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Pic, courtesy: IPAN

“ We hope this [the WVS
program] will have an impact
on the public and people start
bringing their pet dogs for
vaccination and for neutering,
further improving the success
of the program as less
unwanted pet dog puppies
will end up on the roads. “
- Ilona Otter, Veterinarian

Inside: Snapshot: Kalhatty Waterfall Canine birth control: IPAN-WVS History:Mountain Home School Profile - ESAI Trust Enterprise: Sruthi Herbal

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local issue
overall reduction of population growth. By
Incisive Intervention. doing ABC we aim to stabilize the dog
population to a level where sufficient
rabies vaccination coverage can be
The elimination of all dogs (owned backyards. This is 'the' challenge that maintained by annual vaccination days.
and ownerless, pedigree breed and the solid waste management Success of ABC program in controlling
mixed breed or country dogs) in India department of every district in India the stray dog population has been
by killing them or banning them or by should be made to take really seriously, demonstrated scientifically in India.
taking them to shelters is not possible. by centralized incentive/penalty system The Worldwide Veterinary Service
As long as there are free-roaming dogs, if so required for compliance. (WVS) International Training Center
they will take the place of those that An observational report from the (ITC) located in the Nilgiris,Tamil Nadu,
were removed. Habitat matters. The Wellington Cantonment, Coonoor, provides training for animal charities,
poor garbage disposal system all over Tamil Nadu, by the Health arranging effective rabies control
the country and the presence of Superintendent in 2010, states that campaigns. The program consists of three
chicken stalls and small butcher shops modules that are to be attended by
in and around the city markets and in different people of the charity; managers,
the suburban surroundings means that veterinarians and assistants/dog-catchers.
there is edible waste for animals to feed While we initially target charities as
and live on. If dogs are eliminated by participants, the courses will be open also
any method, it is likely that their place for municipalities and corporations who
in the feast is taken over by another want to train their staff to significantly
species, e.g. rats, monkeys, cats or wild reduce rabies in their areas for the benefit
pigs. All of them will carry their own of the public.
risks for public health not to mention
the harm that is caused if all that waste The training center, known as the ITC,
is just let to rot on our streets. has an operation theatre for five surgeons
to operate at a time, custom-made kennels
The common policy in many western/ to hold the dogs and several classrooms
developed countries is to take in all as well as dining and accommodation for
stray animals in shelters where they are 30 people.
neutered, vaccinated and then re- Visiting foreign volunteer teachers as well
homed. Unlike in India, stray dogs in as the experienced WVS ITC staff
those countries are often actually strays, conduct the courses and all participating
meaning they are run-away pets or charities will be supported by advice,
abandoned pet dogs that would not volunteers and materials to carry on the
survive on the roads on their own rabies control work in their areas after the
because there are no open garbage bins courses. Participation is free of cost but a
nor butcher shop backyards. As the since they started door-to-door participating charity/municipality/
numbers are limited, those animals can collection of garbage in the civilian area corporation has to commit in
be taken in to rehoming shelters where of the Cantonment the dog population implementing the rabies campaign as
they are neutered, vaccinated and re- that used be very big, has drastically planned for that specific area during the
homed to responsible owners. declined. course immediately after the training.We
Streets without stray dog problem in The objective of the Animal Birth hope this will have an impact on the public
Singapore, Stockholm, San Francisco Control (ABC) program, is to reduce and people start bringing their pet dogs
or Sydney are not the result of the population of dogs in a given area. for vaccination and for neutering, further
indiscriminate killing of thousands or To be effective in that, the work has to improving the success of the program as
millions of dogs but a fact that the be intensive – 70% of the dogs should less unwanted pet dog puppies will end
problem has never risen to the extent be neutered during one breeding cycle, up on the roads.
because of different sanitary and that is during six months. This is Dogs are territorial animals and therefore
ecological conditions, dog licensing possible but requires strategic planning a small group of sterilized and vaccinated
programs, public education for and an experienced veterinary surgeon dogs protect and defend the community
responsible ownership and well with trained assistants who can they live in from any outside dogs
developed re-homing shelters. perform the operations without wandering in search for mate or new
A zero-garbage city or even better, a complications. territory.
Zero-Garbage-India, would be an Having a dog neutered doesn’t prevent
excellent benefit for the citizens in it from getting infected with rabies. Worldwide Veterinary Service(WVS)
many ways, including the fact that Usually all the ABC programs include International Training Center (ITC)
stray/feral animal numbers would go rabies vaccination to the operated dogs. ‘Gramya Bhavan’ RDO Complex,
Aruvankadu, Nilgiris - 643202
down dramatically, if there was nothing However, the main benefit of the ABC
for them to eat on the roads and program in rabies control is in the Ph: 0423-2204538/9626877538 email : ilona@wvs.org.uk


Blue Hills Restaurant, Commercial Rd, Ooty.

Multi cuisine restaurant Modernised kitchen Tasty biriyanis

Its not uncommon to see an old student of the Nilgiris revisit with his family, relive the good old times and show
them his favourite haunts. Its certain, you will see them at Blue Hills for a meal.
news & events
St Hilda’s does Tamilnadu basketball proud
‘Basketball is a 50:50 game.’ Practice sessions on the solitary, hard- The team of twelve play as one unit
Coach Venugopal, the basketball surfaced court at the high altitude (and and yet have unique traits. Lubna, for
trainer for the prolific basketball team chilly) hill station is an everyday affair. instance - the tiniest - according to
at St.Hildas School, Ooty, is not It is common to hear the hoarse- her coach, is the playmaker. ‘She can
talking of luck - as we would, when throated shouts of the•coach pass the ball so accurately and with
we toss a coin with a fifty-fifty chance instructing, encouraging and inspiring good judgement, there is no way the
of either side - not in the least. ‘Fifty the team to give the game their all. receiving player can miss her throws.’
percent mind and fifty percent body. Equally, this young mid-court player
‘Watch your wrist, not the ball’, he understands the speed and skills of
It ’s an equal demand on one’s advises the girls as they practice
psychological make up and physical her team mates, as they do her’s and
shooting into the net. ‘Don’t look at each others’. “We spend a lot of time
abilities,’ he explains. the ring, watch your hand; everything together and make it a point to pray
The young achievers seem to have else will be taken care of.’ before every game (like the English
finely balanced this equation, else they What makes this game tough is that club footballers’ huddle),” they
would not have gone to the finals of the ring - the goal/objective - is only exclaim.
the recently held junior Nationals slightly larger than the ball. Precision The team, which came close to
(ICSE schools) acquitting themselves is therefore utmost. Concentration is pipping the eventual winners,
well, in this exacting game of key. Here is where the mind and body Karnataka in a hard fought final,
basketball. meet. returned from the event held at the
This is the first team from Tamilnadu Were you all tense at the finals? ‘We Heritage School, Kolkota, earlier this
to make it to the Finals. The only team had just played a district tournament month.
to have fielded its entire school team and were confident and warmed up,’ What is the secret of their success? -
(the top 12 in the State are from St. said the excited team. The boost to their question to the coach and the team
Hildas). This achievement - national confidence came with the drubbing members, separately. ‘Their team
status - is a first for Nilgiris, making Maharashtra (last year’s champions) work,’ says coach Venu. ‘Our coach’,
it a historic feat by the Hildas’ twelve! received, in the opening round! say the team. Yet another 50-50!

The super team:

Standing (left to right) Sanjana G, Aaditya V, Anushree A (Capt), Faheema A, Rashika G, Lubna S, Sivasamyuktha S, Harini S,
Famiya R, G Venugopal (Coach). Kneeling (left to right) Sowmya R, Poornima N, Sai Vanjeeswari S.
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Hotel Preethi Classic Towers, Ooty-Coonoor Main Road, Ooty - 1. Ph: (0423) 2223666/7/8/9 www.preethiclassic.com/preethi
local flavour
All in the Mind
A social organisation, helping those with Mental Illness shows the will to lead, inspite of low resources.
It will take longer than usual to find returned; They discovered the ESAI
this place - ESAI Trust - hidden from Trust in Kotagiri and now, with regular
view; other signboards, including that treatment and counselling she is
of a government liquor shop on the coping well with her anxiety attacks,
busy stretch of Kotagiri, between back to work and living a routine life.
Johnstone Square and Selma theatre Today, 119 people with mental illnesses
are more prominent. visit the centre routinely, to secure their
Nevertheless, this low-roofed, old medicines and for counselling. Dr Valsa
structure is home to a social activity of Koshy, their volunteer-psychiatrist, has an
a very high order - that of treating intimate understanding of each of her
those with mental illnesses. patients, patiently listening to the progress
‘I have been coming here for four the individual and the family is making. Hopeful: Trustees are positive despite challenges.
years’, says one of the beneficiaries, a Remarkable it may seem, that over a
tea estate worker in her fifties. hundred people are receiving had been supporting the Trust with grants
‘Medicines are subsidised and the treatment and incredible that there are for medicine, has itself withdrawn
treatment here is very good’. so many needing attention, the substantial funding owing to its own lack
The woman’s story is compelling: ‘I alarming reality is that there are several of resources. To compound the situation,
remember, four years ago, I was not more. ‘In the combined Gudalur block government hospitals in the district do not
paid my due wages and had decided alone, there are over 500 people who have a psychiatrist!
to demand for it. I was quite agitated are coping without medical or
counselling aid,’ says Alphonse Raj, a ‘We invite institutions and interested
that I was being dealt with unfairly and donors to come and see the ongoing
was preparing to ask the supervisors trustee.
A study done in 2006 with the help of activity and understand the challenges. It
why I was not paid. I can remember will give a fuller perspective of the
the incident where, upon my asking, another NGO, ADD India, gave
ESAI Trust an idea of the magnitude situation and encourage them to
the supervisor retaliated in a harsh participate,’ says Mr Raj. Hopefully, this
manner. After that, I can’t remember of the situation - nearly a thousand
individuals across the district need participation, on the part of society, to
what happened.’
timely treatment. ‘Funds are hard to help alleviate the troubles that some
She was told that her relatives took her come by. Donors seem more interested among us face, will
down to Coimbatore for treatment, in causes like HIV-AIDS. Mental happen sooner than
couldn’t afford the medicines and illness is an equally serious problem,’ later, otherwise the
says the social worker, who has been predicament, as it is
addressing local business people with the address of
and service clubs like the Rotary the place, will stay
to secure help. The NGO who obscure.

Step by step progress: The ESAI (Education and Social Action Initiatives) Trust, notwithstanding its funds crunch, is making
headway into the identification and treatment of mental illnesses. Contact ESAI Trust, Kotagiri on tel nos 94880 71079 or email

Sacred Buffaloes, Dairies and Dairymen in South India Anthony R. Walker

contd. from previous issue

Gods of the Mountains and Gods of the Sacred off pastures to provide them with new, succulent fodder, offering them as
Places gifts or fines, and sacrificing them at funerals. All these activities we shall
Todas recognize two broad categories of divinity. revisit later in this series.
There are the “gods of the mountains”, Dairy temples, their furnishings and equipment, no less than the dairyman
anthropomorphic beings believed to reside, himself, must be maintained at a high level of ritual purity. The higher the
principally, on particular Nilgiri peaks, although grade of a dairy, the greater its sanctity and, consequently, the more stringent
the category also includes river gods. A number the rules for maintaining the purity of every person and thing associated
of these “gods of the mountains” are intimately with it. Ritual purity is achieved through rigid avoidance of physical contact
associated with specific dairy-temples, for they with persons (especially sexually-mature females) and objects of the
are said to have created the “chief hamlets” of inherently impure secular world of domestic life, birth, menstruation,
the clans where these temples are located and to copulation and death, and of social interaction with peoples and objects
have instituted the particular dairy procedures outside of the caste.
that must be followed at these places. But these Dairy Architecture and Location
“gods of the mountains” do not constitute so Most Toda dairy-temples, like traditional Toda homes, are half-barrel shaped
immediate a divine presence as do the “gods of and grass-thatched; today there remain only two of the especially sacred
the sacred places”. These are the gods of the conical dairy-temples. Architectural and decorative innovation over the last
dairy-complexes themselves, or more accurately sixty or so years has been confined to the replacement of wooden plank
the gods which are the dairy-complexes. walls with slabs of stone and to having non-Toda craftsmen of lowland
The Cult of Sacred Dairies and Temple Hindu origin embellish the stone with such motifs as sun, moon, a buffalo
Buffaloes head and, in one case the five Pandava brothers of the great Mahabharata
Among the Toda people, virtually every major epic.
activity associated with the dairy-temples and The majority of dairy-temples are located within the confines of the
buffalo herds receives the imprint of ritual. Thus hamlets, where, more often than not, they constitute the sole remaining
building or rebuilding a dairy, re-thatching its examples of traditional Toda architecture. They have their own sacred space,
roof, consecrating a dairyman for it, introducing clearly demarcated (usually by a special stone or a pile of stones) from the
dairy equipment into the building, lighting the hamlet’s profane domestic space.
dairy lamp and fire, processing milk into butter To safeguard the purity of the dairy, no Toda woman
a n d ghee and distributing the byproduct, must ever walk directly in front of this sacred
buttermilk, are highly ritualized acts, as building, although she may approach up to a
also are the milking of the temple certain distance along a well-defined path
buffaloes, the naming of all buffaloes, in order to receive buttermilk from the dairy.
giving them salt water to drink on Strict adherence to this ritual prohibition is
specified occasions, migrating with evident in an interesting example.
them to fresh pastures, burning The mountain railway that links
Ootacamund, the seat of the
A Toda hamlet on the Wenlock Downs with modern-style
homes; only the dairy-temple (centre foreground) retains the
traditional architectural style. (Photograph: Anthony R.

A splendid bevy of thoroughbred Toda buffaloes (to enhance milk yields,

Murrah bulls from North India were introduced more than half a century ago
and Toda animals that have inherited their genetic material tend to be darker
<< home page in colour and have much shorter horns. (Photograph: Pauline H. Walker)

What makes your child happiest is you. If Picture taken at CMS (Christian
Mission Service), Upper Coonoor,
you are having fun he is having fun too. If The Nilgiris, shortly after their
you can create a connected childhood, its Children’s Day program conducted
the best step to a happy adult. on campus. To donate to CMS’s
orphanage and children’s home pls
Issued in public interest by TheLocal
contact: (0423) 223 0317).
contd. from previous page
Nilgiri administration, with the town of inner sanctuary and it is here too that the dairyman performs the most
Mettupalayam on the Coimbatore plains, just important duty of his office: the churning of milk into butter and
before it reaches “Ooty” (as the town is buttermilk.
affectionately called) passes directly in front There are two principal areas within the temple’s sanctum sanctorum,
of a Toda dairy-temple. Todas say that no corresponding to the two categories of dairy equipment.
woman of their community has ever ridden On the right hand side (as one enters the room) is a raised earthen
the train over this stretch of track; rather the shelf on which is kept the less-sacred of the dairy equipment, which
ladies alight one station before Ootacamund, Todas call ertatfar. It comprises earthenware and bamboo vessels used
from where they either walk or take road to store and carry away the products of the dairy, vessels that the
transport to complete their journey. dairyman uses to cook his own food (on a second hearth, to the left in
A dairy-temple has its own special dairy this inner room), the firesticks he employs to produce fire by friction
stream, or, if a single waterway must be shared (matches and lighters may not be used inside a dairy-temple), and the
with the lay community, then its own upstream dairy lamp. Because some of these items come into contact with the
section. Here the priest obtains all the water impure world outside of the dairy, the whole category is considered of
he needs for his own ablutions and for the inferior sanctity as compared to the objects kept on a second earthen
performance of his sacred dairying activities. shelf that runs along the back wall of this inner room.
Inside a Toda dairy-temple On this second shelf are to be found the vessels and related artefacts
The majority of dairies have two rooms, used for milking, for storing the milk, and for churning. The most
front and rear. The front room has a raised sacred of these is the large bulbous earthenware pot in which the
earthen platform on each side. These are the dairyman-priest churns the milk. It is called a po:tat, from which the
sleeping and resting places for the dairyman entire collection of more sacred dairying equipment derives its name,
and, if he has one, his assistant. Between the viz. po:tatfar, literally “the articles of the po:tat”. Besides the churning
two platforms is an earthen hearth, not for vessel itself, the po:tatfar include the rattan ring on which the churning
cooking but merely for warmth. Certain pot sits when in use, the rattan churning stick with its associated rope
appurtenances not associated with the dairy pulley, a small earthen pot for the wet butter the dairyman-priest adds
ritual are kept in this front room: a bamboo to the milk during churning, rattan straps he uses for carrying the various
water vessel for the dairyman’s ablutions, an earthenware vessels when they must be taken to another dairy (for
axe for chopping firewood, the firewood itself, example, to the dairy located in a dry-season hamlet, or to a temporary
a woven cane basket for carrying rice or other dairy-temple set up in the home hamlet while the principal structure is
food grains into the dairy, and the dairyman’s being rebuilt or rethatched), the tubular bamboo milking vessel, and
secular clothing. the herding cane the priest uses to keep the calves at bay as he milks
This outer room is separated by the inner their dams.
one with a wall constructed just like those at The requirement that this most sacred—and therefore most pure—
the front and rear of the building. Access to po:tatfar category of dairy equipment be totally separated from the
the inner room, which constitutes the ritual impure outside world necessitates that the first products of the
heart of the temple, is through a low, narrow dairyman-priest’s churning—butter and buttermilk—must be
opening, just like the temple’s main entrance. transferred to vessels of the less-sacred grade before they may be taken
The sacred dairy equipment is stored in this out of the dairy. Contd in next issue
Dairy temple located inside a hamlet, but set apart from the domestic area; the front wall displays
relief carvings of sun, moon and buffalo horns. (Photograph: Pauline H. Walker)

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If your child is very active - most these Picture taken at CMS (Christian
days are - get outside or play or simply Mission Service), Upper Coonoor,
The Nilgiris, shortly after their
run around the house for a few minutes. Children’s Day program conducted
The fun run always cheers them up. on campus. To donate to CMS’s
orphanage and children’s home pls
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Sruthi Herbal opens promotional feature

retail store in Chennai.

Local enterprise spreads out. Good initial response
Nilgiri-based Sruthi Herbal Laboratories opened an exclusive
Herbal Product showroom, Ayush Vriddhi, at Mylapore, the
heart of Chennai.The 600sq.ft.showroom is stocked with over
50 herbal products that include balms, food supplements, general
body and health care products and herbal remedies for common
ailments. Asthma Arrest BP Nil Diabcurb Pileless
Sruthi herbal products are also available to outstation customers Gas Relief Refreshing Herbal Drink Herbal Weight
by mail order. According to the management, popular demand Reducing Powder A range of health remedies
was the primary reason for opening this exclusive store outside Cosmetic creams Oils Gels
the Nilgiris.'The most sought after products in the store are the
Sruthi Diabcurb and Sruthi Herbal Weight Reducing Powder,' Sruthi Herbal Laboratories, 9/A2 Wood Cote,
says Mr A G Ayyappan, co-founder of this decade old enterprise. Coonoor - 643102, The Nilgiris; Tamilnadu. S. India.
Sruthi Herbal was founded in 1999 by the husband and wife Ph (0423) 220 6290 , 94431 13860/ 9443575106.
team who qualified themselves in Ayurveda-Siddha medicine
and Cosmetology (see inset). email: sruthiherbal@yahoo.com www.sruthiherbal.com
Their first product was Sruthi Hair Oil. In the first year the Ayush Vriddhi Herbals, 132 Kutchery
enterprise added four new products and continued enhancing Road, Luz-Santhome Rd, Mylapore;
the product-line each passing year. Today, Sruthi Herbal Chennai - 4 Ph: 044 24985106
packages and delivers the herbal remedies to several thousand
customers both in India and overseas by mail order. The first
time someone visits the Nilgiris, he or she is likely to stumble
upon the herbal products, made available locally, at departmental
stores and multi product outlets in the district. Thereafter, the
mail order process takes over. A customer from Moga, Punjab,
writes in saying 'we bought your product "herbal Diabcurb,"last
month from Ooty, which seems very effective for us. Now we
need to buy three more packets of this product.'
The company is due to get its ISO certification as well as the
GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) by the end of the year.
They are also accredited by the Dept of Ayush, Govt. of India.

Enterprising couple
A G Ayyappan and his wife A Andal,
both Diploma holders in Ayurveda-
Siddha medicine and Cosmetology,
respectively, started Sruthi Herbal in
1999, in Coonoor, Nilgiris District.
Starting with one product - hair oil -
in 1999, the enterprising duo have
targeted 150 different health and
cosmetic remedies by the end of 2010.
Customer feedback and keen
innovation is the key for the two
entrepreneurs - Herbal tea, a favourite
among their clientele, is one such
innovative creation.
Store is open on all days.
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With kids, we are often in a rush to find an Picture taken at CMS (Christian
answer to their problems or simply brush their Mission Service), Upper Coonoor,
The Nilgiris, shortly after their
queries away, like it didnt matter. Its often Children’s Day program conducted
more helpful to stop and listen on campus. To donate to CMS’s
orphanage and children’s home pls
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Kalhatty water falls: Tucked away in a small nook, snapshot brought to you by:

on the Kalhatty-Masinagudi road, about 13 km from Ooty,

the Kalhatty falls promise a pleasant discovery at the
end of a 100 odd stone-stepped climb down. The water
may be a trickle but peace and quiet is in abundance.
Ideal for a short hike with biscuits and tea.

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Picture taken at CMS (Christian

Children are happy when surrounded by Mission Service), Upper Coonoor,
kids, family and friends. Allow children to The Nilgiris, shortly after their
play together. It teaches them the joy and Children’s Day program conducted
skills of interacting with others. on campus. To donate to CMS’s
orphanage and children’s home pls
Issued in public interest by TheLocal contact: (0423) 223 0317).
local event
What resort have I?
I am Maramma, a 40-year-old Irula woman. I have lived in
Bokkapuram always. I was abandoned by my husband and
Sisters get together.
now take care of my three children. I have to work. And very
hard work it is. I work in a resort for Rs 4,000. Too many Sisters, a newly formed organisation at Ooty, with a vision to
people chase the same jobs, so owners dictate terms and we equip teenage girls, face the challenges of growing into
are powerless. I do leave every-so-often. The owner withholds womanhood with confidence and maturity, conducted its first
my pay; I return. I am known as a good worker so am welcomed conference at St. Hildas school, Ooty.
back. The owner only pays every two months. Working at 240 students from 7 schools in the Nilgiris participated. Local
another Bokkapuram resort is not tempting. They are all the businesses supported the conference generously and Mrs.
same. Archana Patnaik, Collector of the Nilgiris, endorsed the event.
The other option is, I work outside, that is at Singara estate, The workshop and events were led by professionals from
workand travel time will keep me away from 6.30 am-to-7.30 Bangalore, Chennai , Pune and the Nilgiris.The sessions covered
pm. That would be worse for me. I would not have time to help issues that girls encounter as they pass through their teen years:
my aged mother who helps me with the household chores. self-esteem, body image, relationships, self-protection, career
My life is no better in 40 years. My home is still a mud hut, options, understanding oneself and communicating with parents.
daily life still requires the same hardship . We cook on wood Prior to the conference, Sisters enabled seven 11th standard
picked from the forest, we have no toilet and water must be students from St Hilda’ s and Hebron to spend a week in Pune
carried on our heads. researching organizations that are working with the less fortunate
I did the same as a girl; I do the same today, except now the sectors of society. The studentswere exposed to a HIV/AIDS
tap, if it provides water, is closer. My old mother who takes clinic, a school for children of construction workers, a
care of the home so I can work, must perform the same old government observation home and a training centre
chores in the same old way, the only change being that she is for impoverished youth. The group made a
older and less able. presentation at the conference on what
No, our lives are not good, but the resort owners have a good they had seen and learnt. They also
life. Or why would they be living here and so many more coming highlighted ideas on how
every year? More guest rooms are built, water flows for guests teenage girls can use their
and the gardens. talents and skills to
Last year I borrowed Rs 4000 – the same as my withheld impact society for
salary - to keep my eldest son in school. My only dreams are the better.
for my children.
My eldest boy quit school after 10th and joined a resort.
He now has a mobile phone and a digital camera is next. I am
not happy about this. My dearest wish is they stay in school
and get secure government jobs - with better conditions of
service making for better conditions of life.He says he will
continue his studies by correspondence. I don’t have a say.
Will my life ever change?
As narrated to
Priya Varghese
Team work: Rebecca Parks,(in pic, centre) the co-
founder of Sisters seen with participants at the
recently concluded program for teenaged girls.

The Sisters conference gave the girls the opportunity to mingle

with girls from other schools. It also encouraged and challenged
them to address issues that fall outside the school curriculum
but are close to the heart of every teenage girl.
The highlight for all 240 of them was when they baked their
own bread on sticks around five huge bonfires , ending the session
with a lively karaoke session.
Sisters has made a good start and we hope that their efforts to
make better women, helps structure better homes and society.
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You cannot call a child happy or Picture taken at CMS (Christian

unhappy. They are content or not Mission Service), Upper Coonoor,
The Nilgiris, shortly after their
content based on something in their Children’s Day program conducted
immediate environment. on campus. To donate to CMS’s
orphanage and children’s home pls
Issued in public interest by TheLocal
contact: (0423) 223 0317).

File shot (1965)

With a long history of sporting tradition, some of Mountain Home

School’s achievements at various levels are commendable.

Tracking Mountain Home School’s Sporting History

The first record of school sports, at Mountain Home, finds place in the Principals’
Register ( Jun 3, 1916) which states ‘Day scholars, their parents and friends
were invited to participate in an elaborate programme of sports. The proceedings
opened with the singing of the National Anthem.’ The same register carries
mention of the school’s first participation at the Inter School Meet at the MRC
(Madras Regimental Centre) grounds: (Sep 14, 1957) ‘The Inter-school sports
were held at the MRC grounds, Wellington. Our school entered two teams - Junior
& Sub-Junior Girls.’
It took just about 15 years, for the Mountain Home sports contingent to lift
the All Round Championship at the Inter School Sports of the English
Speaking School of the Nilgiris (Principal’s Register, Apr 8,1972). A remarkable
achievement, considering the modest sports infrastructure available then.
Entering the new millenium, the school extended its sports field in 2005 to
accomodate a 100m track on the diagonal. Today, the school fields both a boys’
and a girls’ contingent at the Inter-School Meet. Mountain Home School
facilitates the following games for its children: Cricket, Football, Handball
and Basketball for the outdoors with Chess, Carrom, Dartboard &
Table Tennis as indoor events. Ebenezer R, the present sports
captain, has done the school proud with his achievements
at the National Meet winning the 1500m and
3000m event in 2007 and 2008, held at
Bhopal and Hyderabad, respectively.

Estd: 1911

Mountain Home School & Junior College Surging ahead: Every young student is
Balaclava, Coonoor; The Nilgiris District, given equal and ample opportunity to shine
South India. Ph +91-423-2206471 in sports and games.

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