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The Lord's Day Announcements/Matangazo

SUNDAY, 15TH SEPTEMBER 2019 1. Those worshipping with us for the first time are requested to Youth Corner
FOCUS: BIBLICAL PERSPECTIVE ON THE RESURRECTION spare a few minutes and meet in the “Visitor’s room” next to
OF THE DEAD; 1 CORINTHIANS 15:1-28 Church office after the service to kindly sign our visitors book.
Youth Se
Serr vice - 9.00 - 10.45 a.m.
Service Leader : Priscilla Mugo 2. All are welcome to Weekly Prayer sessions on Mondays from THE PRIVILEGE OF BEING MADE MAN
Deacon Incharge : Francis Kamau 5.30 pm onwards. Please also note that the prayer room at the top
Intercessory Prayer : Francis Kamau Excerpts from Heb. 2: “For it was not to angels that God
Scripture Reading : Mark Leon most floor of the KBA School multipurpose block is open for subjected the world to come, of which we are speaking.
Main Ushers : Ruth Wanjiku / Stephen Waithanji
Preacher : Pst. Silas Otieno
prayers at any time of the day. What is man that you are mindful of him, or the son of
English Service - 9.00 - 10.45 a.m. 3. Baptism Class Registration-The Pastoral office is registering man, that you care for him? ... Since therefore the
Service Leader : James Kimani
Deacon Incharge : Dr. Hillary Mulama born again Christians who have not gone through believer’s children share in flesh and blood, he himself likewise
Intercessory Prayer : Dr. Hillary Mulama baptism. Please register at the main Church entrance immediately
Scripture Reading : Joseph Gikonyo partook of the same things, that through death he might
Main Ushers : Lucy Kihanya / Esther Gikonyo after service. More details on when classes begin will be destroy the one who has the power of death...”
Preacher : Pst. Joel Injairu communicated later.
Kiswahili Service - 11.00 - 12.45 p.m. With the above passage and looking to other Scriptures
Kiongozi : Margery Njiru 4. Ushers’ Monthly Fellowship is today Sunday 15th September spread throughout the Bible, I see the privilege that is
Shemasi Msimamizi : Clement Miano
Maombi : Clement Miano 2019 at Pastor Injairu’s house from 2pm to 4pm. Purpose to bestowed upon being made a human being; the status to
Kusoma Neno : Anne Njenga attend. which he was raised to. Man was truly to be the object of
W ahudumu wak uu : Josephine Wambua / Janet Ntongai
Mhubiri : D rr.. Moses Mwangi 5. There will be a Sunday School Teachers’ Training on
God’s love and affection; through him (Adam and his
(Teens) CBN Ser vice - 11.00 - 12.45 p.m
(Teens) Saturday 21st September 2019 at 9:00am to 11:00am. All
Service Leader : Imelda Jane offspring), God would be able to demonstrate who He is (I
Deacon Incharge : Phaustine Khaoya Sunday school teachers and anyone else interested in serving in
Intercessory Prayer : Phaustine Khaoya
believe both figuratively and literally).
children’s ministry are requested to attend and to keep the time.
Scripture Reading : Michael Ngaruiya While the main point of the passage above is how Jesus,
Main Usher : Nelly Mbithe 6. Men are requested to note as follows:
Preacher : Denis Ngahu the Founder of salvation partook of the same flesh and
• Pre-registration of the men’s annual retreat in October (19th -
SUNDAY, 22ND SEPTEMBER 2019 blood that He may become the perfect sacrifice once and
21st) has commenced. Pick registration form at the Church office
FOCUS: VICTORY OVER DEATH THROUGH JESUS CHRIST for all, another underlying statement is the issue of
or liaise with any of the Men’s Department Leader.
1 ST CORINTHIANS 15:29-58 subjection. Genesis 1 puts out God’s detailed plan for
Youth Se
Serr vice - 9.00 - 10.45 a.m. • Church beautification project is on. The Men’s leadership
Service Leader : Ken Isaac creation; a perfect model that can never be replicated.
Deacon Incharge : Peter Mbugua
thanks the 33 men who have already returned the pledge forms.
And all this for the sake of the pinnacle of His creation;
Intercessory Prayer : Peter Mbugua Kindly return the completed yours via the offertory basket Today. If
Scripture Reading : Samuel Njoroge you and I. His Omnipotence is displayed magnanimously
Main Ushers : Samwel Njoroge / Ann Makeba you didn’t pick a form, kindly request one from ushers. Payments
Preacher : Pst. Silas Otieno towards the pledge can be made using all available church
while also we see His view of man. That is why we see the
English Service - 9.00 - 10.45 a.m.
modes and indicate your details. Once again, many thanks for
jealousy of God for man while also the desire of God that
Service Leader : L ydia Obaga
Deacon Incharge : Charity Maina participating in this project. God bless. all men be saved. (1st Tim 2).
Intercessory Prayer : Charity Maina It is even a greater privilege for you who read this article
Scripture Reading : Kennedy Muiruri 7. Ladies:
Main Ushers : Carol Mulama / Emily Moraa • The Leadership thanks all ladies who attended the Health Talk who is man (I assume) and also have been gracefully
Preacher : Pst. Joel Injairu
Kiswahili Service - 11.00 - 12.45 p.m. last Sunday and encourages them to continue in the same spirit of bestowed upon the knowledge of truth! Blessed are you!
Kiongozi : Ibrahim Karonji
Shemasi Msimamizi : Phaustine Khaoya unity.
Maombi : Phaustine Khaoya • Judah Zone Ladies Fellowship will be next Sunday, 22nd
Kusoma Neno : John Mbugua
W ahudumu wak uu : Beth Juma / Trizah Munyari
wakuu September 2019 at Marurui Baptist Church from 2pm. Dress
Mhubiri : Pst. Joel Injairu code is black and red.
(Teens) CBN Ser vice - 11.00 - 12.45 p.m
Service Leader : Juliet W angari
Wangari • The ladies have 3 weeks to practice for Annual Music
Deacon Incharge : Clement Miano
Intercessory Prayer : Clement Miano
Festivals and the practice is ongoing today and every Sunday
Scripture Reading : Joy Kirigo immediately after English Service. All ladies are requested to join
Main Usher : Josh
Preacher : Pst. Silas Otieno either the skit or the folk song team, to learn and have a good time MONDAY FELLOWSHIP
Joel Injairu Stanley Migwi Deacons: Host: Leader: Speaker:
Pastoral Care & Leadership Children Minister Hillary Mulama
Francis Kamau A. Mwangi P. Mbugua C. Miano J. Muhu J. Donge C. Maina E. Muchai P. Khaoya
Dept Minister - 0721 - 417799 0712422642 Church Council Chairman
0722-381073 0722-211804 0721-265431 0738-574272 0722-398065 0722-814475 0795-602502 0720-367225
Email:lubamoj@gmail.com Email:stanomwangi@gmail.com 0722-814477 0721-547789
…connecting with fellow Christ Followers in a Small Fellowship
To Become Rivers Of Living Waters
Group Deacon in
Meets on Activity/
Preacher Flowing To The Nations (John 7:38).
Kiwanja/ Lilian Wambugu Lilian Wednesdays @ Bible Study Kahawa West Estate • Off Kamiti Road • P.O. Box 65102 - 00618 • Ruaraka, Nairobi
Membley/ (0723106108) Wambugu - 6:00- 7: 30 pm Tel: 0729 - 79 17 37 • Website:www.kwbc.co.ke • E-mail:info@kwbc.co.ke
OJ Kiwanja
Maziwa/ F. Kamau Lucy Mwaura Maziwa Fridays YEAR 2019 THEME - “BECOMING A CHRIST CENTERED CHURCH "
Jacaranda (0722467207) Campus
NOTES Message of the Week
Sun 15 th September 2019
Kongo/ J. Muhu Eric Ndirangu Wednesdays
Kiamumbi/ J. Donge
Kigochi J KBA- Sundays
KiuKenda (0722589349) Maziwa As we’ve been looking at the letter to the Corinthians, we’ve seen that it
Jane G. Campus
(0722668914) was a corrective response to the many anomalies that bedeviled this young
church. Throughout the study, several problems have been addressed and
Kamiti A. Mwangi Naman Mugambi St. Wednesdays : @
(0720201568) Christopher 5:45- 6:45 many eternal principles that govern life in a Christian community have
Church been laid out. In this second last chapter, just before his final remarks, the
Juakali East C. Maina Stella Wairimu Wednesdays: @
apostle Paul rises to a crescendo by pointing to the most important lesson
(0723707970) 7:00 -8:30 pm of our faith: The Gospel.
Juakali West H. Mulama Mrs. Kisala Wednesdays: @
(0722625509) 7:00 -8:30 pm
Trevin Wax in his book, Gospel centered teaching, points to the centrality
Kamae E. Muchai Veronicah Njoki Thursdays: @ of the gospel message in the Christian life. He rightly argues, as all
(0723329743) 5:00 - 6:00 pm scripture attests, that Jesus is the one who changes lives. He urges that,
Lower P. Khaoya Lucy Ayoyi Tuesdays: @
Estate/ PNU (0725415470) 7:00 – 8:30 pm “The goal of all our teaching (should) continually reintroduce people to
Cornerstone P. Mbugua Jane Thirikwa Tuesdays: @ Him.”
/ Quarry (0722850395) 7:00 – 8:30
Ruai/ H. Mulama Lucy Misigo Sundays: @ It seems that this chapter was Paul’s response to falsehood that was seeping
Embakassi (0722849213) 3pm in the church. Verse 12 hints to us that some of these believers were
SALT Fredrick Fridays@ 7 p.m
(Young Macharia contradicting the fundamental pillars of the Christian faith. They stated that
Adults) (0720066137) ‘there is no resurrection of the dead’. This was in essence a direct
contradiction to the resurrection of Christ. Without Christ’s resurrection,
we are to be pitied among all men, we are hopeless and our gospel is in
Praise be to God, for this is contrary to the truth. Jesus Christ is risen from
the dead. The message of the resurrection is an assurance to us who have
put our faith and trust in Jesus Christ. It gives great comfort to the grieving
as we await His second coming.
BIBLE STUDIES Paul in verses 1 – 4, opposes the falsehood creeping in this church by
Department Time venue restating the authoritative biblical position of the gospel message.
Men After 1st service KBA Complex Resurrection is not a theory conjured up by fanatics of Christ. In this first
Ladies. After 1st service 2nd floor(std 3 knowledge) KBA building section, Paul amasses evidence by outlining the many who witnessed to
SALT After 1st service KBA building, 2nd Floor(std 2 understanding)
Christ’s resurrection (verse 5-8). He concludes by his own testimony and
Intaphase After 1st service KBA building, 2nd floor(std 3 wisdom)
CBN KBA building, ground floor(middle wisdom) what Christ has done in him by the power of the gospel.
This same gospel is today opposed by the enemy, but we must contend for
it. Religions opposed to Christianity fault specifically the gospel, yet we
USHERS TO COLLECT OFFERINGS ON 15TH SEPTEMBER 2019 know and are convinced it is the power of God unto salvation (Rom. 1:16).
Youth English Kiswahili It is the gospel that we have been entrusted with. It is the gospel that we
Ruth Wanjiku Joyce Njambi Eva Kimani must hold fast to and contend for (Jude 3). If there is any hope in this
Stephen Waithanji Irene Mbugua Simon Waweru world, it is not in cleverly devised ways of man but in the gospel.
Sarah Kamau Trevor Mwangi As individual believers, and as a church, we must rethink our evangelism
Lilian Njuguna and our missions for it is the assignment of the church from Christ. We
Carol Maina cannot sit easy any longer. We must preach Christ from the rooftops and
any other podium available to us.
To truly and really become a Christ centered church we must return to the
centrality of the gospel message of the person and work of Christ.
Youth English Kiswahili
Samuel Njoroge Mary Wairimu Liz Mugure This should be the ultimate goal of all our teaching and any other Christ
Ann Makeba Ann Kimathi Joseph Kamande centered church. Pastor Joel Injairu
Joseph Gikonyo Carol Njeri KWBC A/C No. at Cooperative Bank, Zimmerman Branch, Pastors:
Mercy Wachira No. 01128280239100, Family Bank A/C No. 044000004475, Rev. Daniel Kinuthia – 0721-641203
Susan Maina Swipe Visa Debit/Credit card and MPESA Pay Bill No. 582800 E-mail: dkinuthia@kwbc.co.ke
Account Name: Tithes, Offerings, Missions, Project Name, etc. Associate Pastor : Dr. Moses Mwangi - 0722-720145
E-mail: drmmwangi@gmail.com