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1. Malaysia has different kinds of 1.

Malaysia is a country rich in

foods(nasi lemak, laksa) cultures
2. Malaysia has great tourist 2. Malaysia offer wide variety of
attractions ( KLCC) delicious food
3. Malaysia has rich culture 3. Malaysian can communicate in
4. Malaysia has multi language multiple languages
5. Malaysia has many holidays 4. Malaysia have beautiful sceneries
to offer
Mary Ling Lee Hui 5. Many heritage building still can
be seen in Malaysia

Leslie Chai Yee Xuan

1. Education 1. Multi-culture
2. Culture 2. Automotive industry
3. Races 3. Many different foods
4. Tourist center 4. Use many language
5. Food - Rendang 5. Peace

Ivy Ling Jia Seau Zi Xiang

1. Multiculture in Malaysia
2. Home to some of the top universities in Malaysia
– Curtin
3. STPM is recognized internationally by many
4. Has a great geographical advantage
5. Various choices of food – roti tisu

Kuan See Ting

1. Different races different 1. Rich of culture and different races
culture 2. Various types of food
2. Many festivals 3. Great tourists attraction
3. Many public holidays 4. Master different languages
4. Located at the equator 5. Have many public holidays
5. Can master at least 3 languages
Doreen Lau Yik Wee
Kong Zhi Xin

1. Malaysia has a great 1. A multitude of rich cultures

geographical advantage 2. A lot of place to travel
2. Malaysia has rich culture and 3. Lot of foods
heritage 4. Free from natural disasters
3. Malaysia has amazing food 5. Could speak a sentence in several
4. Malaysia has great tourist languages
5. Malaysia has bountiful resources Dickson Chong Yung Haw

Kong Shang Yu

1. Malaysia was a multicultural country.

2. The politic in Malaysia is stable compared to other country. Malaysia was
neutral and do not interfere the issues of other countries.
3. There is no natural disaster in Malaysia.
4. The cost of living in Malaysia is much lower compared to other country.
5. The people in Malaysia is friendly and kind.
Good to communicate regardless of race.

Chin Kah Khing

1. Malaysia is a multiracial 1. Special food -roti canai, rendang
country, which had different dan nasi lemak
cultures, religions, and food. 2. Culture-Malay, Chinese India and
2. Malaysia had a lot of beautiful more
tourist attraction. 3. Education –UM ,UKM, UPM and more
3. Malaysia had a lot of delicious 4. Public holiday- Chinese new year,
local cuisine. Malaysia day and more
4. We can learn different languages 5. Different languages-Malay, English,
and dialect in Malaysia. Chinese, and more
5. Malaysia is free from natural
disaster. Yong Cai Ning

Yeo Wen Fang

1. Malaysia is a peaceful place 1. A multitude of rich cultures

2. Malaysia got various race of 2. Malaysia has amazing food
people with various of foods 3. Malaysia has a great geographical
3. Malaysian can speak more than 3 advantage
language. 4. Malaysia has great tourist
4. Malaysia has many beautiful view attractions
and tourism place 5. Malaysia has bountiful resources
5. I am Malaysian
Kueh Chaw Chun
Lee Zheng Kai

1. The temperature was nice, not too cold

and not too hot.
2. Can taste variety of food since we are
multiracial country.
3. Enjoy a lot of festival, theater and
4. We have some of the top university in the
5. Our country won a lot of medal from
commonwealth in term of sports.

Lewis Wong Pak Yii

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