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Crismor Ave., Elvinda Village, San Pedro, Laguna

Preliminary Exam


NAME: ________________________ DATE: ______________________

TRAINER: Ms. Joy A. Celestial SCORE:

I. Identification. Fill the blanks with the correct words or phrase. Choose from the word
bank below.

1. The ___________ is a powerful, dome-shaped muscular wall between the chest and the
2. Consonants that are produced when the tip of the tongue comes between upper and lower
teeth are called _____________________.
3. The ________________________ refers to the way the air is obstructed in the mouth
while producing the sound.
4. All vowels are _______________.
5. The tongue, the teeth, soft palate and lips are called _________________.
6. The _______________ magnify the sound that is initiated by the vocal cords to lend
depth of tone to your voice.
7. The force or loudness of tone is referred to as _______________.
8. A stressed syllable is produced louder, higher and ____________.
9. A manner of speaking affected by geographical location and culture is called __________.
10. Yes or no questions have the _______________ intonation.
11. In liaisons, it is the ___________that is important, not the spelling.
12. The ____________ sounds are produced when the air escapes the nasal cavity
rather than the mouth.
13. The stop or ____________ are sounds that are produced by a complete obstruction
of the airstream in the mouth.
14. Sounds of [f], [v], [s], [z] are considered as ____________ because such sounds
are produced by a partial obstruction of the airstream, where the passage in the mouth
through which the air escapes is very narrow.
15. When both lips are brought together, we produce ____________ sounds.
16. The _____________ consonant sounds are produced from the tongue tip without
the vibration of the vocal cords.
17. The clearness with which a speaker forms his/her words is ________________.
18. Adjust your _________ of speaking as you increase or decrease the speed.
19. The proper use of resonators will achieve _____________ in which the voice has a
ringing, resounding and vibrating quality.
20. The other term for voice box is ________________.

Bilabial fricatives nasal falling larynx

Diaphragm volume longer resonance accent
Articulators resonators voiced enunciation manner of articulation
Rate linguadental sound plosives voiceless

II. Box the word that doesn’t belong in the group.

21. agreement document hysterical optional

22. duplication immaculate nutritious consistency
23. patriotic oxygen energy employer
24. incredible necessary secretary scavenger
25. contradiction alcoholic alteration essential
26. slippery orphanage convertible industry
27. transformer formality genuine destruction
28. merchandise resentment generation graffiti
29. diagnosis comfortable hesitated melody
30. disrespectful disagreement complicated voluntarily

III. Decide whether each underlined word is a determiner (D) noun (N), pronoun (PN),
verb (V), adjective (ADJ), adverb (ADVB), conjunction (C), preposition (P), or
interjection (I). Then write its abbreviation on the line before the sentence.

_____________ 31. Slow down.

_____________ 32. I would like to go, but I would like to help my sister.
_____________ 33. Can you please drive more slowly?
_____________ 34. He is our legislator.
_____________ 35. The captain looked for a better route.
_____________ 36. Wow! Are we there already?
_____________ 37. The pictures fell from the table.
_____________ 38. I can certainly use your help during the ordeal.
_____________ 39. This extravagant home is overpriced even for today’s market.
_____________ 40. Mom and Dad just came from Charlotte, North Carolina.
_____________ 41. Diplomacy is the best tactic.
_____________ 42. They think that their dog will like it.
_____________ 43. Some of these stories are discussed often.
_____________ 44. Either the giraffe or the monkey will be fed now.
_____________ 45. We will probably hinder the process if we try to help them.

IV. Encircle the correct form of the verb within the parentheses.

46. Thirty pesos (is, are) too much to pay for a bag.
47. He says that nobody (is, are) to be admitted until three.
48. Either of your two suggestions (is, are) practical.
49. This Tuesday, John, as well as his friends (is, are) driving to the rock concert.
50. Each of the girls (look, looks) good in skis.
51. None of the blood (was, were) transferred to the vial.
52. The value of cars and motorcycles (has, have) increased.
53. One of my friends (believe, believes) in E.S.P.
54. A pair of jeans (is, are) what I want for my birthday.
55. Gymnastics (is, are) easy for Angeline.
56. Margo and her parents (visit, visits) each other often.
57. Either the cups or the glasses (is, are) in the dishwasher.
58. Neither Matt nor his brothers (was, were) at the party.
59. Here into the main ring of the circus (come, comes) the trained elephants.
60. The family (is, are) occupied by their individual problems.

V. Change the following statements into a yes-no questions.

61. October is a month of festivals in some countries.

62. Jane Austen is known as England’s greatest novelist.
65. The dean recommended him scholar of the year.
66. The bus arrives at 6:30PM.
67. Josephine will walk to school tomorrow.
68. They have discovered a process to lengthen the ripe period of fruits.
69. Mario finished eating the sushi.
70. The dancers performed at the PICC.
VI. Write the corresponding tag questions in each statement.
71. I’m happy, __________________?
72. Amy’s daughter is wonderful, _______________?
73. She hasn’t filed her leave for this week, ______________?
74. They’re located the heart of the city, ________________?
75. You don’t want to be treated like that, _________________?
76. I haven’t submitted my survey yet, _______________?
78. The bank is closed, ____________?
79. They aren’t coming, __________________?
80. The movie was amazing, ________________?


1. Given the communication situation below, identify the elements of communication

and the barriers. Explain on what should be done to overcome the barrier to

A promo girl is conducting a demo on a new product, “Power Juicer” in a kiosk located inside the
mall. She is talking about the main features and benefits of using the new product. What should
she do to make her demo more effective?

2. Give a detailed instruction in any of this topic, (Choose only one.) Be sure to be
clear on “sequencers” and “instructions”

a. How to create a Facebook account.

b. How to do the laundry using a washing machine
c. How to set-up Bluetooth connection on your mobile phone.
d. How to cook spaghetti.
e. How to create an email account.
f. How to clean your black leather shoes
g. How to tie your shoelace
h. How to prepare a hearty breakfast

3. Write down the directions from Location Point A to Location Point B.

a. How to go to Mall of Asia from SPTI

b. How to go to SPTI from your home
c. How to go to