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15 Years

Eraj Basnayake – Mathematics

Elina Belyablya – Institutional Research

Maria Brandt – English and Philosophy

Joy Braselton – Humanities and Social Sciences

David Brown – Facilities

Maryann Cianciotto – Visual and Performing Arts

William Drumright – Anthro-Hist-Poli Sci-Soc

Brian Edelbach – Chemistry and Geosciences

Shelly Fess – Nursing

Marcia Fugate – ESOL/Transitional Studies

Bertram Gamory – Engineering Science and Physics

Scott Geitner – Facilities

Matthew Hachee – English and Philosophy

Clayton Jones – President’s Office

Robert Kennedy – Law and Criminal Justice

Jennifer Kinslow – Advisement and Transfer Services

Todd Korol – Business Administration

Patricia Kress – Psychology

Donna Laplante – Printing Services

Andrew Latta – Communications and Network Services

Pamela Lazio – Career and Veteran Services

Lori Moses – Visual and Performing Arts

Njeru Murage – Anthro-Hist-Poli Sci-Soc

Carmella Musgrove – MCC Association

John Perrone – Homeland Security Management Inst.

Jacques Plumart – Registration and Records

Christine Plumeri – Anthro-Hist-Poli Sci-Soc

Demetrius Rhodes – Admissions

Luis Rivera – Facilities

Mary Rizzo – Academic Foundations

Margaret Scata – Mathematics

Carl Silvio – English and Philosophy

Hezekiah Simmons – Administrative Services

David Skehan – Shipping and Receiving

Brenda Smith – Educational Opportunities Program

Jason Smith – Visual and Performing Arts

Courtney Sprague – Facilities

Richard Stevens – Biology

Lydia Tien – Chemistry and Geosciences

Maryjo Toepfer – Health Professions

Sherry Tshibangu – Business Administration

Atif Wahba – Biology

Christopher Wendtland – Biology

Linda Ziegler – Student Services Office

20 Years

Valarie Avalone – Inst. Planning, Effectiveness and Accountability

David Blakely – Building Services

Marsha Bower – Dental Clinic

Karen Chin – Internal Audit

Robert Fathergill – Computing and Information Technology

Carol Heacox – Facilities

Rebecca Mack – Advisement and Transfer Services

Susan McCrossen – Advisement and Transfer Services

Patricia Montrois – Academic Services DC

Edwin Ortiz – Building Services

Timothy Parrinello – Athletics

Paulette Peterson – Health Professions

Holly Preische – Advisement and Transfer Services

Robert Reynolds – Computing and Information Technology

Krista Rodriguez – Dental Clinic

Paul Seeburger – Mathematics

Debbie A. Smith – Communications and Network Services

Jerome St. Croix – Financial Aid

Alice Wilson – Library

25 Years

Michael Nolan – ESOL/Transitional Studies

Jean Parker – Student Support Services

30 Years

Patrick Bates – Purchasing

Edie Horwath – Student Services Center DC

Susan Murphy – Business Administration

Dolores Pasto-Ziobro – Internal Audit

Celia Reaves – Psychology

Mitchell Redlo – Business Administration

Renee Rigone – Business Administration

Michael Ruff – Business Administration

Marjorie Scahill – Public Safety Training Center

Paul Sowinski – Bookstore DC

Sherry Sweet – Career and Veteran Services

Gary Thompson – Law and Criminal Justice

35 Years

Annette Leopard – Mathematics

Larry Mandelker – Visual and Performing Arts

Linda Ryan – Financial Aid

40 Years

Judith Bulin – Business Administration

Taine Vinci – Registration and Records

William Yanklowski – Engineering Technologies

50 Years

Joseph Marchese – Business Administration

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