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Finite Element Analysis of Structural Problems in Engineering

(Linear-Static Stress Analysis) using ANSYS/NASTRAN


Chapter Topic Page

I Introduction 1-1 to 1-

II Analysis of Truss Problems 2-1 to 2-

Trusses under general loading conditions

III Analysis of Beam Problems 3-1 to 3-

(a) Beam under end load

(b) Beam under end moment

(c) Beam under distributed pressure

(d) Beam under thermal loading

(e) Beam under off-centered load

IV Analysis of Frame Problems 4-1 to 4-

Frames under general loading and boundary


V Two-Dimensional Problems 5-1 to 5-

(a) Plane Stress Problems

(b) Plane Strain Problems

(c) Plane of Symmetry

(d) Plate under In-plane Loading

(e) Thick Cylinder under Internal Pressure

VI Axisymmetric Problems 6-1 to 6-

(a) Circular Plate under Transverse Load

(b) Rotating Disk Problem

(c) Solid Disc Under Thermal Load

(d) Plate under Body Force

(e) Hemispherical Shell Under Edge


VII Shell Structures 7-1 to 7-

Shell structures under general loading and

boundary conditions

VIII Analysis of Three-dimensional Problems 8-1 to 8-

(a) Plate with Concentrated Load

(b) Annulus Under Diametrical Compression

(c) Thick Cylindrical Under Internal Pressure

IX Structures made of Composite Materials 9-1 to 9-

(a) Orthotropic Plate under Pressure Loading

X 10-1 to
Problems Involving Gap-Elements

XI 11-1 to
Buckling Analysis (Instability Analysis)

XII 12-1 to
Use of Macros in ANSYS/NISA Analysis

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