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PSG College of Technology

COURSE PLAN: 12E105 Basics of Civil Engineering

BE Electrical and Electronics (SW), First Semester 2013-14

Course Objective:

The course aims to provide a basic knowledge to electrical engineers about various building materials
such as stone, cement, concrete, steel and bricks, building components like foundation, walls, floors
and roofs system and principles of surveying.

Module Lecture Week Topics to be covered

I. Building 1 1 What is Engg? Who is an Engineer? Who is a Scientist?
Materials Why basic Civil engg for Electrical Engineer? Skeleton of the course
Classification of Stones, Qualities of good building stones
Quarrying, Dressing of stone
2 1 Uses of stones, Some important stones in India, What is cement?
Constituents of cement, Setting of cement, Manufacturing of cement-
Dry Process
3 2 Manufacturing of cement-Wet Process, Burning, Grinding
4 2 Properties of Cement, Types of Cement
5 3 What is Concrete? Advantages of Concrete, Water Cement Ratio,
Workability, Slump Test
6 3 Concrete Mix and its Types, Manufacturing of Concrete, Types of
7 4 Steel-types and application
8 4 Brick-Classification and Types
II. Building 1 5 Classification of building

2 5 Building Components
3 6 Building by-laws
4 6 Site Selection
7 CA-I
5 8 Foundation-Types of foundation
6 8 Loads on Foundation
7 9 Walls
8 9 Roofs
9 10 Floors
III. 1 10 Surveying-Introduction, Surveying Principles
2 11 Divisions of Surveying
3 11 Chain Surveying-Principles, Instruments
4 &5 12 Chain Surveying-Numerical Problems
13 CA-II
6 14 Compass Surveying-Prismatic and Surveyor Compass, Bearing, Local
Attraction, Traversing
7&8 14, 15 Compass Surveying-Numerical Problems
9&10 15,16 Levelling-Introduction, Instruments used, Principle, Types of
11&12 17 Levelling-Numerical Problems

Text Books:

1.Jayagopal L S and Rudramoorthy R, “Elements of Civil and Mechanical Engineering”, Vikas

Publishing House, New Delhi, 2008.

Reference Books:

1. Shanmugam G and Palanichamy M S, “Basic Civil and Mechanical Engineering”, Tata Mc-Graw
Hill, 2010

2. Punmia B C, Jain A K and Jain A K, “Basic Civil Engineering”, Laxmi Publications Pvt Limited,
New Delhi, 2006

3. Palanichamy M S, “Basic Civil Engineering”, Tata Mc-Graw Hill, New Delhi, 2011

Scheme of Evaluation:

Item Marks
Continuous Assessment (CA-I, CA-II, CA-III): 25
Average of best of Two shall be considered
Attendance 5
Assignment Presentation I & II 5+5
Tutorials (Minimum 4) 10
Final Exam 50
Total 100

Mr. Prabakaran K

Asst Professor, Dept of Civil Engg

Faculty In-charge