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Teacher: Bánfai Bence

Subject: English

Class: 11.C

Level: intermediate +
Topic: On the move – Pedal away

• Passive Voice I. – review

• Vocab improving in connection with traveling and sightseeing


• to improve vocabulary

• to improve reading and speaking skills

• to improve group dynamics

• to improve communicational skills


• Mitchell: Traveller B2 Student’s Book

2’ Organisation greetings and reporting
to review Passive BINGO Ask students to draw a table of 9 individual work exercise books,
Voice I. cells. Tell the students that they whiteboard
monitoring students
are going to practice using the while they are attachments:
verb eat. Ask them to write the working whiteboard
verb on top of the table. Then ask look 1, phrases
them to pick a random cell into individual checking 1
which they will write the (discussion if
5’ Warm-Up following phrases; teacher reads needed)
passive sentences using:
- Past simple
- Past continuous
- Past perfect
- Present simple
- Present continuous
- Present perfect
to review Passive BINGO Let’s play for real. Ask students individual work attachments:
Voice I. to draw a 9-cell table again. All whiteboard
monitoring students look 2, phrases
cells have to be filled now with while they are 2
the following (not all) tenses working
(write on the whiteboard):
8’ Practice / Warm-Up individual checking
- Past simple
- Past continuous (discussion if
- Past perfect needed)
- Past perfect continuous
- Present simple
- Present continuous
- Present perfect
- Present perfect continuous
- Future simple
- Future continuous
- Future perfect
- Future perfect continuous
Students will select whichever
ones they want; they cannot
choose all of them as they only
have 9 cells to fill. Students must
write the verb in the passive voice
according to the tense, such that
the future perfect passive for
“drive” is will have been driven.
-Teacher: “Past perfect – drive.”
-Student: “Had been driven.”
to introduce the answering to the Do you like cycling? Why/ why not? Frontal discussion
topic of the text questions in the
to motivate speaking Student’s book on page What do you think about the perfect brainstorming
to improve speaking 86 and further questions place for cycling?
8’ Presentation Where would you go? In a city or
you’d prefer a smaller village?

And what about bicycle-paths?

Where is it safer? On it, or on the
to improve reading reading a text about I’d like you to read the text on page individual work Student’s
skills cycling 86 in your Student’s Book and when Book
2’ Presentation Student’s Book page 86 you’ve finished please look at the
whiteboard so I will know that you’re
done with it.
reading a text again I’d like you to work in pairs/3’s and pair / group work Student’s
do exercise C. There are 6 sentences Book
5’ Practice doing exercise C in but only 5 missing from the text. You
pairs or 3’s have 5 minutes for this task.

to check exercise C checking exercise C Let’s check your answers! frontal discussion Student’s
(asking a few comprehensive questions Book
4’ Practice from the Teachers book)
checking answers frontal checking

to improve vocab doing exercise D Now please move on to exercise D.

Student’s Book page 86 You can do it with you pair. You have
2’ Practice 2 minutes.

Let’s check your answers.

to improve vocab Now let’s have a look at these new attachments:
phrases and words I’ve brought to PPT slides
route, span, to construct, to restore, fare,
barge, canal, to appeal, frequent, to
7’ Presentation
guarantee, interior, to persuade,
repeatedly, supervision

Discussing their meaning, then write the

words in the vocabulary books.
to assign HW Workbook page 55-56 Your homework will be in your
Workbook. Page 55 and 56, all
2’ exercises (A, B, C, D).
Thank you for your work, see you on

Phrases 1:
EAT - Has/have been eaten
- Is being eaten
Has/have - Was being eaten
Is eaten Was eaten - Is eaten
been eaten
- Was eaten
- Had been eaten
Had been
Is being eaten X

Was being

Blackboard look 1

- Past simple
- Past continuous
- Past perfect
- Past perfect continuous
- Present simple
- Present continuous
- Present perfect
- Present perfect continuous
- Future simple
- Future continuous
- Future perfect
- Future perfect continuous

Blackboard look 2
PPT slides