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Technical Description TI 272

Mining Truck

Operating Weight 151 t/334,000 lbs

Maximum GVW 442.000 kg/974,000 lbs
Engine Output 2014 kW/2700 HP
Payload Capacity 290 t/320 ton

Mining Power.
Engine Suspensions
Engines options Front Suspension System
DDC/MTU ______________________ 16V4000 – 2014 kW/2700 HP System design ________________________ Double A-frame with inclined king pin
Cummins ________________________ QSK 60 – 2014 kW/2700 HP for reduced tire scrubbing
Air cleaners __________________________ Two units with restriction indicators Suspension strut ______________________ Nitrogen/oil with internal damping and
in cab cushioning pad for both over stroke
Radiator ______________________________ L & M (Mesabi) and rebound stroke
Reduced parasitic load through large Rear Suspension System
diameter, low RPM radiator fan System design Liebherr-developed direct load carrying
Starter __________________________________ Air (Electric optional) suspension for each of the two rear
Batteries ______________________________ 2 x 12 volt, 1150 CCA axles. No need for drag links, panhard
Roll-out power module __________ Radiator, engine and alternator/ bar and 4-bar linkages
rectifier removable as an assembly Suspension strut ______________________ Two stage nitrogen/oil with internal
Long stroke for improved ride
The Liebherr rear suspension system on the TI 272 is unique in that the
Electric Drive System electric motor housings, which are perpendicular to the axles act as drag
links. Side loads can not act on the frame since all links are connected
System power ______________________
AC to it via ball joints. Instead all side loads are transferred directly into the
Manufacturer ________________________
Siemens/Liebherr body frame structure via the body dump pivots. This body frame section
Alternator ____________________________
AC with directly mounted rectifier is a hollow box structure designed to absorb all side loading.
Wheel motors ______________________
AC induction motors. Ratio 31.9 : 1
Dynamic retarding ________________
Continuous extended range and
retard cruise control
The Siemens/Liebherr AC Drive System features increased
operating efficiencies and reduced maintenance requirements.
This system has been designed to be easily configured to a trolley- Dump Systems
assist system with little additional equipment.
A benefit of the AC drive is it’s higher retarding capability with a Dump angle ________________________ 45h
full Payload of up to 3500 kW (4690 HP). Retard is effective down to Dump cycle __________________________ Raise: 21 seconds
a near stop, when the service brakes are applied automatically to Lower: 16 seconds
bring the truck to a complete and safe stop. Dump cylinders ____________________ Two stage, mounted in front of body
During retard the diesel engine runs with only little load. This saves Buddy dump ________________________ Hydraulic connection for external
fuel and will extend the engines life expectancy. power dumping accessible from
The dump cylinders on the TI 272 support the body with payload
continuously. External support cushions are fitted to the cylinders to
Tires (Radial) transfer the load without using internal components, and to absorb
impacts during loading.
Standard ______________________________ 50/80R57
New low profile tire technology provides longer life with increased
The design of the TI 272 equalizes loads on tires. Due to the wide
tire spacing and axle oscillation, tire loading is controlled and less
variable. The axle arrangement of the TI 272 allows the amount Hydraulics
of payload weight per tire to be higher.
Dump circuit:
Delivery __________________________ 985 l/min / 260 gpm
System pressure ______________ 207 bar / 3000 PSI
Control valve __________________ Computer controlled cartridge valves
Fluid Capacities with integrated over pressure relief
Fuel tank ______________________________ 4540 l / 1200 gal total (2 tanks) valves and anti-cavitation valves
Other capacities optional Pilot control ____________________ Electronic control via joystick
Hydraulic tank ______________________ 1135 l / 300 gal (Single tank) Steering and brake circuits:
Front brakes __________________ 207 bar / 3000 PSI
Rear brakes ____________________ 207 bar / 3000 PSI
Steering ________________________ 207 bar / 3000 PSI
Braking Systems Accumulator ________________________ meets SAE J53 / ISO 5010
Brakes ____________________________ (2x) 7,6 l / 2 gal each
Design ______________________________________ Single pedal for dynamic retarding and Steering __________________________ (1x) 150 l / 40 gal
service brakes down to complete stop plus Filtration (both systems ) ______ Cleanliness level ISO 15/13
conventional service brake pedal
Dynamic retarding ____________________ Fan blown resistor grids for continuous
retarding of max. 3500 kW / 4692 HP. Two
speed over speed retarding. Retarding
operates full power in forward and reverse Frame
Automatic retarding __________________ Two automatic settings for empty and loa-
ded truck to virtually eliminate down hill Material __________________________________ASTM A710 with high impact resistance
over speeding (high charpy), high strength
Extended speed range ______________ Full retarding down to 0,8 kph/0.5 mph. (to 95,000 PSI), good fatigue properties,
Complete automatic stop with service bra- good weld ability.
kes Design ____________________________________ Closed box structure with both frame
Service brakes girders welded inside and out with
Front __________________________________ Single disc, split design, wheel speed, four 100% ultrasonic inspection to AWS D 1.1
(4) calipers on 1079 mm/42,5” O.D.disc The most technologically advanced means have been incorporated into
Rear __________________________________ single disc per each wheel, split design, the design and testing of the TI 272 haul truck frame and dump body,
wheel speed, two calipers on 1145 mm/45” including computer–aided design, finite element analysis and 3-D mode-
O.D. disc ling. This attention to detail is carried forward throughout the manufac-
turing process to assure a quality product with built-in reliability. Full
testing prior to product shipment provides equipment reliability.
The combination of A 710, high strength steel, quality welding and
Steering QA-manufacturing procedures insures a truck frame that has superior
resistance to impact loads in addition to high durability.
Design __________________________________ Ackermann – center point lever The frame and body design reduces vehicle weight, redundancy of load
system with dual hydraulic cylinders. carrying structures, and establishes considerably more efficient load
Full hydraulic power steering with paths both in front and rear. Two independently oscillating rear axles
accumulators per SAE J53 / ISO 5010 provide a wider body/payload support stance, and greatly reduced tire
Vehicle clearance circle ________ 32,6 m / 107 ft 5 in loading.

Technical Data


C2 A

A Wheelbase 6,1 m/20’ 0” SAE turning radius R = DIM “A”
B Front track 6,9 m/22’ 6”
C1 Rear track-outside tire 7,0 m/23’ 0” curb clearance R = DIM “ B”
C2 Rear track-inside tire 2,3 m/ 7’ 5”
D Overall length 13,1 m/43’ 1”
E Width (standard body) 8,5 m/28’ 0”
E1 Width (over tires) 8,3 m/27’ 2”
F Height (over canopy) 6,9 m/22’ 8”
G Height (loading, standard body) 6,6 m/21’ 7”
H Height (body up) 12,3 m/40’ 4”

Empty Loaded (2 : 1)
kg lbs kg lbs
Front 73.700 162,500 148.600 327,500
Rear 77.800 171,500 293.300 646,500
Total 151.500 334,000 441.900 974,000

Dump Body Capacity

Standard 2:1 Heaped, 175 m3 / 230 cu. yd. Based
on material density of 1,66 t/m3 /
2780 lb/cu. yd.

Note: Other body sizes are available determined by the

customer’s requirements and specific application.
Modifications such as rear extension and/or
sideboards are also available to provide increased
payload capacity.

Turning Radius
50/80R57 15,0 m/49’2” 15,7 m/51’6”

Technical Data
Truck Standard Equipment Truck Standard Equipment
x AC drive system x Back-up warning alarm
x Full power, continuous extended electric retarding down x Service lights in control box and engine compartment
to 0,8 kmph/0.5 mph x Access ladder lights
x Automatic retarding cruise control for empty and loaded x Auxiliary dump, brake, and steering connectors
x HD Truck frame (A 710), hollow box structure, welded accessible from ground
inside and out x Fuel gauge on tank
x Double A-frame front suspension system x Mud flaps – front
w/ inclined king pin x Hand held fire extinguishers (2)
x Nitrogen/oil suspension struts with shock absorption. x Payload weigh system w/ in cab display
Single stage front, dual stage in rear x Liebherr white paint
x Liebherr direct load carrying system for each rear axle
x Roll-out power module w/ radiator, engine and
Truck Optional Equipment
x Two stage hoist cylinders with heavy external support x Electric starter
cushions x Automatic air cleaner dust ejectors
x L&M (Mesabi) radiator x Engine heater
x Large diameter, low RPM radiator fan for reduced x Cold climate kits
parasitic load x Radiator header tank sight gauge
x Rockford fan clutch x Sight glass on fuel & hydraulic tank
x Air starter x Centralized service system – additional functions
x 2 HD Batteries x Auto lube system
x Engine shutdown at ground level x Diagonal, retractable access ladder
x Spring applied-pressure released park brake x Additional headlights
x Accumulator back-up on steering & hydraulic brake x Additional clearance lights
system with auto bleed down feature x High density fog lights
x Dual access ladders and deck hand rails x Hub-odometer
x Dual ladder service access to engine area with catwalks x External display for payload weigh system
left and right of engine x Additional mud flaps
x Centralized service center w/ dry break pressure x Fire suppression system (multiple actuation options)

LME 8410943-2.5-12.00 Printed in Germany by Typodruck Gagstatter. Illustrations and data may differ from standard equipment. Subject to change without notice.
refueling Body liner/wear package(s)
x Headlights (4) x Tailgate for coal body
x Tail lights: x Canopy spill guards
– Service brake – red x Special paint
– Dynamic retard – amber
– Back up – white
– Turn signals – red
x Deck mounted back up light – driver side
x Deck mounted clearance lights – amber

Cab Standard Equipment Cab Standard Equipment

x Double shell concept for safety and insulation x AM/FM radio w/ cassette
x Fully adjustable operator seat w/ air suspension and x Computerized dash instrumentation with:
double lumbar support Speedometer, Techometer, Engine -oil pressure,
x Passenger seat w/ mechanical suspension Water temperature, Engine fault, Wheel motor air flow,
x Seat belts Park brake, Steering pressure, Brake pressure (low),
x Safety glass all around w/ tinted windshield Body up, Drive system fault, Ground fault indicator,
x Windshield wiper, single blade, electric 24 V system voltage, Fuel gauge, etc.
x Rearview Mirrors (right and left) x Turn signals w/ emergency flashers
x Tilt and telescopic steering wheel w/ Horn
x Joy stick hoist control
x Sun visors (3), dome lights
Cab Optional Equipment
x Fresh, filtered heater and defroster air x ROPS (Roll Over Protective Structure)
x Circuit breaker panel x Air-Conditioning with filtered air
x 12 Volt power supply x AM/FM radio w/ CD player

LIEBHERR MINING EQUIPMENT CO., 4100 Chestnut Avenue, Newport News, VA 23607, USA,
ç (7 57) 2 45-52 51, Fax (7 57) 9 28-87 55, www.liebherr.com, E-Mail: info@lme.liebherr.com

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