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Online Platform

Tools for ICT

Nature and Purpose of
Online Platform and

• To be able create a good online presentation,

webpage and content, you should know the principle
and techniques of design using online creation tool,
platform and application to develop ICT content.
Example of online
platform and application
• Presentation Tools
• Cloud Computing
• Mapping Tools
• File Management platforms
• Social Media
• Web Page Creation
Presentation Tool
• Graphic program that allow you to create slide show
presenting the topic, lecture, demonstrate to enlighten,
educate, communicate, or persuade the audience.
• Prezi
• Zoho Show
• Slide Share
• MindMeister
Cloud Computing
• It means storing and accessing data and
program over the internet instead of your
computer’s hard drive.
• Google Drive
• Evernote
• Dropbox
Social Media

• A website and application that enable user to create

and share content or participate in social networking.
• Facebook
• Twitter
• Instagram
File Management

• It is a computer program that provide a user

interface to manage file and folder.
• Zamzar
• Word2pdf
• Is the creation of maps, a graphic symbolic
representation of the significant features of part
of the surface of the Earth.
• Wikimapia
• Google Maps
Web Page (Creation)

• It is document that is suitable for the World

Wide Web and Web browser. It is also written
in HTML or comparable mark up language
• Wix
• Weebly
Basic Web Design
Principle and Elements

• Web Design
it is a concept of planning, creating, updating, and
maintaining the website. A good web design allow the user
to understand the message, contents, and ideas in most
convenient way.
Web Design
font family and type must be chosen well, clear
and in readable size.
must be good quality and well arrange with text
and another elements. Info graphics may be used.
It can be used to denoted an enclosed boundary in all
over design.

It can help provide your website with a feeling of a
surface underneath. It must be used to bring out the content
given on website to make it look more appealing.
Must blend well and complement the elements on the page.
Use vibrant and bold colors that will attract but not too
Help viewer to easily understand what you are teaching or
Allow user to connect to another page or site that related on
the content of your page
Web Design
Portable Design
It must be portable and accessible by user who have
different browser, operating system and computer
Design for Low Bandwidth
It must be accessible at variety of speed. Avoid large
graphics or animation as the user may leave the site if
downloading is slow.
Direction (Section)
Identify the order of importance of the various element
and place them in a sequence where the eye moves and
perceive the things it see.
Visitor must be able to easily access the information. Text
must be legible/readable, colors must create visual harmony
and balance, and image should be of high quality.
White spaces
Use to deliberately in your design as a breathing
space. It may also be used to show division of contents.

Allow visitor to make an action, click button should
be conveniently located and accessible.
Regular Testing
Website should be regularly upgraded ,updated , and
tested so that problem will quickly resolved.

Remove distracting options and clutter.
That’s the end
of our report.

Thank You~
Group 3
Crystal Simon
Christine Joy Benedicto
Dino Dave Focardo
Hazel Joy Aguilar
Lalaine Joy Alarcon
Maybelline Punzalan
Besme Carabeo