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Introduction: What am I making?

Camels are interesting

animals. They have many 1. You need to design your own camel.
interesting features including 2. It must be able to stand on its own and
humps, double eye-lashes and carry as much weight as possible.
light brown fur. Camels are 3. You can use any/all of the materials
also very good at carrying lots provided.
of weight. Can you make a 4. Maximum size is 15cm long and 10cm tall.
camel that can carry the most 5. Make sure you test your design before
weight? submitting

Materials: Evaluation/Criteria:
- Cloth (various shades of brown, 1. Can the Camel stand up on its own?
black, white) 2. How much weight can it carry?
- Egg cartons 3. Does it have all the features of a camel?
- Milk Cartons & Lids 4. Does it meet the length/height
- Construction Paper (black, white, requirements?
- Glue (PVC & Glue Stick)
- String
- Toothpicks
- Cardboard Boxes
- Newspaper 1. Once all Camels are completed, we will
- Scrap Paper have a ‘Camel Off’ to see whose camel is
the best.
2. Each student will vote on their favourite
design (focusing on likeness to a camel
Time: and strength of design/weight carried)

You will have 45-minutes to

complete this activity.
Links to Curriculum:
Resources/support  Biological Science - Living things have
structural features and adaptations that
materials: help them to survive in their environment
Camel Features Diagram – Desert (ACSSU043)
Survivors  Design & Technology - Select, and apply,
Creaturepedia.com safe procedures when
using components and equipment to make
solutions (WATPPS30)