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City of Stayton 362 N. Third Avenue Stayton, OR 97383 hone: (603) 709-3425» Fax (508) 769-1456 ‘September, 2019 Bill Poehler Statesman Journal 340 Vista Avenue SE Salem, OR 97302 RE: Public Records Request Dated August 20,2019 Dear Mr. Poehler, {As indicated in my email to you on August 21% lam in receipt of your public records request and have ‘completed our review ofthe record in the City's possession. The Cty responds to your pubic records request as follows (your request was separated out into its component parts for ease of reference). 1) Request: The past three ob performance reviews of ich Sebens. ‘Response: Responsive documents will be made available. 2), Request: Disciplinary actions taken against Rich Sebens during his 20 years of employment. ‘Response: The Cty is in possession of four documents related to this request. ‘© One document from January 2014 is exempt from production under ORS 1814.830(3). ‘© Two documents from February 2019 are exempt from production under ORS 192:345(2). ‘+ ATourth document from August 2019 Is exempt from production under ORS 1814 83083) 3), Request: His resignation letter. [Response: The Citys notin possesion ofa resignation eter, but wll provide an emalthats Ukely responsive to this request. 4) Request: Communications emal, paper and text) about Rich Sebens' work performance between Rich Sebens, Keith Campbell and/or Alissa Angelo since June 1, 2019, ‘Response: Aftera dligent review, the Cy is unable to find any responsive emai or text records. The document from August 2019 referenced above under request No. 2s responsive to this request, but is exempt from production under ORS 181A.830(3) guy ensaa3 30s Yeosaoe "ose gus render "ots enaavo. rats fenasra 5) Request: Police department goals and goals forthe Police Chief such as benchmarks for crime rates and fiow many cases are closed by the Police Department. Response: In addition to documents provided under request No.1 above, responsive records ace included in the Giy’s adopted budget, specifically the City’s budget message and the Police Department narrative. The following ia link tothe most recent adopted budget where responsive records can be found: hito://w.stavtonorecon gov/oage/fnance budgets Your request form indicated you would ike to review the documents and receive via email. 've attached the documents that we are able to provide. While the ty can charge for requests Such as this, there Is no charge at this time. Ifyou have further questions, please dont hesitate to et me know by emaling me at angelo®@clstaion oF. oF via phone at (508) 769-3425. Sincerely, VAbigerroele ‘Adminstratve Services Manager