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July 15th 2019

Get to know you!

– present tense review

– verb TO BE
– nationalities
– hobbies

1. My sister GOES (go) to school every day.

2. I DON'T LIKE (not like) to eat pizza.
3. We LEARN (learn) English.
4. My mom and dad WORK (work) together.
5. The dog RUNS (run) outside.

Verb TO BE

Verb TO BE has three forms: AM, IS and ARE.

I am a student. We are at home.

You are a boy. You are the best students.
He is at school. They are very beautiful.
She is smart.
It is very nice to meet you.

– Negative forms and questions

I am not a student. = I'm not a student.

You are not a boy. = You're not a boy. = You aren't a boy.
He is not at school. = He's not at school. = He isn't at school.
She is not smart. = She's not smart. = She isn't smart.
It is not nice. = It's not nice. = It isn't nice.
We are not at home. = We're not at home. = We aren't at home.
You are not the best. = You're not the best. = You aren't the best.
They are not beautiful. = They're not beautiful. = They aren't ...
Am I a student? Are you a boy? Is he at school? Is she smart?
Is it nice to meet you? Are we at home?
Are you the best students? Are they very beautiful?

Hello! My name is Juan. I come from Spain. I am Spanish. I speak

Spanish, French and English. I like swimming in the sea and playing
football. My favorite animal is a lion. I work in an IT company and I love
my job. I have a younger sister. My hobbies are swimming and painting. I
like painting landscapes.

Hello! My name is Yin. I come from China. I am Chinese. I speak Chinese,

English and German very well. I like reading books in the park and riding
a bike. My favorite animal is an owl. I study languages at the university. I
don't have any brothers or sisters. My hobbies are reading and listening to

Hello! My name is Simon. I come from South Africa. I am South African.

I speak English and French. I am 26 years old. I have an older brother. We
work together in a school. He teaches math and I teach history. My hobbies
are fishing and sailing. I love being at sea. My favorite animal is a dolphin.
1. Where do you come from?
2. What lanugages do you speak?
3. Do you have a brother or sister?
4. What are your hobbies?
5. What is your favorite animal?

He has a brother. HIS brother is a teacher.

She has a cat. HER cat is white.
I have many books. MY books are at home.

My sister is smart. Our coutry is beautiful.
Your dog is nice. Your homework is easy.
His mother is old. Their parents are good.
Her father is an engineer.
Its tail is long.


China – Chinese South Korea – South Korean

Serbia – Serbian Germany – German
England – English France – French
America – American Spain – Spanish
Australia – Australian Greece – Greek
Italy – Italian Turkey – Turkish
Japan – Japanese Sweden – Swedish
Switzerland – Swiss The Netherlands – Dutch
Poland – Polish (Poles) Brazil – Brazilian
Ireland – Irish Norway – Norwegian
Finland – Finnish (Fins) Egypt – Egyptian

Is it important to have a hobby?

Hobbies are good for our bodies, they relax our bodies and our brains.

Reading, swimming, playing sports (football, basketball, ping pong...),

listening to music, hiking, fishing, sailing, watching movies/TV shows,
walking in the park/forest...


1. He has a sister. _____ sister is young. (your, my, his)

2. She has a dog. ______ dog is nice. HER
3. They have a class. ______ class is cool. THEIR
4. We have lunch. _____ lunch is at 2pm. OUR
5. It has a toy. _____ toy is fun. ITS
6. You have a brother. _____ brother is 24 years old. YOUR

1. I ______ (to be) Chinese. I _____ (to be) at school. AM

2. She _______ (to be) a girl. IS
3. ____ he at school? IS
4. ______ they at home? ARE
5. It ____ (not to be) raining. ISN'T

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