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Enrolment Form

Personal Details
Family Name
Given Name
Home Address

Date of Birth
Age Male □ Female □
Passport Number
Home Phone Mobile
High School or Tertiary Institute attended or
highest qualification

Do you require NTA to organise your travel and medical insurance Yes No

Course details (Tick the box of the course you wish to enrol in)
□ Commercial Pilot License Training Scheme

Why are you interested in the above programme? (Reason)

Proposed Course Start date: (Enter start date)

Current English Language Level
IELTS Level (State).............................. Please attach evidence..............................
Other (State)……………………………. Please attach evidence..............................

PO Box 390 69 Harewood, Christchurch 8545 PHONE: 64 3 360 2192 EMAIL: info@nzaal.co.nz or international@nta.co.nz

Aviation Background
Do you have any previous flying experience? □ Yes □ No
If yes, number of hours of flying experience: _______ Hours _______ Mins

How will you be funding your study? (Tick the appropriate box)
Own Funds □ Sponsored by parents with a Loan □
Bank Loan □ Sponsored by parents without a Loan □

Fit and Proper Declaration

1. Have you in any country, previously had an application for an aviation
document rejected? □ Yes □ No

2. Have you, in any country been the holder of an aviation document

which has been suspended or revoked (other than a licence that has □ Yes □ No
been superseded by a replacement or higher licence)?

3. Have you been convicted of any transport safety offence in any country? □ Yes □ No

4. Are you presently facing charges for a transport safety offence? □ Yes □ No

5. Have you, in any country been convicted on any criminal charge or

are you presently facing charges for any criminal offence? □ Yes □ No

6. Have you had a history of physical or mental health or serious

behavioural problems? □ Yes □ No

7. Has your visa application to any country been declined or rejected

in the past? □ Yes □ No

If you have answered “yes” to any of the above, please provide details below:

Please note: that you will be required to produce Police Clearance Certificate from all countries in which you have
lived for 6 months or more in the last 5 years. This certificate must be issued within the preceding 3 months of your
arrival in New Zealand.

PO Box 390 69 Harewood, Christchurch 8545 PHONE: 64 3 360 2192 EMAIL: info@nzaal.co.nz or international@nta.co.nz

Enrolment conditions:

Travel, Health & Medical Insurance

International students must have appropriate and current travel, health and medical insurance while studying
in NZ from the date they arrive until the date they leave. An approved travel, health and medical insurance
plan can be viewed on www.scti.co.nz NTA can help with obtaining Travel, Health and Medical insurance
through Southern Cross Travel Insurance.

If the students arrange their own insurance they must provide a copy of their insurance policy on their first
day or send us a copy by email. The insurance policy must be from a reputable and established travel
insurance company, with a credit rating no lower than A from “Standard and Poors,” or B+ from “AM Best”.
The insurer must provide emergency 24 hour / 7 day per week insurance cover. The student must provide
details of what the insurance covers and provide dates of the insurance cover. The policy must be in English.

New Zealand Immigration Service (NZIS)

You will need to apply to INZ for a student visa to study this course. Full details of visa requirements are on
the INZ website at http://www.immigration.govt.nz

Accommodation can be organised through New Zealand Airline Academy. If you would like New Zealand
Airline Academy to assist you with accommodation, then tick the box on the enrolment form. National Trade
Academy is not responsible for accommodation placements and any issues arising must be discussed with
New Zealand Airline Academy’s management.

Terms and Conditions

For further information please refer to our terms and agreement on our website. http://www.nta.co.nz/terms-

Refund Policy:
NTA are not responsible for the issue of visas and there is a cost to the processing of all applications. Please
beware of the NTA refund policy for applications whereby a visa is denied, or a student withdraws/ cancels
their application for enrolment. See Cancellations and Refunds http://www.nta.co.nz/terms-conditions/

Declaration by applicant
I certify that the information on this form and the supporting documentation are correct and complete.
I authorise National Trade Academy Limited or New Zealand Airline Academy Limited to verify other details
relating to my academic record. I acknowledge that the provision of incorrect information or documentation
or withholding of information or documentation relating to my application may result in the cancellation of
my enrolment.
I am fully aware that by signing this form I am giving National Trade Academy and New Zealand Airline
Academy permission to regularly update my sponsors/ parents/ any concerned third party of my progress on
the course.

Signature: ________________________________________ Date: _______________________

PO Box 390 69 Harewood, Christchurch 8545 PHONE: 64 3 360 2192 EMAIL: info@nzaal.co.nz or international@nta.co.nz