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Title- A trip to the beach through yoga poses

Primary Subject- Yoga

Grade Level- K-4

Material Used- Mats and mediation music

Introduction- In this lesson, scholars will follow a basic structure to include a

breathing exercise, a handful of yoga poses, and relaxation mode. I found that
consistency and creativity are key. Coming up with a theme for each class will make
it easier for me to create a dynamic and logical class that engages the scholars. The
following lesson plan is ideal for scholars in the 6-11 are range. I created this plan
with a beach theme to celebrate summer.

Depending on how big the area is, I recommend having students set up for this class
by sitting in rows. I will explain to the scholars what Yoga is. Yoga is something like
gym but more relaxing. Yoga is a way to exercise our bodies, our breath, and our
minds all at the same time.

Introduce the theme to class (a day at the beach). Use your imagination! I will
ask the scholars what are some of the things they find at the beach? What are some
of the things you hear, feel, and smell at the beach?


Lesson 1: Breathing

Practicing various breathing exercises with scholars will provide them with a simple
but effective strategy for slowing down, both mentally and physically, helping them
to take notice of how they’re feeling and to relax or calm down in face of an
overwhelming emotions. I have a few breathing techniques that I use as a
springboard that will encourage the scholars creativity. It will teach them how to
use their imagination.

 Flower Breath: Imagine you are holding a flower. Then take in a deep
breath, pretending to smell that flower. Then exhale and pretend to blow the
flower petals. Scholars will repeat the breathing technique. The flower
breath is an easy way to help the scholars become aware of their breath.

 Deep Belly Breath: Place your right hand on your belly and your left hand on
your chest. Take a deep breath and count to four then exhale through your
nose for four counts, with your lip close. The scholars should be able to feel
the rise and fall in their chest and belly.
 Take 5: Stretch your hand out like a star. Get out pointer finger ready to
trace your fingers up and down. Slide up each finger slowly-slide down the
other side. Breath in through your nose-out through your mouth. Put it
together and breath in as you slide up and breath out as you slide down.
Keep going until you have finished tracing your hand.

Lesson 2: Yoga Poses

I will use traditional poses but swap out the names to fit with the beach theme.

Use the following series of poses:

 Warrior Pose Pretend to be a surfer. Surf on your surf board with arms
straight out, and whoosh like the wind. Did you catch a wave?

 Chair Pose Pretend to sit in a beach chair. Sit back as if you are sitting in
your beach chair. What smells do you notice at the beach?

 Downward-Facing Dog Pose Pretend to be a sandcastle. Pretend you are

the roof of the castle, and then come forward into a plank as if you are the
bridge on the sandcastle. What does the sand feel like on your feel like on
your hands and in between your toes?

 Locust Pose Pretend to be a swimmer. Lay on your stomach, with legs

extended behind you, bend you torso forward, and swim with your arms.
What animals do you see in the water?

 Resting Pose Pretend to be a sea star. Lay on your back with arms and legs
stretched out, breath, and rest. What sounds do you hear?

Lesson 3: Relaxation Mode

Scholars will bend their knees to their chest and then open wide into a starfish.
Lying on the mat into a beanbag body. Close your eyes breath and rest. Just relax
with every breath become more and more relax. This is a beach theme so the
scholars will image that they are lying on the beach with the sun shining down on
them. Keeping their eyes close and relaxing as the sun hits them.

Yoga Objectives:
SWBAT: Improve listening skills
SWBAT: improve posture and balance
SWBAT: enhance focus and concentration

SWBAT: demonstrate 5 yoga poses by the end of the class

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