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for seafarers
The Annual Publication of Database of Questionnaires is mandated in Republic Act
10635 or the Act Establishing the Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) as the Single
Maritime Administration Responsible for the Implementation and Enforcement of
the 1978 International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and
Watchkeeping for Seafarers, 1978, as amended and International Agreements or
Covenants related thereto and its Implementing Rules and Regulations.

These sample questions have been reviewed and validated by our respective Board
of Examiners which may serve as a guide for the review of aspiring Marine Deck and
Engineering Officers, towards the successful completion of the Theoretical

The following sample questions do not reflect the actual set of database of questions
given during the theoretical examination. Examinees are encouraged to study the
contained sample questions and probable answers as they are intended to give an
indication of the format and difficulty level of the theoretical examination.

You may access these guide questionnaires with your smart gadgets anywhere and
anytime at your convenience. Please consider the environment before printing.

Thank you.

A Publication of the MARINA STCW Office

OIC - NW: COMPETENCE 17 - Monitor Compliance with Legislative Requirements
No Question Choice A Choice B Choice C Choice D

As per PMMRR '97, when should cargo ships not classed shall be 2 years every year 3 years 4 years

Based on PMMRR '97, how many ship's categories are there? 3 4 5 6

As per stipulated in the revised PMMRR, the ship's registration, 3 gross tons 5 gross tons 8 gross tons 10 gross tons
documentation and licensing covers all types of motorized ships of
domestic ownership and of more than:

Under PMMRR '97, a 5,000 GRT vessel shall carry how many 3 sets 2 sets 4 sets 5 sets
fireman's outfit?

As stipulated in PMMRR '97, the capacity of the required portable 9 liters 10 liters 13.5 liters 14.5 liters
fire extinguishers shall not be less than:

With reference to PMMRR '97, how often is renewal is done? at intervals specified at intervals specified at intervals specified at intervals specified
by the Administration by the Administration by the Administration by the Administration
not exceeding 5 years not exceeding 4 years not exceeding 3 years not exceeding 2 years

As per PMMRR '97, electrical power shall be made available for at the steering gear, if every muster station at the engine control at the bridge
three hours on which of the following? any room

It is an expression that covers all damages which may be sustained Average general average Overall average percent average
by ship and/or cargo during a voyage as well as extraordinary
expenses which may be incurred in a maritime adventure.

As per PMMRR, which of the following is the uppermost deck up to bulkhead deck Main Deck transverse deck longitudinal deck
which transverse watertight bulkheads are carried?

A detailed statement of a vessel’s cargo which includes all data cargo manifest bill of lading cargo list mate’s receipt
regarding the shipper, consignee and cargo quantity is referred to

Under R.A. 9295 Rule I section 3, what is the license or authority Certificate of Public Certificate to Operate Certificate of public Certificate Transport
issued by MARINA to a domestic ship operator to engage in Convenience guidance
domestic shipping?

As per PMMRR, Tankers are considered: Class C Class A Class B Class D


UNCLOS '82 is a treaty that regulates the extent by which Coastal States Continental states Economic Zone any of these options
_____________ may enforce regulations in respect of foreign ships
on innocent passages in their territorial waters.

All compartments of the hull should be opened for survey and Continuous Survey Periodical Survey Intermediate Survey charterers survey
testing rotation to insure that the interval between consecutive
examination of each period normally allowed by the regulation
between special survey.
In chartering, the charterer is liable to pay for whatever amount due Deadfreight Deadweight freight live weight freight freight vessel
to the space not fully occupied by cargo if the vessel is placed on a
deadweight charter called:

The MARINA is governed by a Board known as the Maritime Department of MARINA Administrator Philippine Coast Guard PAGCOR
Industry Board, which is the policy making body of the Agency. It is Transportation and
chaired by: Communications

A document issued by a responsible person, allowing personnel to a entry permit entry log hot work permit all of the options
space or compartment during a specified period.


A policy, under which a state abstains from taking any position on Estrada doctrine Calvo doctrine Castañeda Doctrine Colorado River dispute
the validity of a new government in another state, on the basis that
taking such a position would constitute an unjustified interference
in the domestic affairs of that other state.

As per PMMRR '97, a ship which is not a new ship is: Existing ship a ship registered a ship registered a ship registered
before May 30, 1997 before June 30, 1997 before July 30, 1997

As per PMMRR '97 Regulation I/4 Paragraph 32, in a ship having freeboard deck main deck poop deck accommodation deck
discontinuous freeboard deck, the lowest line of the exposed deck
and the continuation of that line parallel to upper part of the deck is
taken as the:

The International Code for the Construction and Equipment of Ship IBC Code BCH Code IIBC Code ISPS Code
Carrying is the:


A standard clause in maritime insurance contracts covering risk of Inchmaree Clause Calvo Clause Santa Clause Jazer Clause
events not directly linked to perils at sea such as, but not necessarily
limited to, loading accidents.

MARINA Circular No 131,Prescribe the guidelines to ensure International Domestic Rural Special Areas
compliance with Regulation I/14 by all shipping companies
operating Philippine-registered ships plying in _____________

As per PMMRR '97, electrical power shall be made available for 12 main deck accommodation alleys, gangway cabins
hours on the following EXCEPT: stairways and exits

Customarily a packaged cover to include a range of liability and Marina Insurance Hull and Machinery POEA Insurance Company Insurance
physical loss and damage risks encountered by marina operators or

As per PMMRR '97, the Administration referred to is: Maritime Industry Philippine Ports MARINA POEA
Authority Authority


Prevention of Pollution by Sewage and Prevention of Pollution by MARPOL 73 MARPOL 78 Protocol OPA 90 SOLAS 72
Garbage were addressed by: Convention


As per PMMRR '97, the vertical distance measured from the top of moulded depth freeboard breath line garboard
the keel to the top of the freeboard deck beam at side is:


As per PMMRR, each fire extinguisher shall, as far as practicable be name of the pictorial and legible Either A or B Neither A or B
clearly marked of the following EXCEPT: manufacturer and operating instructions
The Domestic equivalent of the STCW being implemented by Qualification National Safety Certificate of Certificate of
MARINA is called: Documentation Certificate Inspection Documentation

A vessel loads packaged cargoes. The Mate discovers some of the Unclean Bill of Lading Exceptional Bill of Approved Bill of Lading Free Bill of Lading
packages have been damaged and put some exceptions on the Bill Lading
of Lading. This document is called:

Under MARINA Regulation 65 for Philippine Inter-island vessels, how 1 per 75 passengers 1 per 50 passengers 1 per 25 passengers 1 per 15 passengers
many toilets and bathrooms are required? separate from men separate from men separate from men separate from men
and women/children and women/children and women/children and women/children

A Tonnage Certificate is issued to a vessel when it meets serving be issued a Certificate 79 feet or more in 79 feet or less in 85 feet or more in
requirements, one of which the vessel must: of Inspection length length length


As per PMMRR '97, a Philippine registered vessel shall fly the when in port at all times when at sea when at anchorage
national flag:

By law, which of the following have the authority to conduct Philippine Coast Classification Society MARINA Any of these choices
inspection of oil pollution equipment and issue the interim Guard/ U.S. Coast
certificate? Guard

A Member States which ratified the Manning of Ships Conventions, twelve (12) hours in fourteen (14) hours in sixteen (16) hours in none of these choices
1996, acknowledges that the maximum hours of work shall not any 24-hour period any 24-hour period any 24-hour period

As stipulated in the Health Protection and Medical Care (Seafarers) normal charges free of charge Additional of charge double charge
Convention, what are the applicable charges for ships availing of
medical advice for the onward transmission of medical messages by
radio or satellite communication between a ship and those ashore
giving the advice?

What is the law which deals with the conduct of states and Custom law International law Public law Maritime law
International organizations, their relations with each other, and in
certain circumstances, their relations with persons, natural or
juridical which defined by the modern jurists?

As per IHR 2005 Part I Article I, it means the movement of persons, International Voyage International Traffic International International border
baggage, cargo, containers, conveyances, goods or postal parcels Navigation line
across an international border, including international trade.
The compliments of a vessel decided by the Maritime Office of Documents of Manning Certificate Ship’s Official Logbook None of these choices
Ship’s administration where the vessel is registered will be stated in compliance
which document?

As per PMMRR, Class A ships are: cargo ships passenger ships bulk carriers container ships


Certificates required by international conventions such as SOLAS class certificate statutory certificate ISSC IPPC
and MARPOL and National legislations are commonly referred to as:


If a ship at the time when its SOLAS Certificate expires is not in a class society government of the Administration Shipowner
port of the country in which it is registered, the certificate may be host country
extended by:

Every company which complies with the requirements of the Document of Interim Safety Document of Interim Document of
International Management Code will be issued which of the Accreditation Management Compliance Compliance
following documents? Certificate
Application for Safe Manning Certificate should be made by the Maritime office in a Ship’s classification Ship’s administration None of these choices.
shipowner to: country where vessel society. where vessel is to be
is being built. registered.

As provided for in the “U.N. Convention on the Law of the Sea”, the contiguous zone breadth strait economic zone
water or zone where a ship navigates exercising a “transit” passage
is called:

According to article VII section 21 of the Philippine Constitution, no one eight one fourth one half three fourths
treaty or international agreement shall be valid and effective unless
concurred by at least how many percent of all the members of the