rates, improving oil
qualified personnel with OEM knowledge and recovery and extending life-of-field.
Below Mudline Hangers (Maximum)
technical resources.
16" 5,000 PSI @ 725 kips 18" 5,000 PSI @ 500 kips 18" 5,000 PSI @ 500 kips
16" 10,000 PSI @ 2,000 kips 16" 10,000 PSI @ 2,000 kips
Healthcare & asset management
Efficiency improvements Our most comprehensive service level with
Proprietary GE technology and data analysis integrated SmartCenter remote monitoring and
• High bending capacity wellhead system • High bending capacity wellhead system • High bending capacity wellhead system prioritizes equipment upgrades to increase your diagnostic capabilities for dynamic communication
with 30" mandrel with 30" mandrel with 30" mandrel
operating efficiency and reduce costs. with your crews.
• Slimbore wellhead system • System can be rated up to 350 °F • Available in MS-700 variant
• System can be rated up to 350 °F • System can be rated up to 350 °F


Global Headquarters
The Ark
201 Talgarth Road, Hammersmith
London, W6 8BJ, UK
T +44 207 302 6000

Subsea Systems Headquarters

Silverburn House, Claymore Drive
Aberdeen, AB23 8GD, UK
T +44 1224 852 000
F +44 1224 852 434
GE Oil & Gas UK Ltd.

Subsea Wellhead Center of Excellence

4424 West Sam Houston Parkway North
Houston, Texas 77041
P.O. Box 2291
Houston, Texas 77252-2291
T +1 713 683 2400
F +1 713 683 2421




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