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Prometric 29-04-2015

1-Case of Retinal detachment

2- Cushing ttt
3- Addison crisis ttt
4- X- ray for perforated peptic ulcer
5- CT for SAH
6- Pregnant woman had her chicken pox vaccine when she was
14 y coming with herpetic outbreak
a- Varicella IG
b- acyclovior

7- Pregnant woman , intact membrane , full dilatation and

effecment , fetus HR 120-130 ,with breech presentation and
extended neck , station 0
a-partial breech extraction
d-Menovur but cant remember its name

8- Pregnant woman with twin A and B which presentation ll

make high risk for twin A
a- cephalic – cephalic
b- cephalic – breech
c- breach -cephalic
d- transverse – cephalic

9- Man with contact lenses for 10 y , come with watery copius

clear tears , esp with bright light
a- wear sunglasses in sun
b- normal saline eye drops 4 t / d
c- remove lenses at night

10- child case with hip rotation angle

-femeur or tibial torsion “ read about it “ not sure

11- SCD investigation

12- Patient has possibility of pulmonary embolism after surgery

with atelctasis with Hamlton sign , V/Q not available , rt heart
O2 saturation 85% : normal > 95 % : what to do
a- thoracocentesis
b- multible venous angiography
c- heparinize now

13- Case of Mitral stenosis

14- Case of bronhiolitis in 2 month child , best tool for
15- Fever in 8 month child , irritable “ no much details “ what s
the causative organism
a- heamophilus infeluenza
b- strep. pneumoniea
c- e-coli
d- ligonella

16- somatization ttt

17- All are true about increase risk of suicide except :
a- doctor asks about suicidal trials
b- most of suicidal happen short time after doctor visit
c- suicide is the 2nd cause of death in age 25-35y
d- presence of psych. disease is the most common cause

18- least psycho drug cause Tardive Dyskinesia

it s clozapine

19- cholinergic syndrome

20- child ingest iron supplement about 700 mg

it s Deferoxamine

21- a man ingest paracetamol , what to do in fisrt 45 min

a- activated charcoal coz it s “within short time “
b- NAC
c- gastric lavage

22- 26 man , satnding in a raw , sweating , fatigue , weakness ,

after 4 min he fell down
a- TIA
b- Fainiting
c- silent heart attack

23- Henoch schonelin , what s pathophysiology , which vessles


24- Verruca S/S

25- Bacterial vaginosis “ lactobacilli “
26- acute closed glocuma ,which drug is contraindicated
the answer Dipivefrin

27- Urinary tract infection in a 4 y child , high WBC s ,what

investigation :
a- Catch clean sample
b- Catch voiding sample
c- Intrauretheral Cathetrization

28- Tinea Pedis ttt

b - Systemic Itraconazole

29- Varicella vaccine in 14y girl

the answer 2 doses 4 weeks part
30 - Infertility case , athelet , with FSH , LH , ACTH are
normal her husband is normal have 2 kids from previous
a- continous Thyrotropin hormone
b- pulstile throtropin h.
c- contious gondotrophin h.
d- pulstile gonodaotrophin h.

31- why we give androgen to HIV pt

a-Increase self steam
b-Resist effect of oestrogen I think ! the effect of the ttt drugs
C - Build muscles

32- How to decrease rate of plague

a- insecticides
b- kill rodents

33- hypertensive pt with BMI 28 , BP 130-140/80-90 need

advice to maintain BP control

a- weight reduction and training may improve the case

b- salt restriction
c- wt reduction alone
34- Diabetic pt need to take nutritinal advice to reduce wt.
a- start by 800 kcl / day
b- subtract 500 kcl / day for each pound u need to lose / week

35- That Q about colon polyps

a- Hemicolectomy
b- Total colectomy
c- Remove the polyp

36- Case of osteoarthritis

37- Case of RA
38 – Case of acute appendicitis
39- Case of bronchactisis ttt
40- Case of midcervical mass move with tongue protrusion
Thyroglossal cyst

41- Statestic Q about comulative incidence

42- Depression scale score used in primary healthcare

a- The Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale (EPDS)
b- Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression (HAM-D)
c- primary healthcare depression and mental health scale “
some thing like that and I think it s the rt answer coz the
other 2 are self rating tests “
43- Malaria type with gametocyte cells
a- Plasmodium falciparum
b- P vivax
c- P ovale
d- P malariae
e- P knowlesi

42- Child with nasal congestion and swelling mm

b- nasal decongestants
43- Case of adenoviral conjunctivitis with pre-auricular LNs

44- That Q about Ovarian cancer with CA 125s

45 – Female pt , athelets , with amenorrhea for long time , she s
in risk of :
The answer Osteoprosis

46- 50y male pt. has muscle stiffness esp at morning , improve a
little bit with movement and paracetamol , but it returns back
frequently without neurological S&S , MRI shows mild spinal
stenosis , what s ur action :
a- physiotherapy
b- epidural steroid injection
c- biofeedback

47- Case of Psudohypoparathyroidism with +Chvostek sign (ie,

twitching of facial muscles after tapping the facial nerve just in
front of the ear)
48- case of hypoparathyroidism in child with
Hypomagnesemia, hypokalemia, and alkalosis (eg,
hyperventilation), which worsen signs and symptoms of

49- Woman who want to do self breast examination by her self

when she could do it :

a- daily
b- annually
c- monthly

50 – A case of a man with repeated knee swelling , with needle

aspiration , it gives blood , what could be the defect :
a- platelets
b- clotting factors
d- Inflammatory factors

51 – A child woke up at night crying no stop , horrified , and he

didn’t remember what happened , what to do :

a-Give anticonvulstant
b-Give Diazepam
c-Reassure parents

52- Case of Agrophobia

53- Patient with diplopia , dropped eye lid , cant do adduction

when asked to , what s the diagnosis :

a- Occulomotor n. defect
b- Myasthenia Gravis
c- Horner s syndrome

54- Case of Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency

NB: That s all I can remember now , there were repeated q as u
see but were Q for the first time , that s y I cant recall it now,
mainly the sources are : Q um alkorra , Prometric 500Q and our
FB pages were very helpful , try to solve the maximum there
and make sure of confusing Q from um alkorra ,
Your Prayers for me much appreciated
Good Luck inshallah