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The India Convention Promotion Bureau (ICPB) is a registered
non profit association sponsored by the Ministry of Tourism,
Government of India aimed mainly at providing free assistance
and support to national associations , Institutions ,
Organizations to bid for Regional , International conferences in
favor of India. Being a fascinating country, India has a lot to
offer for pre-and post-convention tours for participants and
their spouses. These tours are designed to suit specific profiles
of conference participants. Depending on the period and
location, tours are offered to give an opportunity to delegates to
see the diversity of India and to experience the colures, the
taste, and the aromas unique to India

India Convention Promotion Bureau (ICPB) is a management
oriented organization that has been promoting and establishing
India as a preferred MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conventions
& Exhibitions) destination. It draws its membership from the
length and breadth of the hospitality industry as well as other
private and government organizations involved directly and
indirectly in MICE tourism.
For the past 22 years, under the direction of the Ministry of
Tourism, Government of India, ICPB has been providing free
information and infrastructural assistance to its members in
organizing and hosting many successful international
conferences and conventions, and bringing MICE business
from around the world to the country.

Aims & Objectives

• To promote India as a competent and credible MICE
• To undertake a continuing programme of creating better
awareness of the role and benefits of MICE in the context of
national objectives.
• To collect, both from primary and secondary sources,
relevant information that could be used to develop a data bank
and to disseminate such information to the membership.
• To undertake research for development for India's MICE
industry and disseminate that information.
• To undertake a continuing programme of marketing,
through media, for motivating national associations to bid for
conventions, etc.
• To encourage growth of professionalism in the MICE
segments and evolve an industry code of ethics.
• To provide necessary guidance and feedback to the central
government and advice state governments in the development
of infrastructure and facilities for MICE segments.

• To conduct seminars, group discussions, courses of study
and organize exchange of visits between Indian organizations
and relevant world associations/organizations.
• To seek affiliations with world bodies with similar aims
and objectives.


Liberalisation and industrial deregulation benefit organisers and

participants in Meetings, Conventions and Incentives taking place in
India, since participants become aware of the possibilities of business
expansion in India.

The Indian aviation sector has shown a steady growth rate of around 7
percent in terms of consistent increase in the number of flights into and
out of India (an additional 835 flights and more than 200,000 seats a
month) in recent years. The number of flights touching the Indian
tarmac has nearly doubled form 6,800 in May 2001 to 13,000 in May

Convention facilities of international standards are available in a

number of cities with the complete infrastructure required for major
conferences and exhibitions. There is adequate room capacity in
different category of hotels, and separate venues to accommodate
other functions. For transfers from airport to hotels and for local use,
sufficient transport is available.

International-standard convention facilities are available in 5-Star

Deluxe and 5-Star Hotels apart from independent convention centres
in some cities. These facilities can cater to the needs of international
conferences with up to 5000 delegates.

The important Convention Destinations are :

• Agra
• Bangalore
• Chennai
• Goa
• Hyderabad
• Jaipur
• Kochi
• Kolkata
• Mumbai

• New Delhi

How ICPB can help?

ICPB facilitates and supports event planners and other related

organizations during the bidding process for international
conferences. The areas in which the assistance of the Bureau
expertise could be sought are as follows:
• Detailed budgeting of the event.
• Worldwide promotion and publicity of event.

• Booking of accommodation and convention venues.

• Organizing social and cultural programmes.

• Parties and catering services.

• Sight-seeing / pre & post conference tours.

• Special interest and leisure activities.

• Airport receptions and transportation.

• Inaugural and closing ceremonies.

• Recording and printing of proceedings, simultaneous

interpretation, public relations, protocol Accounts and audit.

ICPB was conceived in 1988 as a collaborative effort between the
private and public sector. The aim is to promote India as an attractive
and viable MICE destination. The India Convention promotion
bureau is sponsored by the Ministry of Tourism, the Government of
India. Their aim is to make India the chosen destination for
conferences and conventions of any sort. There is a growing
popularity of India amongst the corporate in Europe & Asia.
Today ICPB is the apex travel industry grouping that can truly boast
of participation from the entire industry. It draws its membership
from the hospitality industry as well as educational and state bodies.
ICPB represents the entire travel industry to showcase the best of
India’s MICE product to the world.

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