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CITY of SEASIDE Coane Apa 16, 2010 Akbar Mohammad Bunny Seaside LLC $4488 NW Fawnlllly Drove Portland, OR 97220 RE: 430 8, Holladay Drive, Seaside, Oregon. The City of Seaside received a complaint regarding the condition of thie: property at the above referenced address. During the inspection by the City of Sewsite Official and the Clatsop County Chief Electrical Inspector conditiine wore noted that define the structure as being substandard pursuant tu Seussite City Ordinance 150.20 These conditions are considered deteinyetital tu the public's health, safety and welfare as defined by City Ordinance 86 2° snd your property haa been declared a public nuisance. ‘The following conditions are defined by the Seaside’s City Ordinance 1h0 20 ae being Hazardous Plumbing: Qn the back side of the building there are plumbing drains, vent well as fittings that are broken, and some that are cracked them vant terminating under/alongside an occupied deck and anotte: vent that is not extended at least 10 ft. away of a window nor is it 3 fi above tie window as required. Thore is also a new water heater that has been installed without a minor label permit attached and there are not plumbing permits within our fies _for this water heater and its installation. © Several electrical concerns were noted during the inspection, a separate {etter will follow addressing the violations noted by Clatsop County Chiet |_~ vat | am aware that the ted if you fail to provide pies Please note th: frame of their notice Hin 80 thactical HApecth AN welling will be disconnect Ve ieee her shower is leaking the unit below her She has re conysainant claims thal OF aims. are of the condition of the unit belovt her ‘ the ceiling and structural repairs .d for these repairs that would stuaret ploturgs wath me that 3 {1 the pictures, you can see Water damage or . no Permbing permit is required for the needed aing mats, however, there 1 MOP i PAQY a permit and inapection rf lied. Pl tact has been recently installe lease con! Lepairs and for the wate! Reale’ Oy mit requirements. Please note that an Nouint of $6,000 can be issued for each vase secure all required permits. eds to be submitted within 14 days from the 16 repairs will be completed. All permits A proposed abatement schedule ne receipt of this letter identifying the time th A shall be secured prior to repairing or removing the structure. Any building or portion thereof that ia deemed substandard by the City Uniform Housing Code thait be abated by commencing repair in an approved manner, or abated by ble for this property may request an extension of time from the City Manager's Office. If you choose to address the the County ragarding the elect aciministrative penaity in the am unauthorized work offense Plet removal within 60 days. Any person respons! conditions by demolition of the building(s), a demolition permit must be issued from the City prior to the start of any work. Time frames will be set for the clean- up of any proposed demolition. Please note that if the conditions are not abated within the time set by the City of Seaside, the City Housing Code requires the building be vacated and posted to prevent further occupancy until such repairs have been completed. Any person having any record of title or legal interest in the building may appeal the application and interpretation of City Housing Code to the City's Appeal Board provided the appeal is made in writing and filed with Seaside’s Building Official within 30 days from the date of service of this notice and order. Failure to i will constitute a waiver of all rights to an administrative hearing and determination of the matter. A violation of City Ordinance 150.20 (A) may include an Administrative Penalty assessed against the property or owner up to $5000.00 if you fail to address the violations as directed. Each additional day the matter goes unresolved beyond this deadline will constitute a separate violation and additional Administrative Penalties may be assessed for $1000.00 for each additional day. n addition to the potential penalties that can be assessed, any condition caused ‘permitted to exist in violation of City Ordinance may be abated by any of the scadures set forth under law. Please note that the City will use the essment of civil penalties only as a last resort and asks for voluntary