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PROPOSED REDUCTION PLAN For Implementation in 2020 - 2021, if November 2019 Levy and/or March 2020 Levy Fails . Elimination of a HS Guidance Counselor through attrition . Elimination of Art, Music, Phys, Ed. and Technology at Stingel Elementary - will result in the RIF of four (4) certificated staff members . Pay to Participate - increase all athletic pay to participate fees (see attached) Elimination of Library Media Specialists - will result in the RIF of one (1) certificated staff member liminate four (4) Playground an positions Eliminate All Transportation for Students Residing Within a Two (2) Mile Radius of ‘our School Only Provide Transportation To and From Actual Residence (I.e. no. daycares, grandmas, etc.) Eliminate All Transportation for Open Enrolled Students #12 will require rerouting of bus routes via Transfinder, savings to occur in reduction’ of daily miles traveled, wear and tear on buses, fuel, and possibly the elimination of 2 - 3 bus routes (i.e. bus driver positions) 13. Implement @ Shortened School Day - implement a minimum school day, to include 7 period days at OMS & OHS, instead of an 8 period days, reduce 40 - 43 minutes from the current Stingel, OMS & OHS daily schedule, and transport all Stingel and OMS 22. Elimination of Summer/Student Workers: 23. Elimination of All Administrator and Staff Food Items/Refreshments/Gift Items - eliminate all staff meals, donuts/snacks/drinks at administrative and staff meetings, eliminate staff appreciation gifts at Christmas and designated appreciation days 24. Elimination of All Administrative, OFT and OAPSE Professional Leave 25. Propose the Implementation of A Uniform Percentage Salary Reduction AND a Step Freeze in 2020 - 2024 for All Administrators, OFT, and OAPSE Personnel - to be ney with two unions ing to parents of our students fh 2018-2019 STUDENT ACTIVITY FORM (ay 10 Participate) ‘This form must be completed, signed by the student and the students parentiguardien, and sccompanied by the payment fora student to participate in 20 14-15 Ontatio co-curricular and. extra-curicular activities, There are no fees for managers, statisticians, or student trainers, Ail feesand the Student Activity Form for athletio paticjpation must be collected prior fo the beginning of the practice season, Marching Band! Auxiliary fees must be collected prior to the bbe inning of band camp, All other co-curricular activity fees must be collected by September 13! Students who have not paid the entre activity costs by the elatepreviously noted may not participate in the activity until that financial obligation is met. Fees are not refundable iff student quits, becomes academically ineligible, is dismissed from the team or activity group for disciplinary reasons, or ifm student/parent is not satisfied with the pavticipant's playingtime, Fees are refimdable if sport or activity is cancelled due to insufficient numbers prior to the first contest if dent ison fom the team fa sodest moves ot ofthe dst an ‘sustains a season ending injury prior to the fourth official game/contesthnatch as defined by the 7 ray {nj that fll rind will be paid atthe conclusion » ks payable to Ontario Schools)

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