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Arnold Yabut Sept 27

BS ACC Makati Section 3

Argumentative essay #2 (Pro-Singapore)

Singapore was chosen to lead the Association of South East Asian Nations in early 2018
and become a role model to other south east Asian nations in terms of economy, innovation, and
technology. Singapore is known as one of the wealthiest countries with a rising GDP, becoming
an urbanized nation with modern technological advancements. This only implies that Singapore
is highly qualified to lead the ASEAN due to its remarkable and tremendous achievements in
almost all socio-economic aspects a country should harness and possess.
Firstly, Singapore is considered Asia’s power house for innovation, technology, and trade
as it has been a consistent model for government transparency, foreign direct investment
outflows, and regulatory efficiency. Singapore was also the best performer for political stability
and safety, market capitalization, foreign direct investment inflows, high and medium-high tech
manufacturing and high-tech net exports (Reynolds, 2014). This only implies that Singapore has
an impressive leadership tactic that can also contribute to other nations, specifically developing
nations like the Philippines where Filipinos can learn the approach Singapore applied for their
economic and technological development. Even if it was a small nation, it did not become a
barrier for them to expand their technological power and influence to the world. Singapore has
been labelled as the “third highest GDP per capita in the world” since the year 2012, and “the
most expensive nation” to stay and visit based on surveys. Because of this, Jernea (2015) stated
that tourism in Singapore flourished for more than 5.11% per year and almost 150 countries are
encouraged to visit Singapore and with that it helps Singapore’s growing economy and in 2010s
as it is considered the golden age of Singapore because many technological advancements and
reforms have been made such as ICT reform in schools and colleges where students are more
encouraged to appreciate and give importance on science and technology as a whole. It gives
them an insight how technology works and how technology is vital in one’s day-to-day activities.
Chone (2014) pointed out that Singapore has become one of the most highly digital
countries in Asia and the world. Singapore's computer policy management may be seen a success
indicator in economic growth even if there are numerous social issues occurring. It is still called
an informational and modern civilization of the future as it has the components of a growing
society. He stated that Singapore is one of the leading countries in Asia for technological growth
and trend. This has been supported by Restul et.al (2016) in determining Singapore as a country
of excellence, and in their case analysis they said that Singapore has been aiding other countries
in terms of financial and technological matters. This means that Singapore has the power to
connect and collaborate with other nations particularly in Asia because Singapore has the
technological resources to fund a specific country. According to the Economic Development
Board (2018), Singapore achieves to help countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and
Philippines due to the fact these countries are scarce with the technological advancement due to
political instability, economic instability and etc. They are aiding these countries through
donations of technological advancements, education system integration, and cybersecurity. This
is in relation to their advocacy in ASEAN which focuses on the idea of innovation and
technology. They wanted to prioritize this because they wanted more and more people to be
qualified for entrepreneurship jobs where people can earn profit and help the community and the
society. According to Jones & Smiths (2013), the trend of entrepreneurship and innovation is
demanding in the world, however, most Asian countries still do not exercise and execute this
In conclusion, this essay firmly believes that Singapore capitalizes on the key importance
of science and technology and the people can see how luxurious and modern Singapore is in
terms of economy and technology. Singapore tries to channel out technological issues and is
willing to give out donations to help build projects and programs that is in line with the vision of
ASEAN as it reflects the leadership skills of Singapore as the chosen ASEAN leader.
Singapore’s history of technological growth and economy can be modeled out to other countries
such that their aspiring economic, political, socio-economic, and technological status where other
countries can be able to adapt and learn. This paper also realizes that Singapore would like to
become a bridge for the rest of ASEAN members to be more open to Science and Technology.
Knowing all these, Singapore has manifested exceptional standards in becoming the leader in the
ASEAN organization.
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