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Insight Vision - User Guide

Release R15.000
June 2015

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Table of Contents
Introduction 3
Purpose of this Guide 3
Intended Audience 3
Product Overview 4
Getting Started 5
Left Navigation Menu 5
Report Selection 6
Date Selection 6
View Reports 7
Dashboard 9
Parameter Selection 9
View Excel Report 11
Visualisation Reports 13
Editing Data Viz Reports 14

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Purpose of this Guide

The User’s Guide provides information that you need to use Insight Vision. It explains the user interface, features and options and contains the
procedures and examples that you need to use the software.

Intended Audience
This document is for all business level users, from those who need to retrieve and view data in a report format, to those who need to view and
analyse reports as well as data.

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Product Overview

Insight Vision application connects business users to data and gives them a complete set of tools to support business decisions including
reporting and analysis all in one application. This document will provide all the information related to Insight Vision. In the subsequent sec-
tions, each function performed by Insight Vision will be explained to give the reader a comprehensive understanding of the system and how to
use the reporting tool to provide reports.

The Insight Vision application is an all-in-one query, data analysis, and reporting tool. The interface is highly intuitive and provides an easy-to-
navigate environment for data exploration and decision making. Insight Vision in fully compatible with Windows SharePoint 2013 and with a
consistent design paradigm for query, pivot, charting, and reporting users at any level move fluidly through dashboards—finding answers fast.

The Insight Vision’s workspace is a bi-pane window that provides the tools and the access you need to perform database operations. Toolbars,
buttons, Data Layouts, and palettes provide quick access to most functions.

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Getting Started

Left Navigation Menu

The Left Navigation menu enables users to select different types of reports such as Standard Reports, Dashboards, Excel Reports & Vis-
ualization Reports based on user’s selection. Users can also access Insight application using the Application dropdown.

All business areas and categories are loaded on left navigation pane under Select Report menu while the reports are displayed in webpage
part based on the selection of the category. Certain menus change based on the active section. Every section has a unique menu whose label
matches the name of the section. Interactive Reporting Studio also provides extensive shortcut menus.

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The Launch Reports in New Window option is a pre-selected field and if unchecked, the reports are loaded in the same window. When a
report is displayed in a new window, a custom report title is displayed instead of the report template title.

Using the Toggle button, the left navigation menu can be toggled as shown in the following images.

Report Selection
It displays the list of available standard reports based on the selected business area. Once the user selects a report, it enables the user to pro-
ceed with date selection. When the user selects a report, dashboard or excel reports the details of the user, the report name, run date (for
report) and execution timestamp are updated in the corresponding table.

Date Selection
When user selects a report, a calendar appears at the right-hand side of the screen. The dates for which the reports are available are highlighted
in the calendar. If the data is available for only one date, the date picker is disabled because single date is considered as a default date.

Additionally, Date picker is enabled only when the data is available for more than one date.

To view reports,

l Click on the highlighted date on the calendar.

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View Reports
l On clicking the highlighted date, a blank Report Viewer window is displayed.

l In the Filter field, user can select the preferred option from the drop down menu. In this example, the user selects both the CAD and
EUR options.
l Click on the View Report button at the top right corner of the window.

l A report is loaded in the same window.

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General Options
Every Reports window has several general functions such as Zoom, Search, Export (multiple formats) options, Refresh button, Print and the
Data Feed Export button.

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Insight Vision enables user to use dashboards to monitor key performance indicators that convey how well an organization is performing. Dash-
boards are created, maintained, and viewed through an easy-to-use Web-based interface. All content is displayed in a role-based, filterable and
extensible environment.

Parameter Selection
To parameterise a dashboard,

l Select a dashboard from the left navigation menu.

l Click on the Filters option at the top left corner of the right pane.

l Select or modify the options provided in the Filters section.

l Click on the Run Dashboard button to view the dashboard.

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View Excel Report

These reports are Excel Templates hosted in SharePoint Server and made available to users through Insight Vision. These reports are available
under the Title Analysis (Financial, Customer, and Operational)

For example, showing Assets and GL Amount may not immediately make business sense, unless the user filters it to find answers to specific

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When the user chooses the preferred ‘Customer Industry’ by selecting the items from ‘CustomerIndustry’ filter, the data is turned into useful

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Visualisation Reports

The Visualisation reports in Insight Vision use the Power View feature of Excel hosted in a SharePoint environment. These reports are found
under the dashboards (Financial, Customer, Operational) named as Data Viz reports.

These reports can be used for analysis in rich graphical format. For instance, the Balance Data Visualisation Report provides a cutting-edge vis-
ualization showing high-level summaries of important data. They present information in clearly defined spaces using a rotatable report’s home-
page, shape, size and colour to provide context and meaning to the user, who can identify trends and get insight at a single glance.

This kind of data visualization offers a great persuasive power. To show two figures on a data-table and to display these same figures side by
side on a chart or graph is quite different in terms of impact.

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Editing Data Viz Reports
By default, most of the reports include a search bar, actions menus and filter options. Users can use these controls to alter the report data by
applying filters and sorting. This section describes how developers can customize an interactive report by editing report attributes.

The following example shows how a viz report is edited and saved.

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Use these steps to edit the Data Viz report:

l Once the Report is loaded, click on the Edit option at the top-left corner of the window.

l Edit the report as needed. To effectively edit a report, use the filtering options in the right navigation page.

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l To save the report, go to File menu and click on Save or Save as option to save the report.

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Note: Refer to the Microsoft documentation for more details about Power View in SharePoint and to Insight Vision Deployment Guide to
Install and configure Insight Vision Reports

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