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Arabian Nights Words by HOWARD ASHMAN ‘Music by ALAN MENKEN Moderately bright A(no3rd) ~ itt NARRATOR: come from a land, a - way place where the _s— (Copyright © 1992 WALT O'SNEY MUSIC CO. apd WONDERLAND MUSIC CO,, INC inematoel Copyge Secured Al Rip Reserved i —s—7 bar - ie, but hey, When the wind’s from the east and the sun's from the west and the sand in the glass Am BIA a Hi “—s—_ down, stop on by, hop a car - pet and fly fo an- — Fs 1 Etsus ET Am Bit ia a =—-s 7 s—— oth - er A - ra - bio - an night. _ 3s —— SS cm = a — — A - ra- bi- an nights like A -ra- bi - an 5 —I— —— ren ee # F Am ~ cm Am Em fat J ee it fi ¥ : — —~—, days more of - ten than not are hot - ter than ee ‘neath A-ra - bi - an (Te cm Am Em? Ht el Hi ts, could fall___and fall c——$-—__ E7 Amé6 Am F7 ff ie