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Name/Class : Ike Ayu Nur Ma’arifah / B1

Chapter : Chapter II of Kelas 7 SMP]

Duration : 90 minutes
Class profile : The class consist of 30 students, aged 13-14 who have different levels. Half of them are lower intermediate level and another student are in
elementary level. They include young students who begin to have curiosity and they are in the transition phase of elementary school to junior high school.
Therefore, they need guidance.
Main aims : At the end of the lesson, students can introduce themselves about personal information such as their personal identities, their hobbies, their
favourite, and their family members by using polite and correct present tense grammar and vocabulary.
Personal aims : Be able to handle the students from the transition phase and reduce teacher center.
Anticipated problems and solutions:
Anticipated problems : Some students still bring the attitude from elementary school and lazy to follow the activities of the class.
Solutions : Give the students games and motivate them not as an angry boss, but as a mother full of love.

on Aims/Ration Aids/Materi
Stages Time Patterns Procedure ale als

Opening 3mins T-Ss Teacher gives greetings to the students. To start the Coursebook
The example of greetings : class.
“Assalamualaikum” To know the
“Hello class” students
“Good morning” conditions.
“How are you today?”

Praying 2mins T-Ss The teacher asks the leader of the class to pray. To build a Coursebook
S-Ss religious or
“Alright, before we start our meeting today, Leader please lead your friends to pray.”
character for
Moving On 3mins T-Ss The teacher asks students to form a sitting position into a U shape. To build a Coursebook,
spirit and soul Sound
“I think we have to move our body and our sitting position into a Ushape to get a new
of speaker,
feeling and spirit.”
cooperation Music from
While students arrange their sitting position, the teacher prepares sound speaker and between Laptop/Hp
music from a laptop or cellphone. among
(E.G TRENDING MUSIC) : students.


Study in Game 17mi T-Ss The teacher asks the students to play a game. As a warming Coursebook,
ns up, Sound
S-Ss “Well class, today I have a music and a ball that I will give you through the game.”
The teacher explains the game. Music from
-To build a Laptop/Hp, a
“The name of game is ‘Tell about you’. The rules are :
spirit in study ball from
- First, I will play a music, all you have to do is, you have to throw this ball at your paper or mini
-To test their
friends randomly as long as this music sounds. If you get the chance to catch the ball,
ball, but the music hasn't stopped, you have to throw it again at your friends Extension
n; how far
randomly. cord cable.
they know
about how to
- Second, when the music stops, the last thrower must say what she or he wants to
ask to the ball catcher. Forr the example: "My name is Diva, What is your
their self.
name?" or "I live in Sidoarjo, Where do you live?" or "My hobby is reading,
What is your hobby?" and you can ask about favorite food or color, such as “My -To get used
favorite food is noodle, what is your Favorite food?” “My favorite color is blue, to listening in
what is your favorite color?” English
- Then, The last catcher of the ball must answer the last ball thrower question. songs.
After answering the question, the music will ring again and the last ball catcher
must throw the ball again to another friend randomly.
Repeat the first and second rules.”
Reading 10 The teacher asks the students to open the coursebook and read the text in the dialog To make the
mins column pages 22 and 33 silently. stuedents
T-Ss Coursebook
know about
Ss the form of
self text.
To make a the
know how to
their self
through the
To give
for the
(Page 22 ) (Page 33) students in
reading text.

Presentation 10mi T-Ss The teacher explains the topic being studied today. The topic is Introduce yourself. To make the Coursebook,
ns students have whiteboard,
The teacher gives the explanation that includes grammar used, vocabulary, and the
deeper marker,
concept of introducing self. Such as :
understanding LCD, PPT,
The elements is introducing self : about how to Laptop,
-Name introduce Extension
themselves cord cable,
Question : What is your name? / Who is she? / Who are they? well. charger.
Answer : My name is....... / She is....... / They are.......
Question : Where do you live? / Where is your address?
Answer : I live in (for general information, e.g I live in Sidoarjo) , I live on ( for
specific information, e.g I live on Sungon Street) , She lives at (for more specific
information, e.g I live at Sungon RT 25 RW 07 Suko Sidoarjo) / My address is in/on/at
-Favorite color
Question : What is your favorite color?
Answer : My favorite color is yellow

-Favorite food
Question : What is your favorite food?
Answer : My favorite food is noodle

Question : What is your hobby?
Answer : My hobby is sleeping

In addition to introduce yourself, the students can add their family members information
such as :
-I have 2 sisters
-She has 2 brothers
-My father is pilot
-They have 2 daughters

Practice 10mi To enrich coursebook

ns their
T-Ss The teacher asks the students to fill out the exercise on pages 32
in a piece of paper and submit it.
n about filling
When the students do the exercise, the teacher walks and checks. their personal
The teacheer also asks the students if there is problem and gives information.
Complete Study 15mi T-Ss The teacher divides the class into 6 groups to play the game about ‘My Spelling’. To make the Coursebook
ns students
(Because Ss-Ss The teacher explains the rules :
contains - The teacher asks each group to interview between group members and take notes about how to
speaking,listenin for them. spell their
g, reading, and - While the students are working in a group, the teacher calls the name of students names.
writing) in each group randomly.
To make the
- The name that is called have to spell the words of his/her name in English
- when a student does not correctly spell his name, the group fails to get 1 point.
- Points are collected until there are no equal number of points.
about family
The teacher ends the game and asks the students to back with U shape sitting position. members of
The teacher asks the students about the problem when do the game and gives solution. each other.
To train the
speaking of
the students.
To drill
listening skill
when the
students do

Expressing self 15mi T-Ss To develop coursebook

ns the creativity
The teacher asks the students to make a mind map such as
of the
at the page 36 on a peace of paper.
To make the
The teacher asks the students to decorate the mind map as students
long as they can. enjoy do the

When the students do the exercise, the teacher walks and To test how
checks. far the
The teacheer also asks the students if there is problem and .
gives solution. To
the teaching-
To have a
after long
through make
an art.

Closing 5mins T-Ss In the end of the lesson, The teacher asks the students about their problem on the subject To make sure coursebook
of the material. about the
Give final conclusions (both from the material and the teaching-learning process for the
Give some suggestions so that they increase their knowledge by practicing a lot.