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1st National Convention of Counterterrorism Prosecutors

The National Convention was conducted in Grand Hyatt Manila, BGC, Taguig City
by the US Department of Justice-Office of Overseas Prosecutorial Development,
Assistance and Training (OPDAT) in partnership with the Philippine Department of
Justice. The objective is to help increase cooperation and promote best practices in
investigating and prosecuting terrorism cases.

Participants and Resource Persons

A total of seventy (70) NPS prosecutors from across the country, including forty-
four (44) prosecutors from Mindanao attended the National Convention.
Among the resource persons were Sulu Provincial Prosecutor Annie Marie
Pierreangeli Ledesma; Muntinlupa District Representative Rozzano Ruffino B. Biazon;
David A. Bragdon, Resident Legal Advisor, US DOJ-OPDAT; Senior Deputy State
Prosecutor Richard Anthony Fadullon; Ovie Carroll, Director, Computer Crime and
Intellectual Property Section, US DOJ; Senior State Prosecutor Peter L. Ong; Aaron
Steps, Legal Attaché, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Manila; and the Office of
Senator Panfilo Lacson.

Workshop Highlights
Undersecretary Adrian Ferdinand S. Sugay gave his opening remarks in behalf of
Philippine Department of Justice. US Ambassador to the Philippines Sung Kim graced the
workshop for a short message emphasizing that since terror acts are increasing, it is
critical that countries embrace new investigative tools including addressing social issues.
He further stressed the significance of the workshop.
A pre-test was conducted at the start of the workshop. Only 11.67% of
participants “passed” the pre-test. At the end of the second day, a post-test was
conducted. About 90.32% of participants “passed”. The tests were conducted not so
much as to measure the participants’ knowledge, but more to measure the effectiveness
of the workshop.
Sulu Provincial Prosecutor Ledesma presented on terrorists’ attacks in the
Philippines while Congressman Biazon discussed proposed amendments to the Philippine
Counterterrorism Law on the lower house perspective. David A. Bragdon talked on
counterterrorism investigative techniques and focused on consensual recording.
SDSP Richard Anthony D. Fadullon discussed on improving capabilities in
prosecuting terrorism cases and its successful prosecution while Ovie Carroll
demonstrated the significance of online operations and investigations as well as social
media exploitation in identifying terrorists and determining their activities. SSP Peter L.
Ong, on the other hand, presented human rights and criminal justice responses to
terrorism, international cooperation, proscription and terrorism financing.
Breakout activities were conducted by category. David A. Bragdon, Ovie Carroll,
Aaron Steps and Tim Hammer shared their expertise to the prosecutors. The breakout
activities were followed by a discussion from the Office of Senator Panfilo Lacson on the
proposed senate bills relating to the Philippine Counterterrorism Law.
Exchanges between participants and resource persons were afforded during and
after every session.

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Terrorism is a worldwide issue that affects every race and every nation. Only
through cooperation and cumulative effort among countries all over the world can this
warfare on terrorism end. The workshop attained its objectives.

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