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Assalamu alaikum wr. wb.

Praise is to Allah only.

preiz is tu Allah ‘eunli
Ladies and Gentlemen...
ledis en jentelmen
On 17 August 2019, Indonesia has enjoyed independence for 74years. It is a gift for us.
on 17 ‘o:gest 2019, Imdonesen hes injoif ‘indi’pendens for 74 yiers. It is e gif for as
Everyone in the world wants independence. With independence, we can feel serenity in the soul,
‘evriwan in de we:ld wans ‘indi’pendens. Wit ‘indi’pendens, wi ken fel se’renetie in de seul,
Peace, and away from fear. We should be grateful for it.
pi:s, en e’wei from fie. Wi shut be gretful for it.
We should also be grateful for the sacrifices of the heroes for this independence. They have

Wi shut ‘o:lseu bi gretful fot de ‘saekri’fisyel of de ‘hiereus for dis ‘indi’pendes. Dey hep
been willing to sacrifice their wealth, labor and sacrifice their souls to gain independence.
bin wiling tu ‘saekri’fisyel dhaer welth, ‘leibar en ‘saekrifais dhaer seuls tu gein ‘indi’pendes
As the nation that loves the homeland, we need to keep this independence in our hands.
aes de neisyen det lavs de ’howm’lend, wi nit tu kip dhis ‘indi’pendes in ‘aue haends.
To appreciate their kindness, we can continue heroes' struggle with earnest in our work.
tu apriciet dhaer ‘kainnis, wi ken kontiniu ‘hiereus stragl wit ‘ernist in ‘aue work.
If you are the teacher, you can educate students with sincerity.
if yu ar de ‘tiecer, yu ken ‘ejukeit studen wit sin’seretie.
If you are the doctor, you can treat the patient with sincerity.
if yu ar de ‘dakter, yu ken tri:t de peseint wit sin’seretie.
And if you are the students, you can learn earnestly to pride Indonesia with achievement.
en if yu ar de studens, yu ken le:n ‘ernisti tu praid indonesien wit e’cievment.
Ladies and Gentlemen...
ledis en jentelmen...
The Heroes have sincerely sacrificed everything they have for the sake of realizing
De ‘hiereus hap sin’seretie ‘saekri’faised ‘everiething dhei hep for de seik of riezing

As a nation of Indonesia, we should imitate it.

aes e neisyen of Indonesien, wi shut ‘imiteit it.
By working earnestly and sincerely, hopefully, we can be given ease in all things by God.
bai we:king ‘ernisti en sin’seretie, hopfuli, wi ken bi given iez in ol things bae god.
Ladies and gentleman...
ledis en jentelmen
On this day, let us pray. Hopefully, this country gets God's blessing.
on dhis dey, let as prei. Hopfuli, dhis ‘kantri gets god’s blesing.
And hopefully, the heroes get rewarded for their good.
en hopfuli, de ‘hiereus get ri’wo:d for dhair gud
That's all I can say in this speech. Hopefully, speech can improve our Spirit.
dhaets a ken set in dhis spi:tsy. Hopfuli, spi:tsy ken impru:v ‘aue ‘spirit.
Wasalammualaikum wr. wb.,