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Activity #2 Practical Research

Patricia Marie DV. Fallar

Rexel Jarell L. Gatpayat
Research Study #1
Title/ Topic: Effect of Social Media on Academic Performance of Students in Ghanaian
Universities: A Case Study of University of Ghana, Legon
Source: https://digitalcommons.unl.edu › libphilprac
Type of Research: Correlational Research
This research study is an example of a correlational research because it presents the
relationship or connectedness between two variables without the researcher controlling either of
them. In this study, the researcher aims to find how does social media affect the academic
performance of students in the University of Ghana, Legon. The two variables present here are
social media and the academic performance of students. With this the study may result in having
a positive correlation, negative correlation, or zero correlation.
Nowadays, social media has become a huge part of our generation. Today it is considered
as the fastest way in retrieving information and the growing dimensions of the use of social
media by students cannot be underestimated. This research study revolves on how does social
media affect the academic performance of students in the University of Ghana, Legon. Social
media has been used as a tool for easier and effective communication over the years and thus
improve mankind’s life. According to the research study there are four major advantages of
social media which are enhancing relationship, improving learning motivation, offering
personalized course material, and developing collaborative abilities. It has been seen that social
media distracts the attention of students and devotes most of their time using social media and
thus having limited to focus on their studies. Today most students at all levels especially tertiary
level have been engaged in the use of social networking sites. This research study therefore seeks
to investigate the level of engagement of students of the University of Ghana into social
networking sites and also determine the effect of their use on their academic performance.
Approach: Positive or scientific Approach
The approach used in this research paper is scientific or positive or scientific approach as
the researchers utilized various techniques such as structured interviews, questionnaires and
surveys where results are expressed in numbers. The researchers used different types of methods
in gathering, collecting, and analyzing data such as conducing survey questionnaires and
randomly selecting participants for the said survey.
Research Study #2
Title/Topic: Effective Teacher Leadership: A Quantitative Study of the Relationship
between School Structures and Effective Teacher Leaders
Type of Research: Quantitative Research
This research study is an example of a quantitative research because it deals with
gathering quantifiable data and performing statistical, mathematical or computational techniques.
It gathers information from existing and potential participants with the use of various sampling
methods and conducting surveys and questionnaires.
School is a place for learning and discovery where students gradually build up their
character and well-being to be the future leaders of the society. In order for schools to be
successful especially for the sake of their students, those in the field of educational
administration must find ways to create structures that support teacher leaders and maximize the
learning environment for their respective students. The significance of this research is to
investigate certain types of school structure and effective teacher leaders in order to contribute to
the current body of research on teacher leadership. Most schools, however, are not structured to
accommodate effective teacher leadership which is why this research study is highly significant
on the educational welfare of the students.

Approach: Positive or scientific Approach

The research mentioned above uses a scientific positive or scientific approach as it
specifically utilizes scientific evidence such as questionnaires and statistics reveal a truth about
the way society functions. A questionnaire was selected to collect data for quantitative measure.
Because the data the researcher wanted to collect needed to come directly from people—in this
case teacher leaders—a questionnaire was the best method to collect the data. Another method
they conducted was to visit regularly scheduled meetings of the sample group and personally
administered the surveys on site.
Research Study #3
Title/topic: The Effects of Bullying in the Students Education
Source: https://api.intechopen.com/chapter/pdf-download/60102
Type of research: Explanatory research
This research aims to tackle how bullying might affect a student in his or her education.
It aims to elaborate or explains not just the reason behind the relationship of the factors but also
ways by which such relationship exists.
In today’s society bullying is a serious problem and it does not just affect a person’s
feelings but might affect other aspects as well. Bullying is an ongoing act and repeated verbal,
physical and/or social behavior that intends to cause physical, social and psychological harm to
others. It may involve an individual or a group misusing their power over one or more persons
who may feel vulnerable and inferior to stop it from happening. This research study has the
purpose to impart knowledge and information to people on the effects of bullying. It also aims to
alleviate and help people specifically students to find ways on how to cope up with bullying. It
also provided other forms of bullying that some people are not aware of. Overall, this research
aims to help a lot of people not just the victims of bullying but those who bully as well in order
to prevent and lessen the act of bullying currently occurring in our society today.
Approach: Positive or scientific approach
The research uses the positive or scientific approach because the researchers interviewed
some students and they provided an observational checklist expressed as numbers. They also
provided facts from reliable source in a form of ratio.
Research study #4
Title/topic: “The Impact of Digital Technology on Education.”
Type of research: Explanatory research
The research aims to show the people about the impact of modern digital technology
in our education. It aims to elaborate or explain more on how technology greatly impact todays
Technology undeniably has already been a huge part of our everyday lives. It
encompasses almost every aspect of our lives and education is no exception. Technology has
greatly expanded access to education. Technology is what makes our world work productively
and efficiently/ in this research it aims to show that technology is not limited to our own personal
use but it can surely help students in learning and hopes to produce a generation where all people
poor or rich can study because of digital technology. The research also provides a better
understanding about technology itself and how people use it. It explained how technology greatly
impact our world to make it a better place.
Approach: Positive or scientific approach
The research uses a positive or scientific approach because they provided facts and
evidence form a reliable source in a form of numbers as well as ratio. A positivist approach to
research leads to the use of experimental and quantitative method which were clearly seen in the
research study mentioned above as they utilized survey questionnaires and series of statistical
interviews in gathering data.