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Job Description

Job Title: Trainee Admin Assistant

Department: Finance and Administration
Section: Administration
Location: Flempton House
Job Reference: FA211106SK
Salary range: SCP 10-12
£13,336 to £14,492
Responsible to: Office Manager and the Course/Conference Admin Officer on
a daily basis
Responsible for: Nil
Type of Contract: Permanent

Role and Context

Job Purpose:
To provide administrative, clerical, secretarial and general support as required and to
undertake reception and similar duties ensuring that the requirements of visitors are met. To
assist with day-to-day financial inputting.

Working as part of the Finance and Administration Team to provide administrative duties to a
number of professional officers as required and to assist with the day-to-day financial
inputting, with the support of the Office Manager

• No direct staffing, budgetary or statistical responsibilities apply to this post

Works closely in partnership with:
• Office Manager
• Finance Officer
• Other EERA Administrative staff/ Other EERA staff
• Course providers/ Course participants
• External suppliers/Organisations hiring Flempton House
Principal Accountabilities

1. To provide reception services including answering telephone enquiries and meeting

visitors, tutors and potential customers.

2. To assist with inputting financial information onto the financial package and other general
financial duties.

3. To assist with the day-to-day running of the House – assistance with preparation of
rooms, providing refreshments as required, dealing with customer enquiries, etc.

4. To maintain appropriate databases.

5. To deal with all incoming post and to file correspondence and other papers.

6. To carry out general clerical and administrative work, including photocopying and
assisting with reproduction/despatch of papers for a variety of meetings, and support to
other officers of the Regional Assembly as required.
Person Specification
Trainee Admin Assistant
We will use these definitions of personal skills and competencies to short-list applicants
and select the successful candidates. Please ensure that you base your application on
these attributes, giving examples from your work, education, or other activities to illustrate
how you meet the requirements of the post.

Essential Desirable
Qualifications and Experience
• Educated to GCSE level Grade C in English 9
• Relevant word processing qualification 9
• Business Administration qualification 9
• Appropriate practical experience in reception/clerical 9

Skills and Knowledge

• Ability to progress many clerical tasks at the same time 9
and to work to tight deadlines
• Co-operative, flexible approach and willingness to work 9
within a team environment
• High standard of accuracy 9
• Good communication skills (both written and oral) 9
• Basic numerical ability 9
• Good typing skills 9

Personal Qualities
• Friendly and tactful 9
• Sensitive to others 9
• Shows initiative 9
• Motivated 9
• Flexible 9
• Methodical 9

Special Requirements
• On occasions, out of hours flexibility 9
• Possession of a valid driving licence and access to a
car 9
Trainee Administration Assistant - Competencies

1. Competency – Self Awareness and Control

1.3 Manages own stress, remaining objective and stable in stressful situations and
accepting constructive criticism.
1.6 Observes and implements the information security and communication policy,
standards and procedures.

1.2 Manages time and priorities work in an effective and productive way.

2. Competency – Personal Effectiveness and Self Development

2.2 Seizes opportunities and takes the initiative in moving things along in a positive
2.12 Seeks to improve information technology skills as appropriate to the role, makes
effective use of the intranet and internet, always checking the quality of information
sourced externally, and takes up training at the appropriate time.

2.1 Displays a high level of personal ‘drive’ and energy, and shows a capacity for
sustained effort and performance.

4. Competency – Interpersonal Skills

4.4 Displays a sound understanding of equality and diversity issues, respecting and
valuing individuals’ diversity and the variety of their contributions.
4.6 Produces written communications (electronic or other methods) which are clear,
fluent, concise, accessible and jargon-free, ensuring they are in line with Council
policy and are readily understood by intended recipient(s)

4.2 Co-operates and works well with others in the pursuit of team goals, sharing
information and supporting others.

6. Competency – Customer/Client* Orientation

6.1 Seeks out and listens to the needs/views of a wide range of customers/clients.
6.4 Is constantly mindful of equality and diversity issues in providing services, and
seeks to avoid unwitting discrimination.

6.6 Seeks regular feedback from customers about services provided and uses this to
undertake/recommend continuous improvement to services.
12. Competency – Professional and Technical

12.1 Possesses the necessary experience, or is actively gaining it in a planned way, in

order to undertake the role effectively.
12.3 Engages in continuous development activities, thus responding to constant changes
caused by internal and external factors, and developments in own job area.

12.7 Has sufficient knowledge of broader context in which own professional/technical
function is applied to perform effectively in own job area.
Externally Funded Posts
Chief Executive C = Chambers’ Fund/PDG
December 2007
A = Strategic Migration
Partnership (SMP)
BC = Building Capacity East
Loretta Holden Tom Hook
PA to Chief Executive Executive Support Officer C
411 409

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