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Performance notes: Pass plays the chords in “Satin Doll’ with both straight plectrum and hybrid picking style. Strumming is confined to block-chord passages and block chords mixed with single notes. Hybrid picking is found in ad id fils and the partial chords of measures 3-4, Adept at all forms of articulation, Pass primarily used the plectrum for the sinale-noie lines in "Satin Doll” Sound: Pass's sound is a definitive jazz guitar tone. It was most often produced by an early-1960s Gibson ES-175 with two hnumbuck- ing pickups. At this point, Pass strung it with medium-gauge D'Aquisto flatwound strings, and plugged into a Polytone 102 combo amp with two eight-inch speakers and one 12-inch speaker Dino Moderately Fast Swing d = 134 Dm Fg? GIS GI349.———Cngi7_Fmgj7_Ebmaj7 Dbmaj7 Cmaj7? FA Fr Em ATE encore ety te ge FEE Dm? G3 Al3ust Em? AIS AOS : f 5 ; : — +t i= t + ———s + = by vil by bmg BY Db ID CS E749 gd a F Hi t_ ao PS Lite fy : 4 ; é Aa ; zi — 2 + + + + + == St