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0 Introduction

Nursing is a constantly developing profession. Nurses shall improve both personal and
professional skills through lifelong learning to be successful and advance in their carrier. As
professionals, development of nurses’ advancement in carrier depends on their technical,
interpersonal, and organizational skills (8, 9).

As caregivers, nurses have to deal with range of people and tasks while providing both physical
and emotional care to both internal (professional, administrative and regulatory parties) and
external (patient, families, society, etc.) stakeholders. Nurses must maintain confidence and
their personality heavily influence their associations with these stakeholders. For this reason,
personality of the nursing professionals with right attitudes is a key driver for the development
of both the nursing profession and the health care system as a whole.

1.1 What is personality and how important it is?

1.2 How we can develop, improve or change one’s own personality

The lack of participation in nursing professional development activities surprised nurse leaders
at Medina Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio when the hospital merged with the Cleveland Clinic in

1.3 Personality development in nurses

Upon entry into the profession, the emphasis is on technical skills; however, it gradually shifts
toward interpersonal skills. We can be stronger in some areas and weaker in others.

The personalities and qualities of nursing personnel are considered to be of great importance
for their interactions and nursing relationships with patients and may also influence work
satisfaction. The aim of the study was to explore the extent to which different personal qualities
and personality factors, with a possible effect on motivation, professional conduct and coping
with stress and anxiety, are represented in a group of assistant nurses (second level nurses), and
how these qualities are related to nursing competence and long-range work satisfaction.

1.4 Why a program is needed


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