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5 NATIONAL LAW UNIVERSITY ODISHA, CUTTACK C= Schedule for the Mid-Sem Examination (Odd-semester), September - 2019 10,30 A.M - 12.00 NOON pare smeam | senester, SEMESTER - I,IULV.Vi ses |Law of Tons sk (Contract Law - I 10.09.2019 | Bwa.tiw (Tuesday) | BALL |S [Administrative Law sean [Alternative Dispute Resolution stm.ix [Trial and Appellate Advocacy set |Legal Methods ‘ewan [Basic Principles of Accounting (B.A.,LLB) 11092019 | poate [Cost and Management Accounting (B.B.4.,LL.B) (Wednesday)| BALt.n [sev [Law of Evidence sem-vn__ [Transfer of Property Act sesiix |International Investment Law ses |Legal History [Macroeconomics (B.A.,LL.B) 12.09.2019 SMI [Business Economics (B.B.A..LL.B) _ _ (Thursday) sem [Corporate Laws -Il seni [Personal Law- I sewax [Human Rights Law Ser [Law and Language [Global Politics and Governance (B.A.,LL.B) Human Resource Management (B.B.A.,LL.B) sem [lurisprudence seman 13.09.2019 | nwa... (Friday) | Bacte [seve [Labour Law-1 (Seminar Paper - IIT la) Election laws SPN Ih) Law and Antficial Intelligence lc) Maritime Law sean [Seience of Polties (.A..U1-B) Introduction to Political Science (B.B.A..LL.B) seam [Sociology of Social Transformation (B.A.,LL.B) [Fundamentals of Marketing Management (B.B.A.,LL.B) 17.09.2019 | natin | stv |Code of Civil Procedure (Tuesday) | BALL ses JInsruance Law |Seminar Paper - IV a) Infrastructure Law lb) Access to Medicine and Patent Law lc) Women and Law [Architecture of Social Life (B.A.,LL-B) Principles and Practices of Management (B.B.A..LL.B) [Constitutional Law - II [Criminal Law - 11 18.09.2019 | BBALLB (Wednesday) | BA.LLB Indirect Taxation [Seminar Paper -V la) Chitd Rights Ib) Public Health Law |c)White Collar Crimes Published on 06.08.2019