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Welcome to Mr.

Reidenbaker’s 8


Social Studies Class Course Expectations and Requirements 20!"#

Welcome to 8


grade Humanities. This year will give you exposure to thefounding of our country, the challenges
the founding people had to overcometo be successful, the many important historical documents
that helped shapeour government, and how this all relates to our world today and your lives.
Ilook forward to lively discussion on our topics and getting everyoneinterested in learning more
about merica and becoming an activeparticipant in society and government. It is important to
believe that oneperson can make a difference, and even at you age you have power to
makechanges and influence people.This year I will be focusing on the upcoming !residential
election in "#$%.We will take a look at the !rimary elections in &ovember, the candidates
andtheir positions'platform, and the process of running a campaign. I will alsohave guest
speakers come in and discuss what politics are all about. Itshould be an exciting and different
history experience. nd don(t worry, wewill still have all those fun tests and pro)ects that you
love so much*** I look forward to a year of hard work, fun and a group of enthusiasticstudents
involved and engaged in learning about +.. History.


arrive to class prepared and on time

to put effort into the activities each day

to think with an opened mind


a piral notebook "/ sections or a / ring binder with / sections- HW,&otes and vocab, and

2older with pockets 3 If you are not using a / ring binder4

pen and pencil with an eraser


- We will work off of a point system. 5alues are listed below-

6lasswork and homework- 7 points each

ui11es- $7"7 points each

Tests- 7#$## points each 3" per marking period4

!ro)ects- 9# $## points each 3one or more per unit4

&otebook- "7 points per grading period

Welcome to Mr. Reidenbaker’s 8


Social Studies Class Course Expectations and Requirements 20!"#


- :;+ <+T += :;+> H;<=W;>? !@&&=> =5=>: A:* :ouwill have homework "/ nights per week.
When you do not have assignedhomework, you are expected to organi1e your notebook, study
new terms, orgo over classwork. I encourage my students to watch, read, or listen to thenews on
a regular basis. Homework will be listed on the House eboard andany study guides, worksheets,
or notes that will be listed when appropriate.If you are absent, call a friend. :ou are responsible
for assignments =5=&WH=& :;+ >= B=&T* If you miss an assignment it is expected that it

will be

completed the next day and three points will be given. :ou are neverexcused from missing a
homework assignment.

Access to Grades

- :ou will have access to your grades


. This will be asecure site and only you, your parents, and I will be able to see your grades.<ore
information will be provided at Back to chool &ight. It is a systemcalled !rogress Book provided
by 6herry Hill chools and your password andlogin can be accessed through the guidance

Extra Credit

- I A; &;T offer extra credit on a regular basis. However, Ido offer the opportunity to correct
pro)ects and 0ui11es or reassess ontest when necessary. I also accept homework one day late
for partial credit.


- ;ur study this year will focus around !rimary documents andHistorical documents in merican
History. We will cover the coloni1ation,>evolutionary War, Industriali1ation, Immigration,
lavery, War of $8$",>eform <ovements, and other areas within that time period. In addition,
wewill connect to present day events including the election, campaigning, andpolitical parties.
We will be using the textbook Cmerica(s- !ast and!romiseD and supplemental materials from
the CHistory liveD program. llof the work that we do in social studies will be directly
connected to the&ew Eersey tate tandards, and common core standards which can befound
on the 6arusi website.


- ssessments will incorporate thinking and reasoning, using bothob)ective and sub)ective
0uestioning. !ro)ects will incorporate technologyand information literacy and allow you to be

- ll students will be offered a chance for reassessment inorder to meet the standards. tudents
who have earned below a %FG andare interested in reassessment must provide me with proof
that all

Welcome to Mr. Reidenbaker’s 8


Social Studies Class Course Expectations and Requirements 20!"#

assignments for the unit have been completed and corrected &A attendone study session with
me. The original score will be averaged with thereassessment score.!lease sign and return the
bottom portion by eptember 8,
tudent name 3printed4  tudent name 3signed4
 !arent name 3printed4  !arent name
3signed4  Aate 

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