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1.1 Background of the study

English has an important position in our life. It is one of the essential means to
communicate and to express ideas among people from different backgrounds.
Moreover, in this globalization era, people need to have competition and cooperation
which are not only within a single country. There has been huge chances for people to
compete and work together with other people around the world. In this kind of
circumstance, the English contributes a very significant function and role as a means
of communication. Consequently, the skill of communicating using English turns out
to be necessary and required in life. Especially, in terms of education, people can gain
better education then get better jobs which absolutely lead to have better life by
mastering English since they can access information and opportunities more
In the international relationship, English speaking ability is very important to
be able to participate in the wider world of work. Then speaking skill is measured in
terms of the ability to carry out a conversation in the language. This reality makes
teachers and parents think that speaking ability should be mastered by their students
and children.
In the Oxford Learner’s Dictionary, speaking, which comes from the word
speak, means taling to somebody about something and using voice to do it (Oxford
1989: 39). Speaking also known as one of the language skills that should be required
by someone to understand the meaning of words in a language which he/she uses.
Since speaking is one of the for skills, it is important to acquire this skills in order to
communicate with others.
Many experts like Brown (2001), and Richard and Rodgers (2001) had found
out the techniques in speaking learning, one of the technique is story telling.
According to Otto (1979), telling measures comprehension by asking the students to
tell as much as the story as he or she can recall. Retelling short story also helps
students improve speaking skill and increase the students' vocabulary. they read or
listen to. In addition, retelling is a common way that many people use as part of their
From those explanations, this study wants to observe ”is there any differences
in students speaking ability on retelling story between students who are read the story
and listen to the story ?”.

1.2 Statement of the Problem

Based on the background of the study, the research questions are as follows:
Is there any differences in students speaking ability on retelling story between
students who are read the story and listen to the story ?
1.3 Objective of the study

The objective of this research is to observe the differences in students speaking ability
on retelling story between students who are read the story and listen to the story.

1.4 Significance of the study

This research is hopefully can be :

1) The result of study may give information in students speaking ability on
retelling story between students who are read the story and listen to the story.
2) A reference for other researchers who have interest in the similar field.

1.5 Definition of key Terms

To avoid problem misunderstanding and misintrepretation of the research. Some of
terms which should be given further explanation, are :
1. Speaking ability
According to Poerwadarminta (1985, p. 109). It is also stated by
Hornby (1990, p. 51) that ability’s potential capacity of power to do something
physically or mentally. Those description may concluded that ability is
capability of human which identical with ability. According to Djiwandono (in
Munir, 2005, p. 16) speaking is the activity to express thought and feeling
2. Storytelling
Storytelling is an oral sharing of a personal or traditional story, told
using the essenceof the tradition from which it originates. Storytelling was a
great medium for sharing experience, for teaching, and for handing down from
one generation to another ideals,values, and standards of behavior. It means
that through storytelling people could tell their stories orally.


2.1 The Definition of Speaking

Speaking means communication betwen two or more people. Speaking
is a crucial factor in daily activities and students are supposed to have
speaking skill consequently. However, it stills a problem for study English
speaking lesson and still: speaking is a complex skill required the
simultaneous uses of a number of different abilities.
According to Chaney, speaking is the process of building and sharing
meaning through the use of verbal and non-verbal symbols, in a variety of
contexts. (Chaney 1998:13). While another expert, Huebner (1960:5) said that
language is essentially speech, and speech is basically communication by
sounds. And according to him, speaking is a skill used by someone in daily
life communication whether at school or outside. The skill is acquired by
much repetition; it is primarily a euro muscular and not an intellectual
process. It consist of competence in sending and receiving messages.
From the above definitions, ti can be inferred that speaking is
expressing ideas, opinions, or fellings to other by using words or sound of
articulation in order to inform, to persuade, and to entertain that can be learn.

2.2 Storytelling