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Rubric- Investigation and oral presentation

Investigation- A B C D E
Inquiry Skills Excellent High Achievement Satisfactory Limited Very Low
Achievement Achievement Achievement Achievement
Investigation Poses an appropriate With guidance, poses With guidance, poses With assistance, Does not meet the
question- question for an clarifying questions questions for poses a question requirements of a D
questioning and investigation where a for investigations investigations and which may or may grade.
predicting. variable is changed, and predicts what predicts what will not be investigable
and explains their will happen when a happen in an or relevant and
prediction based on variable is changed. investigation. makes a prediction.
prior knowledge.
Inclusion of Describes specifically Describes how Identifies variables to With guidance Does not meet the
variables- how variables are to variables are to be be changed, identifies some requirements of a D
Planning and be changed, changed, measured measured and variables. grade.
conducting measured and and controlled. controlled.
controlled and
evaluates whether it
is a fair test.
Processing and Develops well- Constructs tables Constructs tables Records limited data. Does not meet the
analysing data and constructed tables and graphs and and graphs and requirements of a D
information through and graphs and identifies and identifies patterns in grade.
completing a table explains patterns in describes patterns in the data. Compares
and graph. the data. Compares the data. Compares their prediction with
predictions with the their prediction with the data providing
data providing the data providing some explanation.
detailed conclusions some explanation
that relate to the and a conclusion.
variables which were
Rubric- Investigation and oral presentation

changed and

Evaluating Provides specific Provides specific Provides general Identifies difficulties Does not meet the
suggestions to suggestions to suggestions to experienced during requirements of a D
improve the fairness improve the fairness improve the fairness the investigation.
of the investigation of the investigation. of the investigation.
and explains how
this ensures a fair
Communicating Comprehensively Clearly Communicates ideas, With guidance, Does not meet the
communicates ideas, communicates ideas, explanations and communicates requirements of a D
explanations and explanations and processes using simple ideas and grade.
processes using processes using scientific findings.
scientific language scientific representations in a
and representations representations in a variety of ways.
in a variety of ways. variety of ways.
Rubric- Investigation and oral presentation

Oral Presentation Name: _______________

Excellent High Achievement Satisfactory Limited Achievement Very Low
Achievement Achievement Achievement
demonstrated a
connection between
the investigation and
animal adaptations.
Clearly describes the
steps required to
investigate a
particular research

Outlined the types of
variables and what
needed to be
Visual aid:
Clear and relevant
information used to
enhance the
Rubric- Investigation and oral presentation

Presentation skills:
Non-verbal skills:
*Eye contact
*Good posture
*Clear and fluent
*Appropriate pace
*Close to the 5
minute mark
*Equally divided
between group