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Malaria Project

Reported Malaria Cases

1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003
Burkina Faso 307,688 373,829 454,891 550,825 663,916 n/a
Ghana n/a n/a 1,303,685 1,316,724 966,923 1,421,148
Kenya n/a 41,792 29,541 50,839 38,426 n/a
Mali n/a 173,228 177,969 211,018 243,390 266,833
Namibia 102,882 116,018 132,007 127,109 109,184 121,808
Sao Tome and Principe n/a n/a 19,795 25,915 31,650 28,990
Uganda 1,197,407 1,341,828 1,628,314 2,234,275 2,791,753 3,748,520

Using the first letter of your last name, find the country you will use the data for:
A-C Burkina Faso
D – F Ghana
G – I Kenya
J – L Mali
M – O Namibia
P – T Sao Tome and Principe
U – Z Uganda

You will use only one set of data!

1. Push the STAT button on your calculator and select 1:Edit… A table should appear. If there
is data already present, using your arrow keys highlight L1 and push clear. Repeat for L2.
2. Find the data that relates to your assigned country. You will not use the data for any years
that have n/a on the chart. In L1, enter the years in which data appear for. In L2, enter the
number of cases that correspond to the year in L1.
3. Push 2ND and Y= on your calculator to select STAT PLOT. Select 1. Turn On the graph and
choose the first option which is a scatterplot. Xlist: L1 Ylist:L2 and Mark do first one which
is an open circle.
4. Push y= and either clear the equations that appear or turn of the graphing option for those.
5. You will now need to adjust your window so your data set will appear on it. For example if
my number of reported cases are: 5,000,000; 4,998,300; 4,999,800 with years 1998, 1999 and
2000 I will set the following x-min 1997, x-max: 2001, x-scl: 1, y-min: 4998000, y-max:
5001000, and y-scl: 100000. Then graph. Make sure all of your data points are on the graph.
If they are not, adjust your window settings.
6. Push STAT and over to the right to CALC. You are now going to find the line that best fits
your data set. You are going to find 3 different equations and then determine which one best
fits. To do this first select 4:LinReg(ax + b) then push enter. Your equation should now
appear on the screen. Write equation below. Repeat for 5:QuadReg, and 6:CubicReg.
Linear: ________________________
Quadratic: _____________________
Cubic: ________________________
7. To determine the best fitting line, graph each line by entering the equations into the y= and
graph. Look to see which one best fits the data. If you need to, take a look at the table and
determine which values best fit.
8. Record best fitting line equation here.
Best fitting line:_______________________
9. Use the Intermediate Value Theorem to prove that the given value of y exists.
Burkina Faso y = 600,000
Ghana y = 1,000,000
Kenya y = 40,000
Mali y = 200,000
Namibia y = 120,000
Sao Tome and Principe y = 21,000
Uganda y = 1,700,000
10. Use your best-fit line equation and your calculator to find the year in which the y-values
(given in #9) occurred.

11. Find the average rate of change over the first year to the last year using the table data.

12. Find the instantaneous rate of change for 2001 using your best-fit line equation.