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Academic Support | Academic Coaching

Training Overview
Day 1: 8:30 – 11:45 (LUNCH) 12:45 – 4:15
1. Introductions and Welcome
2. Academic Coaching at Auburn University
a. Mission
b. Values
c. History of office and AC program
d. Programs
e. Locations
f. Org Chart
g. Data and campus partnerships
h. Coaching services
a. Including quiz
b. Tech release form
4. RBD Library Emergency Plan
5. Campus Resources, Referrals, and Learning Strategies
a. Campus Resources and Referrals
b. Prep to Study (organization, class analysis, time management)
c. Learning Styles
6. Advise Assist Demo
a. Navigating (DUO)
b. Creating and Cancelling appointments
c. Best practices

LUNCH – Jasmine Prince, Office of Inclusion and Diversity [60 min]

7. Managing Coaching Appointments

a. Coaching appointment process
b. Ending appointments and completing coaching
8. Record Keeping and Reporting
a. Creating, canceling, managing appointments
b. Writing Reports


9. Being an Academic Coach

a. Role of the Coach
b. Ethics
c. Do’s and Don’ts
10. Takeaways and closure
a. Mock activity
Academic Support | Academic Coaching
Training Overview
Day 2: 8:00 – 11:30 (LUNCH) 12:30 – 3:45
1. Recap of concepts and processes
2. Coaching Theoretical Frameworks
a. Appreciative Advising
b. Bloom’s Mastery Learning and Taxonomy
c. Counseling Influences: Solution Focused and Motivational Interviewing
d. Active Learning
e. Memory Curve


3. Brain-based Learning

LUNCH – Jaime Miller, Director Academic Support [60 minutes]

4. Foundational Skills and using the Appreciative Advising Framework

a. Disarm
i. Building Rapport with Students
b. Discover
i. Active Listening and Empowering Questions
c. Dream
d. Design
i. Goal Building
ii. Solution-Focused
e. Deliver
i. Homework and checking-in
ii. Improve Reading Comprehension
f. Don’t Settle
i. Connecting all the elements


5. Put skills to work

a. Respond, React, Reply
6. Managing crisis situations
a. Students in crisis
7. Coaching Different Student Populations
a. How to be most helpful
8. Closing