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1 rule of crane management: Use the Seatrax CCM7000

2009—Seatrax, Inc. has developed a crane management system to diagnose and solve typical operation, maintenance and
repair issues many offshore facility managers face on a frequent basis.

Using a touch screen interface, the Seatrax CCM7000 is an operator’s single source to access necessary crane operating
information (including load charts, pressure readings and wind speed and direction) combined with a load moment
indicator that calculates the allowable capacity of the crane at any given position. The CCM7000 also provides warning
and alerts, both audible and visual, for example, if a load drifts downward if it is not signaled to do so.

“The CCM7000 is a one-stop shop for crane operators,” Marketing Representative Robyn Morrow said. “With this
offshore crane management system, operators have to go only one place to find all information needed to run the crane
safely and efficiently. While many other cranes may have a load indicator or load moment indicator installed, those devices
do not and cannot maintain the same critical information the CCM7000 can.”

Designed for Seatrax cranes, including its portable fleet, the CCM7000 utilizes non-volatile memory that contains
critical information, including load ratings providing the
maximum weights the crane can handle at certain radii in certain
environmental conditions. This system also has the capability to
record valuable readings (including load weights, pressure and
temperature readings, drum speeds and positions and wind speeds)
once per second.

“Through a series of screens, operators can access numerous gauge

readings, load charts and engine information without having to use
multiple sources,” Morrow said. “With easy-to-decipher visuals and
clear, concise operating instructions, Seatrax’s CCM7000 is easily
operated by both advanced and novice offshore crane operators.”

Another advantage of using Seatrax’s CCM7000 includes its ability

to display service inspection reminders. While installation requires
no calibration, trained Seatrax service representatives perform system maintenance, not a third party who may not be
familiar with the product.

“There is no technology available that can perform multiple functions the way the CCM7000 can,” Electrical Engineer
and CCM7000 creator Lynn Ransonet said. “You can start and stop the prime mover, whether a diesel engine or electric
motor, while controlling the lights and windshield wipers, tasks that might seem insignificant but make a big difference
when you’re out there trying to get a job done fast and safely.”

Demonstrating its stability and reliability, the CCM7000 is also available on Seatrax portable cranes, including the 70P,
the 90P and the S230P, currently in operation worldwide.

About Seatrax, Inc.

For more than 25 years, Seatrax, Inc. has supplied the marine industry with offshore cranes configured for numerous
applications and engineered to exacting specifications. Known for its cost-effective, high quality and easily maintained
offshore cranes, Seatrax has locations worldwide, including Texas, Louisiana and the United Kingdom. For more
information, call 713.896.6500 or visit www.seatrax.com.

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