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My name is Korey Rosales, | am the mother of the victim Winter Sky Barker who was 3 years old. (On April 10, 2018 around noon | was told to call family immediately and that there was an accident. | called all my family asking if everyone was okay. Everyone | could get ahold of was okay. The one | was not able to get ahold of and had no contact for was my son, Winter. So, | called my best friend Maryssa, who was close to that side of the family. As the phone rang, | remember telling myself, Please God let him be okay. With 2 heavy heart she answered with Oh My God Korey, | am so sorry. | felt my body get heavy next and the next words | heard before | blocked out the world was Winter died. |fellto my knees screaming "no no not my baby.” My heart shattered and broke into millions of pieces, the pain in my heart is indescribable. As days went on learning what really happened to my son killed me as I died with him. April 19, 2018 is when his body was revealed to me, I remember when they opened up the casket, seeing my baby’s body laying there, knowing that was my son but it did not look like him. | remember | was scared to touch him as was afraid, | would hurt him because | knew he was in pain even though | knew he was no longer in pain. | emember the first thing | touched was his hand and how it did not feel the same anymore. | remember crying over him in denial that this is not my baby, this can’t be my baby. Winter was a good baby, he was my baby. How could someone have done this to my baby? | loved him with all | had within me as well as my others. Winter was a special kid. | had plans for him to be a ball player when he got older. He loved playing with a basketball, But not that got taken from us all who loved and cared deeply for him. l only got three days with him before | am ever going to see him again. | ‘am never gonna see him grab, dribble, pass or shoot a ball again. it’s not fair | have to live with these burdens in my heart. | am never going to feel, smell, hear or have that warmth little kisses from his lips saying | love you to mommy. While his little arms reach around my neck and his little big head rests on my shoulder. ‘Tracy you promised the judge that you wanted Winter to live in a safe healthy life in a safe environment, but was he? I was told you could never love Winter as your own and that you really didn’t want him. So what | can’t understand is why take him from family that loved and cared about him the most. He was fine where he was, he was happy with family he knew. Winter would still be here today. {lam trying to accept the fact that | will never get those answers of why. But now | am looking at tombstones and gifts to lay on his grave. The only thing | have left is the good memories of my son, Winter. | don’t want to lose any memories of him, cause | can still see his face so clearly. {year and 5 months later lam standing here before the courts telling them about my son, who my son \was and stills to me. I hope these next 25 years are going to be the worst years of your life as itis for mine. | know they say you gotta forgive before you are forgiven but deep in my heart | could never forgive you. | can never find peace in my heart for what you have done to my son. | \IMevols Canned desriné What you hare Cone Fa our fanaity, Winter byightered So madany | Cooms thet had entered. Made us laugh aral | Smile every Olay, but we will Maer i Tike. in, We fill never See WS Rest School. Ke Will Muber gat be till us. thot Woo deined_o- Bates teom ar that Aes. Sping ¥o_erom - le Will never see Winker Por He bi liolays | G0 Pree trick ér trtating ever aged n, He WIN newey ged tl or. grew old bith his Apiings or Cousins, The. Time You ant. going be Beviiag Will never @amnancn® ring binnigaae lose oe py oe sie You tos \ Sarewond Whs wes So \oracisn’ aney Prem us DN | 7 ¥ He Was the dey, the Sunny Bnd lovins Cee And pre wii) peer bask Remember you took ava Be Ninktr who tes lanly 3 yoors Old the reser YBa anyone Mad ae yo. REE on nnivont cntid ound you Will not | be forgiven = 7 =